Chapter 27

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SS Grade Monster

Claire and Racine were standing outside of the building.

“I heard a terrible explosion so I rushed over and met with Racine.”

“What is the fuss about~?”

They must have rushed here because they are both out of breath.

“An Empire Magician has attacked us.”

I explained briefly.

“He said he would annihilate anyone obstructing the Empire.”

“Looks like establishing the Magic Corps become a hindrance to them.”

Claire groans.

“…… Do you plan on fighting?”

“It’s good way to appeal to the interviewers.”

I explained how Roge-san told me to chase after the magician.

“Although the opponent is a magician of the Empire, you look very calm.”

Racine watched me in surprise.

“As expected of Abel-sama……”

Her face turned pale after muttering.
Her petite body dressed in white robes was trembling.

The Empire’s Magician is an existence that is feared by many people.
I won’t show mercy towards the enemy from Empire, I will destroy him with some fancy magic.
To think he can fight the whole military by himself──

All of Abel’s memories are suddenly extracted.

No matter how brave this girl is to volunteer to join the Magic Corps, what is scary is scary.
When I look at her shivering little figure that resembles a scared small animal, I feel like protecting her, the feelings of selfishly wanting to protect her boil inside me.

“Magic Empire is nothing before me and my magic. No need to be afraid, Racine.”

In order to decrease her anxiety even a little, I boast on purpose.

“Hmphh even though your face was blue when you fought in the village.”

Claire said with a teasing tone.

“O, only in the beginning. I instantly recovered! I, I wasn’t scared at all!”

“Fufu, I’m counting on you.”

Claire says with a grin.
Racine starts laughing.

Surely, Claire wanted to make Racine feel better in her own way.

“Then Rado──Let’s find the whereabouts of the Empire’s Magician.”

“Then, let me.”

Racine stepped forward.

“I will look for his magic power.”

“You can tell?”

I remember after asking.
That’s right, Racine told me before that magic perception is her specialty.
Yesterday, she was the only one who noticed my invisible magic tentacles.

“I can’t pinpoint the exact location, but I can tell the direction……”

Racine closes her eyes and lets out a small breath.
Her expression was pretty tense, but it tensed up even more.
After several minutes, she opens her eyes slowly.

“I can feel an ominous magic from that direction.”

Racine pointed her small finger to the alley on her left.

“This way.”

With her guidance, we run after Rado──

After arriving at the alley, a smell of blood drifted to my nose.
There were many dead people.

“What is….. this……!?”

The need to vomit comes to my throat from the odor.
A young man in the black robe was standing on the pile of bodies──It’s Rado.

“You came just in time. The summoning ritual is almost done.”

The magician calmly laughs while stomping a corpse.
As if killing people wasn’t anything special.

“What’s with that expression? These fellows were killed only because of the summoning. They are a sacrifice to a powerful monster.”

Rado creates a seal in front of him and starts the incantation.

“Now, become frightened by the sight of my strongest summon! Summoning: Black-Winged Steel Dragon!”

He shouted.


A dark red rift appeared in the air.
The crack of indecent shape somehow reminds me of female genitalia, but it’s a proof of air splitting.


A huge ferocious shadow emerged from that rift.

A big body that trampled down nearby houses.
The impact caused the ground to shake like an earthquake.

A dragon big as a castle with four wings on its back.
Its whole body was covered in shiny metallic scales.

“No way, that is──”
Racine groans with a pale face.

“Do you recognize it, Racine?”

“It’s a Black-Winged Steel Dragon…… SS grade monster desu.”

“SS grade……?”

Though I don’t understand it, its strength was conveyed to me clearly.


The Steel Dragon roared again and discharged pale rays from its mouth.

“It’s a Dragon Breath, get on the ground!”

Racine cries out.

I groveled like I was told to.
Claire and Racine were both similarly crawling.

I wasn’t able to set up a proper defensive spell because I was upset by the bodies before me.

The flash of light runs straight across the main street.

A burst of laughter, a burst of flames and the detonation of an explosion could be heard approximately at the same time.

The nearby buildings converted to ashes.
A moment later, the nearby area is blown off in a chain reaction.


I stared at the scene while squinting my eyes.

With a single blow, one-third of the city was burnt down.

“Demon General class is second only to the Demon King class Lucifer. To summon a thing like that in the city……!”

Racine groans with a pale face.

“Oioi, I will get embarrassed if you praise me so much.”

Rado says with a smug smile.

The seal in front of his chest still didn’t disappear.
On the contrary, his chanting continued.

This fellow──


He silently chants six times.

In the space behind him, six rifts appear.
Six Steel Dragons emerge out of there.

“You should feel honored! These seven Black-Winged Steel Dragons will erase this city!”

First, he summons one, then another six──Seven Steel Dragon’s appear in the downtown.

“Are you sane! At this rate, you will massacre everyone in this city──”

“It seems that a military force against our Empire was raised in this city. Annoying…… It’s only natural to clean the dirt.”

Rado says in the tone of a fanatic.

“It’s only natural…… you say.”

His tone is way too composed.

He doesn’t think anything about us and the people of this city.
Therefore, he used the murdered the people of this city and used them as sacrifices for his summonings.

Probably──He feels like he is using the dragons to exterminate harmful insects.

“For those who oppose our Empire, extinction──Those are the orders of our Emperor.”

“As if I’d let you! Before that happens, I will defeat those guys──”

I stand up and concentrate.

As expected, against the strongest class monsters, I should put some effort.
But, if I get serious, the city may suffer from collateral damage.
Attack output, angle, aim I must attack carefully.


At that time, I heard something in front of me.
Another Steel Dragon is going to shoot the Dragon Breath again.

“Gimme a break……”

If that thing is fired again, Rashuka City is going to be destroyed.
Eei, there’s no time to hesitate.

I started running towards the dragon.
I chant the incantation mid-air.
In a single jump, I stepped on the dragon’s foot.

“Pierce the skies, Golden eyes──”

I chant.
The incantation comes out of my mouth as if it was natural.

“Spiral Blade. Blood Crystallization.”

I wasn’t taught that by anyone.
These words appeared overnight in my mind one-by-one.

I have plenty of chants in the stock.
And now, on the Steel Dragon’s foot, I’m chanting the one with the most destructive power.

“Spinning Light. Twinkling Darkness. Pass through one point. From the beam of light, back to the nothingness.”

With this incantation, I’m able to fire the strongest magic.
The power is far superior to the one without a chant.

After a moment, my incantation was complete.

“Perish──Flash of Annihilation – Photon Blast.”

The surroundings were wrapped in bright white light

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