Chapter 14

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New Movement
“A great success, Takuma-sama!! Playing cards are the hot topic in the town!”

It has been two weeks since the business talk with Liz.

Tina who came back from shopping excitingly reports.

“Oh, that’s good!!”

In fact, the selling factor is not only because of the power of playing cards themselves.

A price that even commoners can afford.

A written handbook with ways how to play attached to every playing cards set.

I have observed in the corner of the store and thinking of various ways to increase the sales.

In order to shorten the time of manufacturing, we drew our trademark on one from the 53 cards.

“How about the situation of our funds, Takuma-dono?”

Eiri who is in charge of planning sighs in relief.

“Yes. Liz is also surprised because the sales were more than she expected. It seems we will be paid in the middle of next month.”
“That means……”

I laugh at the two,

“Yep. I’d like to formally request you to design the Hot Springs Hotel.”

When I say that, Eiri gives me a sparkling smile,

“Yes, leave it to me!”

I strongly nod at the most beautiful smile she has shown so far.


We immediately started talks about the Hot Springs Hotel’s design.

I leave the positioning of pipes and boilers around the room to Eiri’s expertise.

She must also consider how often we should change the hot water for the sake of hygiene.

I and Tina are mainly in charge of the interior.

“I would put a sofa in the lobby, so everyone can comfortably relax after a bath!”
“Yes, I agree. Let’s make the relaxation space of the lobby as wide as we can.”
“Pillars and walls made from wood would give a relaxing feeling, I think!”

Eiri’s architectural style resembles Japanese bath-houses.

Although the framework and foundation are reinforced with metal, visible parts such as the interior are made of relaxing looking wood.

“But well, certainly with such style, it won’t be aimed towards nobles.”

I had a bitter smile while looking at Eiri’s blueprint.

“Y, you understand? The reason my architecture is completely ignored by nobles!”
“Well, I can guess, I think the nobles of this kingdom like things like gorgeous jewels, beautiful paintings, everything expensive that can show off their status.”

That’s what I feel about the nobles I met in town and in the royal castle.

They have the image of gaudy dressed medieval European nobles.

It’s to the extent it looks like they have castles build on their heads like fools.

“Certainly, I can’t deny that.”
“Yep. And then, the wood design looks somewhat cheap, right? The houses of commoners are mostly built from wood, and above all, wood is cheap. I don’t think nobles would choose our hotel built mostly from wood as a place of their visit.”

Of course, not every noble is the same.

But, the overall ratio can be counted as a whole.

“In other words, my architecture is not to the nobles’ taste, so they evaded me from the beginning……”
“Probably, I think so.”

Eiri drops her shoulders down dejectedly at my explanation.

“I somehow…… knew. That my designs are not demanded in this country.”

Tina looks anxiously at Eiri who looks in a distance.

“I drew and drew, but they wouldn’t accept…… I really did something useless, didn’t I?”
“No, I don’t think it was useless.”

Eiri tilts her head in ‘what do you mean?’ meaning.

“Certainly, the nobles won’t accept Eiri’s architectural style, but the people in this country who will accept it exist.”
“People who will accept it……?”

When Eiri tilts her head, Tina cheerfully says.

“Yes, yes, yeees! A commoner like me!”

If nobles are no good, you should aim towards commoners.

“I see…… in other words, I should have changed the target of my marketing and all would have been good? I was so blinded by the money, I didn’t even notice this simple thing……”
“I think the commoners will definitely accept your architectural style. The foundation is solid and the atmosphere is also good.”

Both management and production.

When you are thinking about profit, one of the most important things is the marketing target.

In other words, who will you sell your product to.

“This time, the Hot Springs Hotel we want to make is targeted towards the commoners, not the nobles. Therefore, the wood you like to use in your architecture will become a great weapon, I think.”
“My architecture…… a weapon?”

When I nodded, the joy in Eiri’s eyes was clearly visible.

She couldn’t hide the joy of someone recognizing her architecture.

“I will do anything if it’s within my abilities! In order to take advantage of all of my skills, please give me lots of opinions!”

I will follow Takuma-dono anywhere!

That’s Eiri’s determination.

The brightness in Eiri’s eyes is shining more brightly than before.

It’s the feeling of respect that goes beyond worship.


“O, ou. I will also do my best.”
“I will do my best too!”

The discussion continues.

“How about drawing some pictures on the bathroom walls?”
“Oh, the feeling would certainly be good. Should we go with a drawing of mountains after all?”
“How about the Eltos Volcano located in the north? They get covered in snow in the winter and look very magical, you know!”
“It sounds like Mount Fuji, that’s good!”

“The entrance will be definitely crowded, so shoeboxes are required.”
“With a lock and key in order not to be stolen. Which means, we will have to depend on locksmith Brown to make it cheaply.”
“You also have a connection with a locksmith? Eiri’s circle of acquaintances is quite broad, huh.”
“When I was sulking I would go to a bar…… I have met a lot of people at that time.”

“Takuma-sama, Takuma-sama! I think it would be really good if there was a cold drink right after the bath!”
“Good job on noticing, Tina! Coffee milk after a bath is supreme after all!”
“I don’t know what coffee milk is, but I will negotiate with a beverage salesman acquaintance to sell us some cheaply.”
“Just how broad are your connections!!”

We have discussed for three days and three nights without sleeping.

After creating a sufficient blueprint, Eiri finally went to request the engineers.

After paying 100 million Ells in advance, the engineers accepted the request and started working at once.

“Wow~! It has become looking so professional!”

Tina is in high spirits after watching the engineers arriving at the construction site.

I trembled unconsciously.

I couldn’t hide my excitement that the building of my own Hot Springs Hotel is becoming a reality.

I guess, creating something is fun after all.

Even more, when the scale is so big.

Although I was just digging a mere hole beginning, before I noticed I dug up hot springs and was able to progress to this moment.

Really, you don’t know what will come in your life.

“I’m grateful to you, Tina.”
“What about?”

I gently pat Tina’s head after she looks at me in puzzlement.

“N, various things”
“What is it?”

I smile at Tina who closed her eyes and purred comfortably and swear that I will make this Hot Springs Hotel a success.


“A new card game revolution! Great quality Playing cards available! Now then, now then everyone, stop by and look for yourself! From children to adults, you will surely forget about the time while playing!!”

Castle Town in the early afternoon.

A certain young man’s voice was attracting customers.

A unique long line is formed in front of the young man since the opening of the store.

The line up consists of young teens to elderly, even various demi-humans races.

They all came for a certain product──the Playing cards.

A card game that appeared the other day and instantly conquered the entertainment industry.

The 53 cards with various patterns in the playing cards give sensations to simple, but profound games.

The young man was one of the people who was sold by the playing card’s charm.

Three days ago, my imouto stood three hours in line in order to purchase the playing cards.

I’m someone who doesn’t like to play with my head, but I was able to quickly grasp the rules because of the handbook sold with the cards.

I instantly got addicted.

I played with imouto the Old Maid, Stress, Falcon introduced in the book a whole night.

Fun, it was so fun that I forgot I have to go to work the next day.

After finishing the work at the point of almost dying, this time, my friend called me to have a round of Grand Millionaire with him.

It was just as much fun with a great number of people just as it was written in the handbook.

Revolution! When another of my friends become part of the new revolution I was ecstatic.

In the end, I ended up playing cards all night long again.

I may die after these two all-nighters.

Nevertheless, when the young man was returning home after selling the playing cards, he was suddenly called out.

“Excuse me, could I talk to you for a bit?”
“Yes, yes! What would you……”

A really pretty girl stood there when the young man turned around.

I have never seen a beautiful girl in early teens like her before.

“What is it?”
“N, no! Nothing at all! Do you have any business with me!?”

It can be said that he was admiring her carelessly.

This is a work, this is a work, the young man thought.

“Do you know the one who made these playing cards?”

The young man answered without thinking much about it.

“Umm, the one selling them is Lisbeth, a famous merchant in the town, but there’s a rumor that the one who created them is actually a person from a different world……”
“A person from a different world……”

The girl is lost in thought.

“Well, it’s just a groundless rumor! But, the person who came up with this must be a genius! I have not played such an interesting and fun card game before!”
“…… I see. So it is so successful in this world.”
“No, it’s nothing. I appreciate you talked with me, during such a busy time.”

The girl turns her back around when she finishes her business.

“To use modern knowledge to make money, huh…… you are doing something quite interesting, Kamijou-kun.”

The black-haired girl who turned her back around──Nanase Iori smiles like she found a new, interesting toy.

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