Chapter 33

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Female Priest’s Sex Ritual – Part 4※
A beautiful hairless coral color secret garden is right before my eyes.

Her two petals and even her clitoris, all were defenselessly exposed before me.
Looking at her female genitals that still has the impression of being undeveloped, wakes a strange feeling of guilt mixed with excitement within me.

I saw Claire’s yesterday. Having no pubic hair leaves such a different impression, huh.

“Yaaa…… No, please don’t look……”

Racine covers her face with both hands bashfully.
Is she more embarrassed by her facial expression than by her exposed secret place?

“Eh, is it strange……? This……”

“Not strange at all.”

“I mean, hair doesn’t grow there……”

Racine mutters with a disappearing voice while covering her face.

“I have heard about women like this.”

In the first place, didn’t Natasha tell you about this?
Even though she taught you so much sexual knowledge.

“It’s so embarrassing….. I haven’t even consulted Natasha……”

Indeed, no wonder.

Racine moves away while covering her face.
Thanks to that, I’m able to enjoy a full view of her paipan secret garden.

Racine is two years younger than me, she is at the age where she still may be considered as a little girl.
Even though I say that, in this world, children of that age are already getting married.

Nevertheless, Racine’s secret garden doesn’t have a single flower.
Her innocent looking paipan is contradicting with her alluring charm and obscene looking labia and clitoris.

That imbalance stirs the passion within me.

Hiku, hiku, her closed petals were faintly twitching repeatedly.
I can’t endure watching any longer and extend my hand towards Racine’s crotch again.

This time, I’m not touching her over the shorts, but directly.
I push aside her petals with two of my fingers.

Guchiyu, jiyuuuuu……!

It surprisingly gives out loud lewd noises and honey starts to flow out of the small gap between the petals.
The love juices gush out of her like a fountain.

If it’s wet like this, the foreplay can be omitted.

While thinking so, I look at Racine and,

“Abel-sama, you became…… really big……”

Before I noticed, she put away her hands which were covering her face and she was staring at my crotch while holding breath.
When she looked at my thing which was sticking to my navel, she probably made a resolve.

“…… Goddess Almeria, your servant will now give her chastity to the partner she chose herself. Please grant us the blessing of life and fertility.”

Racine quietly mutters with closed eyes.
Then she opens them and looks at me.

“…… Please, come.”

I nod after gulping.
I look into her trembling eyes firmly.

“It will be okay. Try to relax.”

I whisper to her.

Because my partner is a virgin, I, who has experience should take the lead.

Resolved, I slowly push Racine down.

Her small body falls on the bed, and I lean over her.
I spread her legs into M shape and push my waist forward.

“Here I go, Racine.”

I point the tip at the entrance of Racine’s secret place and confirm for the last time.
The already wet entrance opened and my glans started drilling inside.

“Yes, Abel-sama. My purity is…… yours to take.”

Racine says in a feverish tone and nods at me.

I return the nod and push my hips at once.

Zu…… chiyuu……!

The hot walls surround my glans which pushed through the petals.

“Ku…… uu…… tigh, t……!”

Virgins are really tight after all.

The glans sank to the middle, it wriggles like a worm pushing the flesh walls aside, then it stops.
When I felt the resistance while pushing, I charged in even more.

I feel like I’m invading and corrupting a place that a man was never allowed to step in. My spine tingles.

“A, fa…… a……”

It hurts as expected, Racine’s eyebrows dropped.
So tight, I explore the flesh cave further.

“Are you okay, Racine?”

“I’m okay, desu…… Abel, sama…… please…… go further, rr…… waa, waa.”

Racine says admirably while gasping for breath.

Considering her feelings, I pushed with more power.
While tearing her flesh walls apart, I went deeper bit-by-bit──

“…… N.”

Suddenly, inside the cramped vagina一I’ve arrived at a narrowed place and I wasn’t able to insert anymore.

That’s surely the hymen.
After guessing so, I decided to put even more power behind my hips and charge in.

──No, I was going to charge in.

However, at that moment, Racine put her both hands on my chest and I stopped the movement of my waist.


“T, that……”

The female priest looks at me.

“C, could you do it…… while kissing me?”


“I’m scared after all…… If I can feel Abel-sama’s lips, I may calm down a little.”

Just like she said, her petite body was trembling.
It’s her first time, it’s natural that she is worried.

“I understand. Leave it…… to me.”

However, even I am not that experienced.
I want to lessen her worries even by little.

Racine smiles lightly and moves her lips on mine.

“Mu, chiyuu…… nn.”

I pushed my hips forward again while intertwining our tongues.

The glans came in contact with the hymen and slowly started tearing it off.
Michi, then a felt something splitting.

“N……! Ku…… fua!? Waa…… guu…… u……!”

A faint scream escaped from the gap of Racine’s blocked mouth.

It was the voice of a girl turning into a woman.

While feeling consideration for her body and sense of conquest, I have pushed inside up to my root and settled in.

“Haa, haa…… Is it, all…… in…… desu ka?”

Racine looks up at me with her shoulders trembling.
I stare straight into her shaking eyes and nod vigorously.

“Yeah, I have received Racine’s chastity.”

I was surprised at my own words which I said unconsciously.
After Claire, I have become one with another beautiful girl, something similar to confidence as a man may increase.

Of course, I’m very excited and happy to be connected with Racine.
But not just that, I have conquered another girl’s first time, something like a feral instinct is burning around my stomach.

I want more.
I want Racine’s everything to be mine.

The strong impulse that is burning within my core may be the opening scene of my harem play──

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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