Chapter 48

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Training With Ashe

The next morning, I leave the Inn while yawning.
As expected of the Capital, the main street is already flooded with a lot of people.

“I wasn’t able to sleep much……”

I walk while absentmindedly rubbing my eyes.

After leaving Ashe-san’s place, I came back to my temporary place of residence.

I heard that I will be able to live in the Knight Order’s dormitory soon, but the procedure seems to be delayed.
Therefore, I am staying at the Inn near the headquarters for now.

Although I entered the bed while feeling defeated, I wasn’t able to fall asleep at all.
When I closed my eyes, Ashe-san’s perfectly shaped breasts and the pleasant feelings entered my mind, I wasn’t able to fall asleep because of that.

“I──like children like you.”

Ashe-san’s words flash in my head.

Did she teased me, or was she making fun of me?
No, there’s no way she would do ecchi things with me just to make fun of me, right?

But, that may not be so for adult women, right?
Was it because she drank so much liquor?

The more I think about it, the more my feelings become distorted.

“I wonder if I can work like this……”

Why did Ashe-san seduce me?

A married woman’s mellow body.
Expert sexual techniques that could melt one’s lower body.

Blood flows into my member just from remembering it.

Ah, what face should I show to Ashe-san today?
Troubled face, awkward face, my back feels itchy──

After about 10 minutes of walking, I have arrived at the Knight Order’s headquarters.

Yesterday was the welcome party, so today is the first day of real work.
Because I had no working experience in my previous life, this is my first『Job』.

By the way, my attire is the clothes Knight Order has provided.
The design is fundamentally the same as a woman’s, except for the red skirt, men wear white pants instead.
Because I’m not used to wearing this yet, I can’t calm down.

I walk nervously through the corridor and enter the third corps’ office.
Only Ashe-san is inside.

“Morning, Abel-kun.”

Ashe-san raises her face and greets me while doing some work-related paperwork.

“G…… good, morning.”

A shallow voice escapes from my lips.

The half-asleep mood I felt is quickly blown away by Ashe-san’s graceful beauty.
The Knight clothes push her perfectly shaped bulges up while tightly squeezing them. Her beautiful legs can be seen under the red skirt.
I let out a sigh at her perfectly balanced proportions.

Yesterday, I did ecchi things with this person……

An incredible feeling rose in me while thinking about it.

“Today, I will have you do a third corps real work. I will explain the schedule first, alright?”

Ashe-san stands up.
Her voice is very businesslike.

She acts almost like yesterday’s affair didn’t happen.
On the contrary, I can’t calm down because of that thing. How pathetic.

“Is something wrong? You keep staring at my face.”

“No, no, that……”

I’m confused, alright.

I would like to act more embarrassed, bashful, possibly enough to want to escape.
Though I can only keep these thoughts secret──

On the contrary, Ashe-san acts as usual.

“First, the one-month curriculum for new members.”

Ashe-san keeps explaining without a single sign of embarrassment.
I decide to switch to work mode in my head.

“Curriculum…… is it?”

In other words, an internship?

“Afterwards, there will be a joint drill with royal guards and other units. Day off is once a week. In addition, you can take 20 days of paid vacation once a year. At that time, please request me or Veronica.”

Somehow, the Knights seem like office workers.

“What are the contents of the curriculum?”

“Because we are an assault unit, it’s fundamentally grasping and nurturing each other’s strength. Naturally, in your case, it’s polishing your power as a magician.”

Ashe-san answers my question.

“Polishing my power……”

“I will teach you man-to-man. Let’s start today.”

“Ashe-san will?”

“Your combat style and offensive spells are closest to mine. Veronica is Ritual-system Magician, Lil is Magic Swordsman and Dita is a Dragon Knight.”

Ashe-san explains.

“By the way, Claire and Racine are in Veronica’s care. That’s all, questions?”

“…… Nothing in particular.”

A frightful businesslike attitude till the end.

It’s really like yesterday’s affair was just an illusion.
Was that perhaps just a dream?

Training Grounds for Knight Order is to the left of the headquarters.

As I said before, the headquarters is made from three minarets.
The center minaret is where the office is located at. The one to the left is Training Grounds and the one to the right is apparently an Armory.

Guided by Ashe-san, I entered one of the rooms in Training Grounds.

The room is about 20 square meters wide.
This dome-shaped room is decorated with pillars of goddesses and devils.
There’s an exaggeratedly designed magic circle on the floor.

Apparently, this room was designed especially for magic training.

“I will measure your Magic power first.”

Ashe-san turns towards me and smiles.

“Take off your clothes.”

“Yes…… eh, ehhh?!”

After nodding, I unintentionally shout.

I, is she seducing me in such place──

I stare at Ashe-san after gulping.
The beautiful, married magician stares back at me while smiling.

“B, but, if someone enters……”

“Oh my, are you shy? It’s alright. This is a training room of the third corps, other units won’t enter.”

While saying so, Ashe-san began taking off her clothes.

Dokun, dokun, my heart starts beating quickly.
To an extent that my chest starts aching.

“Abel-kun, you too.”

She urges me in her undershirt and skirt figure.
The small-sized bulges tempt me from behind her shirt.

Is it really okay, in a place like this?
Eei, I don’t care anymore──
When I take my knight clothes, I begin working on the pants.

“Oh my, how much do you intend to take off?”

“…… Eh?”

My hands stop after Ashe-san laughs at me.

“Didn’t I tell you I will measure your Magic power? It’s better to make our bodies stick together as close as possible. I told you to take off your jacket because it’s easier to measure when the contact is skin on skin.”

Ashe-san says casually.

T, that’s right…… We are at work.

There’s is no need to get naked.
While feeling disappointed, I also feel somewhat relieved.

“Or perhaps.”

Ashe-san says with a mischevious smile.

“Were you imagining something different?”

Ugh, it was like that after all, she did it on purpose.

Are you seducing me, or teasing me.
She keeps throwing me out of my pace with her mysterious wife attitude.

“Well then, I will take a look at your magic.”

Ashe-san says.

“Close to mine, at least at the level of Magic corps vice-captain. Or possibly, even more──”

My Magic power, huh.

If you think about it, all my magic is self-taught. I have never had a chance to meet another magician.
Yesterday, Ashe-san inquired about the mountain I erased four years ago “The ability of myths and legends”.

In fact, just what level is my Magic power at?
I’m slightly excited, slightly anxious to find out──

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