Chapter 28

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The Strongest Flash of Light
“Perish──Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast.”

From both hands which I stretched out, a pale blue light shot in a straight line.

The angle in which I attacked is 45 degrees, the target is the dragon’s chin.

The released light hits the dragon’s head and wraps around it──
Then, the head vanished without leaving the slightest trace.

In addition, the rest of the light shot towards the sky and soon caused a huge explosion.
I frown at the shockwave and look at the headless dragon falling to the ground.

Zu…… n.

The Steel Dragon falls on the ground with a thud.

It doesn’t even twitch.
I’ve heard that dragons have a very strong life force from the gossip in the village, but as expected even, such strong monsters like this can’t live without their heads.

“First one down──”

I breathed out.

If I’ve shot this straight ahead, I would destroy the whole city in one blow.

If there is a city, then the whole city, if there’s a mountain then the mountain──
Would be thoroughly erased.

But if I shoot it this way in the sky, the damage is 0.

“Alright, with this trick, I will defeat the remaining 6 dragons.”

“Wh, what……!?”

Rado looked at me in shock.
He probably had absolute confidence in his summoned monsters.

“One Black-Winged Steel Dragon can easily level down a whole city! Defeating that in one blow is impossible! There must be some mistake!”

On the contrary, it’s reality.
This is reality……!

I smugly grinned at Rado.

Then, I use Flight Magic and face the second Steel Dragon.
I have to clean up these guys before they destroy the city with their Dragon Breath.

“Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast.”

I kill the next dragon with the same magic at the same angle.

“Two! Next─”

I use the nice flow to move to the next target.
Flying at low altitude with the Flight Magic, I aim at my targets one by one while firing high output magic.


Soon after, six Steel Dragons were slaughtered.

“Now then, the last one──”

I turn back to Rado.

“Madness…… This is madness……!?”

The magician whose trump card was easily defeated is completely pale.
The last dragon behind him looks somewhat frightened.

“After I clean up the last dragon, will be next.”

I threatened Rado while glaring at him.

“Hi, hii.”

The frightened master hides behind the dragon.

However, sorry.

I already understand clearly.
Even if it’s an SS grade monster, it’s not my opponent.

“You perish too! Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast!”

A pale blue light surges out from my extended hands.
The silence occurred.


I became stiff in embarrassment.

Unlike the six times before, the flash of light shot at 45 degrees, suddenly melted down and dispersed.


I stand still in shock.

“…… Hou.”

Rado gazes at me and squints his eyes.

“H, haa, it has been a long time since I failed in magic…… Haha.”

I concentrate again after laughing.

I chant as always, this time, I will delete the dragon with my Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast.
──No, it was supposed to hit.

But, the result is the same as before.
The moment it should hit, the light just dispersed.

“The magic ball won’t hit……!?”

I finally realized.
The magic that usually overflows in my body is not flowing at all.

“What is happening……!?”

“What, is it over? It seems that your magic was exhausted.”

Rado completely regained his energy.
“Not knowing your own limit, what an amateur.”

It’s vexing, but I can’t retort.
Shit, even he was so frightened a while ago.

“Do it, Black-Winged Steel Dragon.”

Answering his master’s orders, the Steel Dragon stood up and approached me.

This is bad, I will be done at this rate.
A lukewarm sweat flowed down my body.

“Leave it to me!”

Racine jumped out.

“Goddess Almeris, please grant your servant’s wish right here, right now……”

She kneels in place, crosses both her hands and prays.

The sky shined faintly.
A golden light broke through the clouds and picked up Racine.

The aura is different from my attack magic.
It’s a gentle, warm light that heals the hearts of beholders.
Racine’s figure enveloped by the light totally looked like a goddess.

“Saintly Glistering Seal – Seal of Almeris!”

Racine’s body wrapped in light flies forward.

A pillar pure white light fell upon the Steel Dragon.

Gwoooo…… n.

With a roar of pain, the light slowly faded away.

“This is──”

The Steel Dragon’s movements completely stopped as if it turned into a statue.
The pure white light coated the dragon’s whole body.

“…… Sealed with holy magic. But you can’t seal a high-grade monster forever you know. The effect will last for about three hours.”

Rado laughed triumphantly.

“Kukuku, you just prolonged your lives for a while! I look forward to destroying you after the seal breaks!”

“──Dragon’s Raging Fire Sword Flow.”

Before anyone noticed, Claire dashed towards Rado.

“Y, you──!?”

“Beheading Slash!”

Then her long sword flashed.

“Ga…… a……!?”

Along with a scream, Rado was cut down.

I watch the magician fall down with a frown.
This is my first time seeing a person die.

I shake at the fact that Claire was the one who cut him down.
I remember what Roge-san told me at the interview.

(Abel-dono. Why do you wish to enter the Knight’s Order? Would you be able to kill in the war with Magic Empire?)

Am I able to kill with my magic just like that?

“Only the dragon is remaning.”

I came back to my senses after hearing Claire speak.

That’s right, the crisis is not over yet.
Before us, a huge dragon wrapped in light is still standing.

“The effect of the seal will last at most for three hours──Is what the magician said true, Racine?”

“…… Yes. That’s the limit of my power.”

Racine lowered her head apologetically.

“As time passes, the seal will weaken and the dragon will revive.”

“Three hours. We have to come up with something……”

I looked up at the dragon again.

What should I do?
Now that I can’t use magic, how will we beat it──

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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