Chapter 29

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The Plan for the Reversal
“Abel-sama’s magic power restoration will probably take a week. You won’t make it in time.”

“It takes so long!?”

I wasn’t able to hide my surprise at Racine’s words.

“Magic that was exhausted to the limit is not so easily restored.”

Racine shakes her neck with a sorrowful face.

“In the first place, you fired such magic so many times in succession. An ordinary magician would suffer from a mental disorder or even die. Please don’t be so rash……”

“I was rash because I wanted to protect you and Claire.”

I smiled wryly.

Using up all my magic has caused many problems.
I feel like I’ve run out of gasoline.

Looking back, this happened before.
At the end of the Practical examination, I felt slightly weak.

“Magic restoration has a fixed recovery time.”

Racine started explaining.
From her words, the larger the magic consumption, the slower recovery time.

10% to 20% can be recovered after several hours, max a day.
But the recovery becomes slow if about 80% to 90% is used──Depending on the person, it can take up to a month.
Apparently, this is the basics of magic.
Therefore, the magician needs to understand the consumption and recovery of his magic.

Because I am self-educated, I had no idea about this.
In the first place, I have never used 80% to 90% of my magic power before.

Because I trained in secret, I was able to suppress my magic consumption.
I mean, I didn’t want to get tired in the first place. Humans are lazy after all.

…… I should have tried more things while I was training.

I sigh unintentionally.

“The only person who can defeat that Steel Dragon is Abel-sama. And that Abel-sama can’t use magic──”

“Then, couldn’t Racine use the sealing magic again?”

Claire proposes.

“If I keep sealing it every three hours in order to wait for Abel-sama to restore his magic──”

“It’s regrettable but the magic isn’t effective the second time.”

Racine shook her head sideways.

“It can be used only once with full effectiveness──It’s magic of such kind.”

In other words, it’s not stackable, huh.
Then, after all, the Steel Dragon will revive in three hours.

What to do──?

I controlled my impatience and asked myself.

How do I defeat that monster──?

“However, there is another way to recovery magic power. I will take Abel-sama to perform the method right away.”

“A method to recover the magic power……?”

“Me and you… that, you know……”

Racine’s face turned red.
Her petite body wriggled bashfully.

“What is it?”

You are acting strange, Racine.

“Awawawa…… It’s em, embarrassing after all…… desuu.”

When she says it like that, I’m getting even more interested.

“There isn’t any other way, right Racine? Then, let’s do it.”

“L, l, let’s do it, how could you say it so straightforwardly!?”

“You are acting quite strange since a while ago you know?”

“Suu, haa……”

Racine takes a few deep breaths, then faces me again.

“The method to restore Abel-sama’s magic. That is me and you──”

Racine’s face reddened even more and she told me the method.

“I, I, intercourse…… by doing that, desuu……”


I stare in amazement at the unforeseen words.

“T, that, basically…… means, Racine with me…… perverted things?”

Racine nods at surprised me with face red up to her ears.
It doesn’t seem to be a joke.

“W, w, wait a minute!?”

Claire interrupted with a scream from the side.

“Why does Abel need with you──Why does he need to do such a thing!?”

“Therefore, in order to restore magic power──”

“I’m talking about the method!”

Claire breathes roughly.
Her shoulders trembling, she may lash out at Racine at any moment.

“Sex is the root of existence. Magic is closely related to that.”

Racine explains with a serious face.

“The doctrine of my Goddess Almeris states, that sex is nature’s most important element. Therefore, I learned of a method that enables me to transfer my magic to the others.”

Racine says while fidgeting with her fingers.

“I…… that…… don’t have any experience yet, so I don’t know if I can do it right……”

In other words, she is a virgin.
Well, she is a pure priest, also her age──Of course not my mental age, but my physical age──is probably lower by two or three so it’s not mysterious to me that she is still a virgin.

I gulped down unintentionally and Claire stared at me.

“…… Can’t I do that in your stead? As I knight──I want to do something to help the city.”

“Thank you very much. However, the magic transfer technique is not something a novice could do. After all, if I don’t do this……”

Racine makes a startled expression.

“Ah, is Claire-sama perhaps Abel-sama’s girlfriend? You said you were just childhood friends yesterday, so you were just embarrassed after all.”

“Gir, girlfriend!?”

“So you wouldn’t like another woman to do such things with Abel-sama…… Fumufumu.”

“It’s not like that but, umm……”

Claire blushes.

“There were some reasons and…… that, with Abel…… we did that…… and..”

Her voice is getting smaller and smaller and her face turns red.

“? You have such relationship even though you are not lovers……?”

“The laws of our village…… tied us together.”

“Ah, I’ve heard about this from Natasha. If I’m not mistaken it’s the relationship called ‘Friends with benefits’, am I right?”

“W, who is just a friend with benefits!?”

Claire let out a sorrowful cry.
No, as expected this is not the time for tsukkomi.

“Ah, I was wrong. It was a relationship only for bodies.”

“Do not correct yourself! Aren’t you just ruining my image!?”

Claire tsukkomi’s for the second time.

“Hmm…… I do not understand your relationship at all.”
Racine looks troubled.

However, certainly──How do I feel about Claire?

I feel desire and I think she is charming.
But, I think it’s different from lovers.

My relationship with Claire is──

──I will postpone this thought for later.
My magic power restoration takes top priority right now.

Although I say that, the only once who can conduct such a method is Racine.

“…… If there is no other method it cannot be helped.”

Claire compromised unwillingly.

We returned to the Chamber of Commence and explained the situation to Roge-san.

After talking to Roge-san, he said he immediately sent an emergency message to the Royal Capital when the attack occurred.

However, it seems that it will take approximately five hours to get here using Flight Magic.
The seal will be broken before that.

Eventually, there’s no other way but to recover my magic power and knock down the dragon.
Otherwise, Rashuka City will be destroyed.

For now, Roge-san started the evacuation of every human being in the city.
I leave Roge-san and return to the Inn with Claire and Racine.

Doing ecchi things with Racine──No, I will be holding intercourse ceremony to restore my magic power.

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