Chapter 31

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Female Priest’s Sex Ritual – Part 2※
“Next is…… chest, please allow me to service you with my chest next.”

Racine removes her bra and exposes her bare chest slowly.


Racine lets out a faint sigh unconsciously.

With the feeling of spilling out from the brassiere’s cups, the two meaty hills are becoming exposed.
The two hills that resemble the fluffiness of huge pancakes are slightly sweaty, creating a sweet fragrance in the air.

Even with that size, they are not hanging at all. They are smooth round-shaped breasts.
Without any tan, the breast’s skin is milk-colored.
Each hill’s peak has a seemingly Racine-like pink bud nestled in.

The movement of her swollen nipples matches with her breathing.

A, amazing……!

I stare at Racine’s big boobs without being able to say anything.
I understood that they were really big when I saw her in underwear, but seeing them bare, they feel much bigger.

“Again, it twitched again……! Are you getting excited from my chest……?”

I wonder if Racine is also excited, she watches me with slightly moist eyes.

“Y, yes, awfully……”

I gulp loudly.

“Like this…… exposing my breasts in front of a man is terribly embarrassing.”

Racine smiles lightly and lifts up her breasts after crossing her hands under them.

“But, I’m glad that you are…… pleased, desu.”

She approaches me and puts my meat rod in between her hills.

“Whoa…… aah……!”

My sensitive dick is plentily savoring the elastic feeling of being sandwiched between two huge meaty buns.

It feels like my symbol is being buried under meaty hills.
My dark glans slightly pops out from the valley.

The overflowing precum at the tip stimulates my nose.

“Fu, u…… n, ku.”

Racine leaks out a small breath, lifts her breasts up under the nipples and slowly begins to move her milk jugs in a vertical motion.

The big tits tightly squeeze all around my dick and soft friction attacks me.

It’s a different feeling than doing it with hand or mouth.
The texture of being squeezed by the vagina is also different.

My meat rod is indulging in breasts’ unique softness and elasticity.

Guni, muchi, michi, michimichi……!

The captivating mysterious bouncing of her titties.
Coupled with the destructive power her visuals, makes me intoxicated with passion.
This is tittyfuck……!

I squint my eyes and look down at Racine who is servicing me.

“Fufu, you like it with breasts…… that became really hard yo know……?”

She stoops her upper body with a suspicious smile and moved her face closer to my meat stick.
Her sweet breath coils around my glans and pole.

“Wa, a…… ku, fuo…… oo.”

The comfortable tickling sensation made my penis suddenly stood like a tower.


Racine pushes out her lips and dribbles her saliva on my penis when it comes out of her valley.
She uses her saliva as a lubricant just like a while ago during the handjob.

Zuchiyu, nuchiyu…… muni, muni…… guchiyuuuuuu……!

The saliva improves the sliding of my dick causing the speed of Racine’s hill movement increasing.
My pole pokes out from between the valley whenever she moves it down.

Racine looks affectionately towards my cock and dribbles more saliva.
Even the smell of her saliva is sweet.
In addition, it mixes with the scent of my precum, creating a mysterious fragrance in the room.

“Racine, where did you learn such tech…… te, technique…… kua, aaa……”

“I have learned it from Natasha……fuuu…… I, I only know how to do it…… doing it in practice….. fu, waa…… is my first time…… n, chiyu.”

Racine earnestly smiles while doing titty fuck.

So who is this Natasha in the end?
I’m getting more and more interested.

However, that question is quickly forgotten thanks to the remarkable titty fuck.
The soft friction of boobs warms up my penis which gradually increases the stimulation.

“Faa…… n, mu…… uu.”

Racine lightly exhales and increased the intensity of her tittyfuck.

I stare at the two melons that are burying my meat stick.
When she notices my lewd stare towards her hills, her two nipples rise.

I don’t get tired of watching the two hills rubbing my meat stick no matter how much I look.
The more I look, the more aroused I get.

I gradually forget to speak, I just stare at Racine’s titty fuck and engross myself in the pleasure.

Guchiyu, nichiyu…… munimuni……!

The room became quiet, only a dim watery sound echoes.

The precum I discharged coupled with her saliva and sweat increases the smoothness even further.
The friction of her juicy titties further increases.

“Kuo…… oo…… o, u…… uaaa……”

The pleasant feelings are slowly accumulating, and the tip of my penis slowly spreads.
Not only the penis, but the pleasant feelings also reached up to my toes.

The slow pace is gradually picking up the speed, the pleasant sensation is gradually increasing and the senses of my lower body are starting to melt.

“You don’t have to hold it…… it’s okay, Abel-sama…… Please release it all over my chest……”

Mugiyu, muni, Racine wholeheartedly moved her milk boobs, while looking at me with a smile.
No doubt that smile could be compared to an affectionate mother’s no, it was definitely a smile that belongs to the Holy Mother.

That mysterious healing smile caused my lust to climax.

My waist is starting to throb.
The sensation of releasing attacks me.

As if to respond, Racine tightly squeezed her breasts.
The vivid pressure caused by being sandwiched between two hills intensifies and feverish numb sensations run through my meat stick.

The penis becomes numb to the core.
The impulse of releasing swelled in the depths of my waist.

“N, ku……! Oo…… ooooo…… aa…… I, already……!”

I cried out in a trembling voice while shaking my waist.
A large amount of semen escaped from my testicles.

Simultaneously a pleasant sensation similar to lightning running through my body.
My penis between the two soft meaty jugs started shooting liquid like a fountain.

Dokudokudoku! Biyuruuuuuu……!

The narrows space in the valley started filling up with white liquid.
The releasing continues repeating in small intervals.

“U, ooo…… so good……!”

My lower body melted from immense joy.

It’s a soothing feeling different from releasing in the vagina or mouth.

The scattered semen finished dying her milky titties in cloudy color.
Furthermore, some semen landed on Racine’s chin and lips making her look very indecent.

“Kyaaa…… n!? Fa…… so, much…… a, fuu.”

Racine’s surprise and confusion mixed in her scream.

Even though she has the knowledge, this must be the first time she actually saw an ejaculation.
I released towards Racine’s breasts to my heart content, until her breasts were cloudy and her gentle face was covered in semen.

“Fuu…… amazing…… this is a man’s, ejaculation……”

Racine heaves a sigh with absentminded expression.
She licks the semen that was around her mouth with the tip of her tongue.

Watching her fascinated behavior that doesn’t match her innocent face, my lower body throbbed.
Even though I just released, my penis swelled up again and stood in attention between the female priest’s cleavage.

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