Chapter 49

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Magic Power Measurement
After taking off my knight clothes I face Ashe-san in my undershirt and trousers.

Ashe-san is also in her undershirt and red skirt.
Her two perfectly shaped, small-sized bulges are staring at me through the thin piece of cloth.
Her white chubby thighs and slender, long legs are stretching from under her above-knee long skirt.

“In reality, it’s actually easier to sense if we were both completely nude.”

Ashe-san who notices my gaze destroys the mood with her businesslike tone.

“C, completely nude……!”

I unconsciously swallow my saliva.

I recall her white half-naked body in the dim room.
Yesterday, I was so close to this person that I could touch her tongue with mine.

Or rather, that we were embracing is, even more, ──

“But, we can’t go that far here, right? Actually, it’s possible to sense each other’s Magic power even more deeply. A Priest’s ritual, for example.”

“Sex ceremony……”

I remember doing ecchi things with Racine.


The love affair with Ashe-san was something totally different, a completely new stimulation.
Blood gathers in my lower part and stretches my pants.

This is b, bad……

A bend forward in order to hide my erection.

“What’s wrong, Abel-kun? Is your stomach hurting?”

“N, nono, don’t mind me.”

I answer in Ashe-san in a hollow voice.

“This is training. Don’t think about weird things.”

Ashe-san glares at me lightly.

“…… I’m sorry.”

“Then, let’s begin. Stay still, Abel-kun.”

Doing as told, Ashe-san hugs me.

“Magic Perception – Magic Search.”

Ashe-san chants in a whispering voice.

I have received an explanation about this spell before.
It’s a spell that measures the target’s various data like magic quantity and quality.

The Priests skilled in this magic can also sense the exact position of their target in several kilometers radius.
This time, it’s in order to digitize the volume of my magic power.

Magic power readings──It’s something like measuring your power level in a battle manga.

A typical Magician has around 10,000 Magic power.
30,000 to 50,000 Magic power is a standard for commanding officers like Ashe-san and Veronica-san.

But, more than the explanation──

Mugyuu, I’m too conscious about the soft touch of her breasts.
It’s so comfortable, I’m excited just from the touch.
When I think about Ashe-san’s nipples, my fellow starts burning in passion.
The blood is flowing to my lower body for a while now and it’s making the symbol in my pants throb intensely.

──Oi, this is bad. This is training.
Although there’s no way I could suppress my feelings by telling myself that.


Ashe-san suddenly leaks out a small voice.

This is bad, did she find out about my erection!?
I was startled for a moment, but she is acting weirdly.

“40,000…… 65,000…… it’s still going up……!?”

Ashe-san raises her voice while hugging me.
Apparently, it’s about the numerical value of my Magic power──

“83,000…… 120,000…… t, that can’t be……!”

Suddenly, the magic circle under our feet starts glowing intensely.
The four decorated pillars, ooooon, keep on howling and rumbling.

“What’s, this…..!?”

The four pillars break in sequence before my surprised eyes.

“Haa, haa, haa……”

At the same time, Ashe-san separates from me and sinks down on the floor.

Sweat streams down her forehead and cheeks.
Both her shoulders move up and down from her rough breathing.

“A, are you all right, Ashe-san?”

I squat down to Ashe-san worriedly.

“It’s my first time seeing such huge Magic power……”

When her breathing calms down, Ashe-san mutters with an absentminded face.

“An unmeasurable Magic power, how is that possible…”

Ashe-san says while looking at the smashed pillars.


“There are four pillars in this room, right? Although it just broke…… they are auxiliary Magic equipment. Magic Perception is a spell that allows the practitioner to drain and analyze the Magic power of the target, but the Magic power is too strong and could injure the practicioner……”

Ashe-san says while looking at me with a wry smile.

I probably also have a dumbfounded expression.
I mean, I didn’t understand the explanation at all.

“Let’ see, would it be easier if you imagine the practitioner being the device and the target water? Too much water will cause the device to overflow──”

Ashe-san explains again.
Yep, I may be able to imagine it this time.

“What happens…… when it overflows?”

“It will have an influence on the practitioner’s mind, and it will completely destroy it in the worst-case scenario.”

Ugh, that quite dangerous magic.

“It’s okay. That debt was paid by the four pillars. They catch the target’s Magic power reducing the burden on the practitioner. But, your Magic power is so large that even the four pillars couldn’t stand it…… therefore, they broke.”

Ashe-san sighs.

“Is it really that large? My Magic power.”

“…… No wonder you could solo a Steel Dragon.”

Ashe-san nods with a wry smile.

Hee, so I am a genius after all.
Tickling my pride is somewhat comfortable.

“In the first place, being able to handle magic that can defeat an SS class dragon in one hit is extraordinary. According to Roge-san’s report, it should be called Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast, right? It’s my first time hearing about such a spell.”

“Ah, I named it myself. Because my magic is self-taught, I named it myself.”

Naturally, I named all of my spells.
I only heard the names of generic spells from the knowledgeable villagers, my magic knowledge is at such level.


“One day, the name of Flash of Annihilation floated inside my mind…… so I recited the chant and invoked just like that.”

“Are you saying that you didn’t learn from the Magic Writings – Grimoire!? You, you are able to do such a thing!?”

Ashe-san is surprised.


“…… You are not aware of the magic book, because you are self-taught, huh. Then, let me explain the basics.”

──The following is the excerpt of what Ashe-san has told me.

All magic in this world was created by super old ancient human beings.
High Ancients, a civilization that prospered because of Magic──One day, all of sudden abruptly disappeared.

Only a few traces of their civilization remained.
But, among the remains of the ancient civilization, a magic book was found.

Various spells and rituals were recorded there, allowing the present humans to reproduce them.
However, saying that, only a fraction of humans are able to use Magic.

In other words, today’s magic is heritage left by the ancient civilization.
Therefore, people like me, who can invent spells on their own are apparently only the fraction of a fraction.

“A sudden super genius──You can say. In addition to unmeasurable Magic power, you can also invent your own spells. As far as I know, the only person in this country who can invent Magic just like you is the Royal Court Magician Dorothea. There won’t be more than five people like you on the whole continent.”

Ashe-san sighs and adds,

“…… Her Majesty the Queen told me to win this child over and I agree.”

She mutters with a monolog tone.

N, what does she mean?

“Ashe-sama, I’m coming in!”

The training room’s door opens.

A girl in knight clothes rushes over to us.
A girl with freckles and braided hair.
She looks a few years younger than me.

“What is wrong, Mina-san?”

Ashe-san inquiries and the girl answers with a pace face.

“A man has escaped from the royal dungeon and is acting violently in the streets of Capital. There are currently four casualties. The guards are requesting Ashe-san’s assistance.”

“A jailbreak?”

“It’s the man captain arrested yesterday.”

The girl knight Mina explains.

“He began acting violently yesterday and today he slipped away from the prison with Magic──”

The man we met before the Welcome Party?

“The man from yesterday? I didn’t feel any Magic from him, I didn’t think he was a Magician……”

Ashe-san frowns.

Somewhat──Unrest atmosphere.

“Then, Abel-kun and I shall head to the location. Just in case, inform vice-captain Veronica to stay here, Mina-san. Then, can tell me his exact location?”

Ashe-san says and looks at me.

“Abel-kun, you are going with me, right?”

“…… Yes.”

I nod nervously.

My first time fighting as a member of Assault Corps.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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