Chapter 32

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Female Priest’s Sex Ritual – Part 3※
“Haa, haa, haa……”

I was gasping for breath after getting off from titty fuck for the first time in my life.

The aftertaste made my dick convulse.
While my lower part of the body was still indulging itself in the vivid memory, I stared at Racine.

The semen that splashed on her made a pretty line from her mouth down to the collar bone and stopped at her boobs.
So my ejaculation had such explosive power.

In fact, it felt so good I thought I was going to faint.
I could still feel the faint numb sensation on my toes.

Moreover, my penis stood up again right after ejaculating, prepared in battle mode.
As if it wasn’t satisfied yet──

“How about it, Abel-sama. Has your magic power returned?”

Racine said while leaking out a feverish long breath.

“I could feel Abel-sama’s magic and vitality returning right away, however because of your large magic power pool, I don’t know if enough energy was restored or not……”

So she was able to monitor such things during the titty fuck.
To be honest, I was so immersed in the pleasant feelings and Racine’s erotic boobs that I have put the magic restoration aside right from the start.

Let’s see how much magic power was restored──

I concentrate and turn my consciousness towards my interior of my body.
Usually, I need to concentrate just lightly to feel something burning around my stomach.
I think that is probably the phenomenon of magic being invoked.

I feel nothing particular though I concentrate as much as I am able to.

“Hmm…… It seems my magic power hasn’t recovered yet.”

“It was because I’m unskilled desu ne. I’m really sorry……”

Racine’s face gets cloudy in an instant.

“Racine, that is not─”

“The Goddess of harvest, Almeris──In other words, a goddess that rules over nature. Serving that Almeris as her priest, I also need to be a master of nature, but…… It is impossible for a maiden like me after all…… I’m really sorry.”

“Racine tried her best. There’s no need to apologize. In the first place, it felt really good.”

I quickly respond.

“…… Thank you very much.”

Racine’s expression softened a little.
Then, her line of sight turns towards my lower body.

“It seems you can still go. Natasha told me before. Normally, after men ejaculate once, they will enter a so-called Sage mode, but sometimes it can take many times before they are able to enter it……”

“Sage mode……?”

I look at her with puzzled expression then,

“Aah, you mean that Sage mode.”

It hit me.
Rather, it also exists in this world? That term. (Also known as Wise man’s time – a period after orgasm when a man is free from sexual desire and can think clearly)

“This time, I won’t use hands or chest, but directly…… W, would you be against such deed, Abel-sama?”

Racine stares at me.
She looks at me with earnest eyes, then she suddenly adds.

“In this ritual, the more the target indulges in the pleasant feelings the better the magic power restoration will become. Men probably enjoy themselves more when they do it directly than when rubbed by hands or chest, right?”

Racine inquires.

“──That’s what Natasha said.”

Yep, a line I was expecting.

“If Abel-sama feels even more comfortable, it may be possible to restore the magic power.”

“N? You mean, I can do more perverted stuff with you!?”

I finally understood.

As expected, the psychological hurdle is totally different from titty fuck.

“That…… Are you perhaps dissatisfied with me being your partner?”

“No, not that──”

I quickly spoke to Racine whose mood dropped again.

“It’s Racine’s first time right? I was thinking that it would be best if you saved your first time for the person you like.”

“I was enchanted by you, who saved the whole city from crisis with your absolute power. Then I realized. From now on, you will continue saving many people like you did today.”


“I’d like to be of assistance to you. Because of that, I will do anything necessary──”

Racine talks with passion.
The glint in her moist eyes reflects a noble sense of duty.

I was not able to say anything to those sincere eyes.

“If Abel-sama is not against it, I will gladly give up my chastity to you. Because that is the only thing I can do in order to restore your magic power.”

It becomes quiet.
The thoughts about if it’s okay and thoughts about her attractiveness clash against each other.
Just like a scale, or possibly pendulum──My heart jolts.

The winner is──I want her.

“I understand. Then, please go ahead.”

I nodded calmly and locked my eyes with her again.

The silence comes again.
My heart throbs started to hurt.

With my heart throbbing, I moved my face closer to Racine’s.
She looked at me with watery eyes and also moved closer.

We approach little by little and before long,

“N…… Chiyu, uu……”

Our lips touched quietly.

Ah, why do girl’s lips feel so soft and sweet?
Lips, mouth, saliva, everything taste so sweet.

“U, mu…… nchiyu……”

I divided Racine’s lips open and pushed my tongue inside.
Then, I entangled my tongue with hers.

We mixed our saliva with tongues while deep kissing.

“Mu, guu…… chiyu, rero……koku……”

While Racine was reserved at the beginning, she is now attacking my mouth.
We are exchanging saliva in a trance.


When the long kiss is over, we part our lips and gasp for breath.

It seems that Racine is gasping for breath more than me.
As if intoxicated, she looks at me and traces her finger around her lips.

As if trying to remember the feeling of my lips.

“This is…… a kiss……”

Half intoxicated, half dumbfounded, Racine mutters in a low voice.
After that, her legs start restlessly squirming.


“T, that, I…… feel, weird……”

Racine says with a puzzled almost crying face.

“It became somewhat hot….. between, my legs……”

The sigh of shyness was really cute.
I gently placed my fingers on Racine’s crotch.

“Hyaa…… n!?”

The priest maiden’s body trembles and she screams.


I could hear surprisingly loud sound of water.
It seems that Racine’s secret garden is wet enough.

“Amazing, so much──”

I said in amazement.

The wetness of her secret garden is clearly conveyed through my fingers.
Moreover, it’s through the panties.

Seems like Racine is wetter than I have expected.

“W, why…… I have become like that, I myself don’t understand, u……”

It seems she herself is puzzled over the change of her body.

“Ah, Abel-sama…… what, what should I do……”


I couldn’t stand it anymore and ripped her robe off and put my hands on the edges of her underwear.

She looks at me with tears in the eyes.
The normally gentle eyes now looked at me dubiously.

I interpreted that look as consent and stripped her panties off.

“Hiu, yaaaa……!? A, Abel, samaa……!”

The moment her most secret place got exposed, she screamed her throat out.

Her slender legs were completely exposed.
Her secret place that greatly resembled her personality was free to look at.

Not a single pubic hair was growing in her garden.
It’s the so-called paipan. (Paipan – person with a little or no pubic hair at all, basically shaved)

The smooth texture of her wet pussy, her tightly closed labia, I could see everything.

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