Chapter 47

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Temptation of the Female Magician – Part 6※
“Oh my, it’s still throbing.”

The meat stick which heroically ejaculated is vigorously staring into Ashe-san’s eyes.

“Young boys are nice after all. Brimming over with energy is wonderful.”

She sees me with her passionate eyes as a man──No, her eyes are kind of shining with admiration towards me as male.

“You really let out a lot. Your penis is sticky up to the root. I will make it clean.”

After she says so, Ashe-san gets down on all fours and puts her face near my crotch.

“U…… aa…… a……”

Soon, a hot tongue creeps on my still numb dick.

This is basically the so-called fellatio cleanup, right?

Seeing Ashe-san crouching before me cleaning me with her tongue mesmerized me.
An older beautiful wife cleaned my dick with fellatio like a slave.

My heart throbs at the sense of euphoria and feeling of conquest.

Picha, pichu……

Whiling making a sounds like a cat drinking milk, Ashe-san thoroughly cleans the semen off my meat rod.
Stimulating my penis with the tip of her tongue at the same time.

“N, gwu…… uu…… uoo…… o.”

Although I already let it out, I’m reacting to the new stimulation.
How blood is flowing to my symbol making it stand in attention ferociously.

“Oh my, it got even bigger again.”

Ashe-san smiles softly.

Her lips are coated with my white cloudy stuff, making them seem suspiciously glossy.

“To be so energetic after letting it out. Alright, this time, I will make you let it out with my mouth.”

Suddenly, Ashe-san’s lips open greatly and she swallows my glans that is shining from all the saliva and semen in her mouth.
My glans enveloped in Ashe-san’s mouth, responds joyfully to the new pleasure.

“Chiyu, mu…… rero…… pichu, chiyukwu……”

Ashe-san’s tongue moves fiercely, coils around my penis and squeezes it.

This time, it’s not fellatio cleanup, but the real thing.

The skilled tongue technique made my penis boil instantly.
Although I already let it out once, I feel like the feeling of ejaculation is quickly boiling inside me.

Amazing, this is a married woman’s technique……!

While feeling impressed,

“Nnnn…… Chiyuuuuu…… Chiyupuu…… uuuuu……!”

Ashe-san swallows my meat rod up to the root, she vigorously sucks while loud sounds of saliva resound around the room.
Her cheeks dent, the bottom of her nose lengthens, she makes such expression.

It may look ugly if an average woman made such expression, but if it’s someone as beautiful as Ashe-san, it looks strangely attractive.
Seeing her obscene fellatio face, my whole body feels scorching hot.

Jupu, chiyupuuuu……!

Ashe-san continues sucking me with a strong suction force.
My penis may melt in the warm oral hole.

“N, gu…… go…… o…… o, fu……”

Furthermore, Ashe-san skillfully adjusts the angle and swallows me up to her throat.
Zuru, zuru, she smoothly swallows me and creates comfortable friction on my pole and glans.

Deeper and even deeper──

Ashe-san draws my symbol deeper and deeper.

“Whoaaa…… u…… ka, wa…… a.”

I breathe out heavily from the bottom of my lungs.

If I’m not mistaken, this is called deep throat.
Ashe-san swallowed my daring meat rod whole in her tiny mouth.

Because of that, zuchiyu, zuchiyuu, sticky sounds started coming out of Ashe-san’s mouth.
Ashe-san’s mouth stimulated me equally on all parts of my penis, creating striking friction and pressure.

Compared to ordinary fellatio, the area of friction is extremely broad.
In other words, the amount of pleasure increases by that much──

“Gu, haa…… a, fu…… ooo…… u…… nn.”

I am at the mercy of deep throat for the first time.
My whole lower body feels like it was thrown in a blast furnace.

Feeling so good, I am quickly reaching the climax.

“In my mouth…… chiyu, rero…… let it out…… nchiyu…… as much as you want…… e…… I will…… n, mu…… drink it, all…… o…… nn.”

Ashe-san says while looking at me with squinted eyes.

“In my mouth, ni…… uu, ku…… is, okay…… wa, a ……a.”

Because I had to pull out from the vagina before, the feelings of wanting to ejaculate inside remain.
Of course, the ejaculation itself was really comfortable, but still inferior to ejaculating inside.

But this time, not in the vagina, but Ashe-san’s mouth──I can pour my greed all inside her.

“R, really……?”

Ashe-san nods with her eyes to my question.

Seeing that, my desire suddenly blew up.

Guchiyu, guchiyu, my saliva covered penis starts throbbing inside Ashe-san’s mouth.
I can clearly tell the amount of semen in my testicles that want to be let out.

I can foresee that the launch is near because my abdomen starts twitching automatically.

“Guuuuu……! I, it’s coming, Ashe-san…… I’m, coming……!”

“Good…… chiyu, mu…… my mouth, nn…… fill it u…… pmu.”

Ashe-san starts violently sucking my whole penis.
The trio pleasure of her narrowed cheeks, her tongue coiled around my dick and the violent suction started the pushed my button.

“Wa, gwuu…… coming! Coming, coming……!”

While completely being played by her fellatio technique, I push up my waist and cross the finish line.

Dokudokudoku, dobiyuruuuuuuu!

My meat rod started vigorously throbbing for the second time and poured a large quantity of sperm inside Ashe-san’s mouth.
My slimy sperm is being swallowed by Ashe-san’s mouth. The feeling is similar to pouring semen into the vagina.

Ashe-san is mysteriously able to catch all my semen in her mouth.
With the last feeling of melting disappearing, I pour the last drop into Ashe-san’s mouth.

“Fuu, what an amount even though it’s the second time.”

After letting it all out, Ashe-san slowly takes out my penis out of her mouth.
She wipes the white semen stuck on her lips with the back of her hand and licks it with her pink tongue.

The strong feelings of conquering another man’s wife’s mouth boil inside me.

“Fufu, I was able to enjoy sex after so long. Thank you for the meal, Abel-kun.”

“Umm, why did you……”

I look down at Ashe-san full of curiosity.

Asher-san looks up at me while kneeling.
Corners of her mouth slightly rise and she shows me a seductive smile.

“Because I like you. That’s all.”


“You were conscious of me, right? When you were taking me home, when you were unclothing me…… Innocent, but passionate. I thought you were cute. I──like children like you.”

How much she is serious and how much is she making fun of me?
I am not able to understand from Ashe-san’s smile.

“Let’s get along from now on, Abel-kun. In many ways──”

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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