Chapter 34

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Female Priest’s Sex Ritual – Part 5※
“Is it okay to move, Racine?”

Don’t know if it’s an aftereffect of losing virginity, but her body is still quivering a little. I asked with a gentle voice.

“…… K, ku…… u ……”

Racine frowns and groans lightly.
When you look at the point of connection, the meat that was showing off a while ago now disappeared like it was erased with an eraser.

“Wa, yes, Abel-sama….. Ah. P, please taste…… Racine’s body.”

I can’t get enough of her obedient, cute gestures.

“Fu…… u.”

I let out a short breath and begun moving my waist.

It’s my second intercourse with a virgin.
As expected a vagina that receives a man for the first time is so tight.
The hot flesh walls stick to my meat stick as if not wanting to separate from it.

I continued unplugging at a slow pace in order to break loose from it.

“N, kufu…… ah…… n…… o…… a, fa……”

Racine lets out light moans from her lips every time I thrust in.
Her expression of tightly shut eyes with a slight frown didn’t look like that of agony, but more like that of pleasure.

Anyway, in order to not burden her body──I slowly inserting the meat rod in order for pussy to get used to it is the way to go.

“A…… u, aa…… an……”

Guchiyu, zuchiyu, the collected love juices started making lewd noises.

Pull out, insert in──
Every pelvic thrust, her flesh walls coil around my meat stick, creating electrifying friction.

Just how much do I have to thrust like this I wonder?
“Fuwa, aaa…… a, fu…… nn.”

The face that showed pained expression began gradually changing.
Occasionally a heavy moan escapes from her half-open lips.

“By any chance…… Does it feel good, Racine?”

I asked while working with my piston.
When I pressed my piston up the root, Racine’s petite body trembled.

“I, I don’t know…… That place, is somehow…… numbing…… fuaa, aa……”

Racine answers with heavy breathing mixed in.
Before I noticed, her closed hey were staring at me.

“Deep, inside…… it’s making weird noises…… afuun…… ah……」

“Is it okay to go a bit stronger? That.”

Up until now, I’ve been thrusting with only a little force while attacking Racine’s deepest part.
Her small nude body trembled, and her two bowl-shaped bulging breasts were dynamically bouncing.

“Hiyaa, n…… no, no…… that, is too strong……!”

Racine screams with somewhat entranced expression.

Is it safe to say that she is very sensitive?
When I look at her who started feeling it so early during her first intercourse, I want to “torment” her even more.

Twice, three times, I attack Racine’s narrow interior, but.

“Would it be okay to do it from behind this time?”

I proposed.
I realized that her vagina became loose to some extent.

Is it not okay to work more intensely now? Is what I thought.

“Yes, I will do as Abel-sama wishes……”

Racine nods admirably.

“Then…… Get on all fours.”

With lewd expectations, my abdomen became hot.
This will be my first time doing it in a different position than missionary and cowgirl.

My vision became pink with excitement and I pulled my symbol from the tight cave.
My dick was glossy from being coated from the tip to the room in love juices.

Smelling the scent of nature mysteriously increased my sex drive.

“Like…… this, Abel-sama?”

Racine obediently listened to my words and got on all fours on the bed.

Her small peachy buttocks swayed sweetly.
Her silky golden hair stuck on the smooth sweaty back.

A totally different scenery from the missionary position.
A girl is exposing defenselessly her butt in front of me──

Because of this hot scene, I gulped loudly.

I grabbed her small-sized buttocks and opened the valley.
Above her reddened tight place, her anal was fully exposed.

“Haaa…… s, so embarrassing, desuu……”

Racine shook her head in a ‘nono’ manner and her body swayed left and right.

I strengthen my grip on her buttocks in order to not let her escape.
I somehow feel like I’m raping Racine.


Racine looked back over her shoulder and prompted me.
I separate my hand from her buttocks and grab my penis.

I look again towards her valley and lock on her paipan garden.
From the repeated unplugging, her reddened petals became slightly apart.

The transparent liquid that is flowing out of the small hole is inviting me in.

“Yaaa…… Don’t stare so much…… eh.”

Racine wriggled her body in embarrassment again.

“Here I go, Racine.”

After I tell her that I’m inviting myself in, I put the tip near the hole.
Guchiyu, when her inner parts spread, the bittersweet fragrance of her sexual fluids fill the surroundings.

I pushed my waist in one go.

“Wa, guuuui!? Aah…… fu, ah…… u……!”

Racine’s back arched and she screamed.

Zubu, zubuuuuu……!

My thing was swallowed by the great looking butt.
The glans makes its way deeper and deeper.

Thanks to the broken hymen, the second insertion was considerably smooth.
Racine’s small butt started trembling from the pleasure.

“Uuu…… ku, wa…… aah…”

She started groaning similarly to the moment she lost her virginity.

“Are you okay, Racine?”

“Wa, yes…… it doesn’t hurt, but…… Abel-sama’s thing is so long and thick…… fuaaa……”

Racine looked back at me while leaking out moans, her face didn’t look pained.

“Please, continue…… n, waa…… o……”

I judged that she is alright and thrust my hips more.

While enjoying the wet walls that coiled around my penis, I plunged it to Racine’s deepest parts.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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