Chapter 30

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Female Priest’s Sex Ritual – Part 1※
I need to prepare for the ritual so please wait for a while──

I am waiting in the Inn’s room since Racine told me to.

I sit on the edge of the bed and look around the room bored.
Because I shut the window, the room is dark and the air stagnated.

In the corner of the room, there is a little altar that Racine made.

Two lit candlesticks are illuminating the room faintly.
A small cane and a cup as a metaphor for male and female genitals.
And a mysterious fragrance drifts in the air.

According to Racine, normally the ritual is held in a large altar, but because we have no time to spare, she set up the simplest one that would work.

“…… Thank you for waiting.”

A door opened and Racine walked in.


I was frozen in place.

Racine was wearing only white underwear.
She was wrapped in a simple cotton brassiere and shorts, her neat and clean features left me swallowing my saliva.

When she wore a robe, I could see that she had a Transistor Glamour figure, but her figure in just underwear was more remarkable and seductive than I thought.
(Transistor Glamour = petite, but glamorous body)

Two rich milk hills were trying to escape from her bra, it totally looks like she inserted melons in her bra.

Her hands, feet, and waist seem so thin that they would break at any moment.

“Because we don’t have much time, I will explain briefly. Ummm, the origin of Sex Magic is through the sexual intercourse between man and woman, the ritual will revitalize your magic power and life force.”

“Lifeforce…… revitalization?”

──After summarizing Racine’s story, it’s something like this.

Sex magic as the name suggests can be invoked only during intercourse between a man and a woman.

It will be performed this time in order to revitalize my life force and restore the magic power.
When the pleasant feelings rise during the deed, the magic will be invoked.

Natasha taught her especially the magic perception, so I should just enjoy the pleasant feelings.
In other words, “Racine will conduct a perverted service, so I should just lie down comfortably”.

“Then, let’s prepare your mind and body first. Please take a deep breath and slowly let it out.”

I took a deep breath just as I was told.

“Just like that, please relax. Expel your idle thoughts out of your mind.”

My mind became empty…… Is what should happen, but Racine’s figure in underwear entered my view.

Uuu, her chest bouncing cutely.
Her small body with such unbalanced breasts, it’s totally different eroticism from Claire.

I stare unconsciously.

“…… Abel-sama?”

“Ah, sorry, sorry. My eyes were suddenly attracted to your chest……”

“Eh!? My, chest……?”

“…… Rather, after seeing Racine’s sexy figure, expelling my idle thoughts is impossible.”

Racine became perplexed at my straightforwardness.
She said with a troubled face,

“Then…… How about concentrating that desire towards me? That way, the ritual might be more effective……”

She suggested bashfully.

“To concentrate…… my desires. Indeed.”

“B, but, am I not lacking to be a target of your desires? After all, wouldn’t someone beautiful with a great style like Claire-sama be better……”

“Racine is also very attractive.”

I responded in a hurry.

“Certainly you have a different style from Claire, soothing, neat and clean…… but there is also this seductive gap.”

Waah, what am I saying?
This dialogue surprised even me.

But, words poured out naturally when after looking at her.
If I had the same relationship with her as with Claire, would Claire get a

Or is it──。

“…… Thank you very much. It’s my first time being told something like this by, a man……”

Racine said bashfully.

“T, then, it’s time to begin the ritual.”

Racine showed a little tension on her face.

“Please…… lie over there.”

She pointed with her shaking fingers.

I enter the bed as I was told.
Racine followed and covered my lower part of the body with hers.

She slowly removed my pants with her supple fingers.
The abdominal region showed and my penis was completely exposed.

Racine’s gaze fixed on my lightly twitching alter ego.


The female priest leaked a small sigh of admiration.
It’s probably her first time seeing a man’s thing.

“Man look like this…… How, splendid.”

She touches my penis with her fingertip while muttering.


My penis bounced up and down vigorously.

“F, forgive me. Did that hurt…… desu?”

Startled, she separated her finger from my penis.

“No, that, it felt good you see.”

“Felt good? It is as Natasha said after all, when a man is caressed here, he feels good.”

Racine smiled joyfully and placed her fingertip on my penis once again.
Her finger slides smoothly around the neck of my glans.

“Ku…… uu, u…… T, there……”

The tip of my meat stick felt like it received a pleasant electric current and I groaned.

It seems that she doesn’t have any experience with men, but her technique is awfully skilled.

Were this Natasha’s teachings so precise?
Just who the hell are you, Natasha……?

No, more than that──

“Wa, gwu…… uu.”

The smooth fingertip arrived at the root of my penis, after twisting my pubic hair it went back up to the glans, once again the numbing sweetness is making me joyous.

“Ah, it twitched again……”

Racine exclaimed innocently, she then gradually increased the force behind her fingertip, which strengthened the stimulation on my penis.

The light friction together with delicate pressure creates an exquisite sensation.
Together with the visuals of a cute girl servicing me, my excitement flares up.

“Well then, it’s time to go all out. N, tsu……”

Racine spilled saliva from her mouth and applied it on my penis.
The meat stick got slimy after being covered by a large amount of saliva, she then puts both hands on my pipe, and she began an all-out attack just as she stated.

Guchiyu, zuriyu, nuchuu……!

Racine moved her hands rhythmically and the sounds of saliva which substituted a lubricant resounded around the room.

“O, oo…… n, fuo……. uaaaa……!”

The pleasant feelings transmitted from her fingers and palms to my meat rod.

My lower part of the body felt like they were going to melt any second, and I became crazed.

The physical stimulation itself was almost the same as masturbating.
However, I’m not doing the deed myself, the visuals of a warm and adorable girl smiling in front of my eyes brought totally different kind of excitement.

Racine’s white, graceful hands were rubbing my penis from the root to the tip.

From the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the top──the constant stimulation by friction almost made me want to splash around.
Just like a fish free from danger.

The glans opened its mouth and discharged the vanguard liquid continuously.
A smelly, stingy male scent spreads through the room.

“This is Abel-sama’s fragrance…… it looks like you are feeling it. I’m glad desu.”

Racine stopped and smiled at me.

The penis started nervously twitching at the sudden stop.
The remaining numbness sent chills to the core of my meat stick.

I want more.
I want to feel more comfortable.

Seeking the next stimulation, my abdominal region convulsed unconsciously.
Once Racine separated from my penis, she said with a coquettish tone.

“Next is…… chest, please allow me to service you with my chest next.”

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