Chapter 50

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I rushed together with Ashe-san at the location.

It’s the main street with luxurious buildings left and right.
It looks like an upper-class residential area.

The stone paving is covered in blood and collapsed people.
From young to old, even children──

Either way, it’s obvious that the man has already snapped.

“Indiscriminating killer…… huh.”

I feel sick.

Further on the main street, three people are confronting the criminal.
It seems they already finished evacuation, I don’t see any civilians around.

“We the fourth corps, will dispose of this fellow.”

“The third corps under the female commander fall back.”

“Move, you are in the way.”

When the men in the knight’s clothes look back at us, they frown.

What’s with these guys.
Though we rushed over to help, their attitude is horrible.

“Fuu…… Fuu……”

The criminal walks towards us while breathing heavily.

“Who are you? Why did you do such a thing?”

One of the knights from the fourth corps asks the criminal.

“Fuu…… Fuu……”

Without answering, the man approaches with rough breathing.

“What’s your purpose?”

“Fuu…… Fuu……”

Completely ignored.


Ashe-san says this time.

“…… You are, the woman who arrested me. Eeh, you are really beautiful after all.”

The man utters with a broad smile.
Hearing that, the fourth corps became more and more irritated.

“That doesn’t matter! Who are you!? Your purpose!?”

“Fuu…… Fuu……”


Ashe-san says.

“I was sent by The Great Magic Emperor.”

The man answers.
So you are going answer only to the beautiful woman!

“I was ordered to act violently according to my impulse. To let the foolish Aisha Kingdom know what happens when you disobey Magic Empire.”

The same as Rado?

To demonstrate to the public what happens when you disobey──
However, to indiscriminately rampage through the Capital is absurd.

I fix my gaze on the man.

At a glance, he looks like an ordinary skinny man.
However, the bizarre red light emitting from the pair of his eyes gives off an ominous feeling.

This guy──the atmosphere is different from yesterday!?

An unpleasant feeling creeps on my spine.

“I won’t let you act violently any longer!”

“I will definitely protect the Capital!”

“Opposing the Magic Empire, is our, the Assault Magic Corps’ job!”

The knight’s from the Fourth Corps scatter.
Although their attitude towards us is terrible, their voice is full of fighting spirit, pride and sense of duty to protect the people of the Capital.

“Bosch, Artega, Let’s attack with the Trinity Magic attack Magic Stream!”

“Wait, that guy is──”

The Fourth Corps make their move before I could warn them.

“Blazing Arrow!”

“Thunder Bullet!”

“Violent Wind Blade!”

They create a fire arrow, a lightning bullet, and wind blade in the succession──and face the man.

All of their attacks have most likely enough power to completely demolish a small house.

They simultaneously release the magic against the man.

──No, just before that,


The man exhales deeply.
Something red glitters on his chest at the same time.

What was that──!?

While being dubious, the next moment an explosion from the released magic flashes before my eyes.


It so dazzling I have to squint my eyes.

A direct hit without a doubt.
A piece of flesh wouldn’t remain if a human was hit by that.

Eventually, the light from explosion vanishes──,

“U…… guu……”

“Uo…… oo……”

“Ga, wa…… ah……”

The cries of pain came out from the knights of the Fourth Corps.
All of them fall to the ground.


I leak out a voice out of surprise.

They don’t seem dead, but it’s not light wounds either.
Most likely, all three are not able to fight anymore.

On the other hand, the man who was hit by all three spells is unhurt.
He stands there calmly with a burned hole in his clothes.

There was not any chant, did he use chantless magic?

“No, that man is not using any spells──”

Ashe-san answers my question with a groan.
She turns towards me with a grim expression on her face,

“Stand back, Abel-kun. I will take him on myself.”

“No way, I will fight with you.”

“I’m saying that it’s too much burden for a new face that lacks experience.”

Ashe-san says curtly.

“Captain’s orders. Stand back.”


“…… If it gets dangerous, leave me and escape immediately.”

Ashe-san mutters in a small voice and walks towards the man.
Is she perhaps worried about me, so she deliberately used unfriendly tone──?

“So you are my opponent now. Woman.”

The man’s red eyes shine.

“Good, a beautiful woman after filthy man, how exciting…… kukuku, after I beat you up, let’s enjoy ourselves.”

His sick eyes crawl all around Ashe-san’s body.

“Knight Order’s Assault Magic Third Corps Captain──Ashe Vermillion.”

Ashe-san names herself dignifiedly.


The man exhales and spits out invisible energy bullets.
Offensive magic without a chant.


However, Ashe-san creates an ice wall with a one-word chant and blocks the energy bullets easily.

“Hee…… it seems you are different from those guys.”

“…… It seems I can’t go easy on you.”

Ashe-san and the man change their expressions simultaneously.
At the same time, the ice wall scattered into small pieces.

“If possible I wanted to hold back, but if I hold back I will be killed instead──”

Ashe-san makes a seal in front of her chest.

“Six Blue Pillars of Ice.”

When the chant ended, 6 ice pillars form out of thin air and pour down on the man.

“Fu…… uuuuuu……!?”

The man jumps back with a surprised expression.

“──Darkness in the sky, show signs. Light in the sky, roar. Old ancestors of the demonic dragon. Fangs of the ancestors.”

Meanwhile, Ashe-san finishes another chant.

It seems the pillars were used in order to prepare for this spell.
As expected──She’s used to fighting.

“Ice Demonic Dragon’s Fangs – Icicle Cannon!”

Ashe-san extends her right hand and a lump of ice sculptured in the form of dragon soars in the sky.

I can understand just from watching.
Ashe-san’s Magic power is sealed inside that lump of ice.

The ice dragon crashes into the man and creates a huge snowy explosion.

I hold my breath.

I suspect that the destructive power far exceeds the combined power of the Fourth Corps’ magic.

The white snowstorm slowly clears.

“If possible, I didn’t want to kill you, but……”

Ashe-san mutter is short-lived──

A red light flickered.


Ashe-san’s body is blown off at the same time.

“You, you have quite the Magic power. I should say as expected of Magic Corps Captain.”

The man’s appearance changed.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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