Chapter 13

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The following day after deciding on fundraising, I went to the castle to request the plain’s licence.

The permission was simply given to me.

Because they weren’t able to sell that piece of land, I was told to do as I like.

I thought about why land in such good location wouldn’t sell, but I decided to not think about it too much.

First of all, securing the land is accomplished.

Three days after that──the three of us are currently playing cards in the living room.

“This card!”

Yes, finally pulling my card, Tina.

In a moment, Tina let out a sound similar to a pigeon getting shot by a bean shooter.

“You fell for it, Tina! That card is a joker!”
“Ugh……!! To think you were glaring on a joker card……”
“Although I told you to pay attention to eyes, on the contrary, you became easier to outsmart.”

Well, that technique worked only because the opponent is a beginner.

“Now then, it will be over if I draw Eiri’s card. What should I pick~”

I stare at Eiri’s last cards while grinning.


Eiri groans with difficult expression and looks at the two cards left in her hand.

One of the cards is the same number as I have.

The possibility is-

I draw Eiri’s card without hesitation,

“Got it, bingo!!”

I splendidly draw the same card and obtained the first place wonderfully.

Ohh~ Tina and Eiri are clapping their hands.

“Ugh…… this is Takuma-sama’s fifth consecutive win……”
“As expected of someone trained at home.”
“Well, I played cards quite often after all.”

Playing cards are basics of the basics.

I, who achieved a fifth consecutive win in the Old Maid game quietly make a triumphant pose.

“Now then, Eiri-chan! Let’s battle head-on again!”

Tina who puts the remaining card between her fingers burns with fighting spirit.

“Gee, how many times we fought one-on-one already…… okay. I won’t show mercy!”

Eiri also looks fired up enough.

“Now, come!!”
“Game on!!”


The battle against the last Baba starts with a fire burning in their eyes.

“…… Do you think I would fall for such a trap?”

“This is! What!”

I chuckle to myself while watching the two girls playing cards.

It’s not like we are just playing around.

We need to secure the necessary funds in order to build the Hot Springs Hotel.

We are starting with the development of Playing Cards.

Same as with the hot springs, the pleasure of playing cards also doesn’t exist in this world.

There are various card games, but their rules are more difficult than playing cards which are not difficult to approach.

Card games are not for common people, but for nobles.

There’s such a trend.

Therefore, I have zeroed in on an easy card game that masses can enjoy, Playing Cards.

Even the commoners will be able to purchase the playing cards and enjoy various games.

I am convinced that this will sell.

I have prepared 53 paper plates and borrowed Tina’s help to build the cards.

Because the design is done by hand, I can’t deny that it looks cheap, but there’s no problem whatsoever by using it to play.

Old Maid, Stress, Sevens, Grand Millionaire……

The rules of famous playing card games are in my head, so I can write it down.

The manual and instructions are thorough.

It seems that the playing card app I downloaded to my smartphone was useful.

I didn’t have any friends, but playing against the computer was fun.

“Yay! I won!”

“Kuh…… to think that this me would hesitate in the decisive moment……!!”

Next thing I know, Tina and Eiri finished their battle.

It seems that Tina is the winner.

“Then, let’s do some sales promotion.”

I collect the cards, straighten my collar and stand up.

I have an appointment today with Eiri’s merchant acquaintance.

The name is Lisbeth and apparently, in the castle town, she is a known prominent wealthy person.

The meeting place is an expensive hotel in the town, I should depart soon.

“Please do your best!”

Tina waves her hand.

How adorable.

“Liz is still young, but her eyes are reliable. Takuma-dono, I wish you luck at business.”
“Yes, I will sell at high price.”

This will be my first time doing business talk so I’m quite tense, but I’m quite excited to see how much value does a product created with my modern knowledge has in this world.

“Ah, should I bring this with me?”

I take out a certain thing from the backpack that came with me from Japan and put it inside my pocket.

Then, I leave the church.
Exactly at the promised time, a person came to me.

Knock, knock.

“Please, this way.”
“Thanks a lot.”

A woman in her early twenties dressed in a typical medieval European dress was waiting in the room.

A beauty with blonde wavy hair.

Rather than a merchant, she looks like a daughter of a rich noble.
I introduce myself at once.

“I came by Eiri’s introduction, my name is Kamijou Takuma.”
“Lisbeth Fransol. A lass working as a peddler in the castle town. Best regards.”
“Yes, a pleasure to meet you, Lisbeth-san.”
“How respectful of ya. People close to me in this town call me Liz ya know, Takuma-kun can also call me like that if wanna.”
“Y, yeah……”

What is this Kansai-Shikoku mix of dialects?

While thinking that her appearances are a mismatch with her dialect,

“Takuma-kun, right now, you were thinking that the way I talk is strange, didn’t you?”
“No, I thought how amazingly unique it is!”
“I just self-destroyed, didn’t I?”

Liz chuckles in amusement.

“Well, you are free to think whatever you wanna. This is a merchant’s habit, ya know? I traveled to many countries and various dialect mixed in my speech, it did. Although it may be difficult to listen, please be patient with me, aight?”
“I, I understand.”

Although I want to tsukkomi so hard because of her appearance and dialect, let’s move the talk forward.

“This is an article I would like you to examine this time.”

We sit on the sofa face-to-face and I show Liz the cards.

Liz receives the cards up with interest.

“The 13 cards in four sets are of the common pattern and the last piece is original. By appearances, a card game, ain’t it?”
“That’s right. This is a card game popular in a different world, they are called Playing Cards.”

I tell her that I’m a person from a different world, then I speak about the playing cards.

“A different world, is it…”

As expected, the thing about me being from a different world caught Liz’s interest.

“Although your appearances are strange and I heard about a strange ceremony concluded in the castle, it’s quite hard to believe that Takuma-kun is from a different world.”
“Then, I will show you proof.”

I take a smartphone from my pocket and turn on the power.

Though only a little of the battery is left, I have to use it now.

“What’s that?”
“It’s a machine from my world called a mobile phone. The main use is to communicate with people over a distance, but……”

I start the camera.
I point the camera at Liz and take a shot.

“Uoh!? What was that, so bright all of a sudden, oy!”

I turn the display of the smartphone towards the angry Liz.

Liz very fast opens her eyes.

“T, that’s…… me?”
“Yes. This is a popular Magic item that can record a specific scenery at the specific time in its entirety, called a Smartphone.”

Liz is closely examining her picture displayed on the display of the smartphone.

“Are you saying that this is a machine that anybody can use?”
“That’s right. This can be used by anybody.”

Liz shows pondering behavior and,

“All right, I believe ya. Indeed, I have never seen or heard about such a magic tool. Those playing cards, that smartphone, it’s certainly true that Takuma-kun comes from a country that has a totally different sense of value, indeed.”

It seems she somehow started to believe me.

We took a breather and I explained Liz the usefulness of the cards, how to play them, and explain her about the targeted customers.

In addition, because it will be easily copied, I suggest registering a trademark with Lisbeth as my only partner.

Liz seemed to be quite interested in the playing cards because she frequently nodded her head while I was explaining.

After that, I let Liz experience the pleasure of playing cards by teaching her the Old Maid, Sevens, and Grand Millionaire.

Being a quick-witted person, Liz was able to quickly learn the rules.

If I didn’t use all my experience, I would get defeated.


After having fun for a while, Liz says in satisfaction.

“What I demand when I sell a new product is design, usefulness, reasonable price. And the most important of all, originality.”

Liz stops playing with the joker in her fingers and leans forward.

“Although the rules of these cards are simple, they are incredibly profound. It’s a lump of originality. If this gets popular in the town, it will sell like hotcakes.”

Just what I was looking for. Liz flares up with a laugh,

“I will buy the right of these cards for five White King Gold coins!”
“…… Five White King Gold coins, huh.”

White King Gold coin is a super expensive coin seen only in the ultra-high businesses.

Its value is 100 White Gold coins, in other words, 10 million Ells.

In other words, Liz wants to give me 50 million Ells for the playing cards.

It does not reach the 300 million Ells I need.

Therefore, I start talking.

“In fact, Miss Liz. There is a reason I’m trying to sell the playing cards like this.”
“Hou. What reason is that?”

Liz leans forward in interest.

“To tell you the truth, I intend to open a facility called hot springs soon and……”

I tell her how I used my skill Drilling and came across a hot spring.

And that by using that hot spring I plan to build hot springs.

I explain that 300 million is necessary for construction.

“Fumu, hot springs, huh? You have dug up something interesting, that you did.”
“You know about it?”
“I’m a merchant who travels all around the world. Far from knowing, I even entered one in the east.”

Iyaa, that thing could become a habit, Liz said with enchanted eyes.

If she already knows about the splendor of hot springs, the talk can be quick.

“In other words, Takuma-kun. You want me to become your investor?”
“As you have guessed.”
“What do I get in return?”
“A portion of the hot springs’ sales. In addition, if I come up with other good articles from a different world, I will come to Miss Liz first.”
“In other words, a win-win relationship, is it?”
“Indeed, you are exactly right.”

In short, an equity investment.

Setting up a company is hard on the funds unless I have a wealthy individual’s cooperation. I’m willing to cooperate for equity.

With more money, the growth and the value of the company will raise quicker.

But then, this kingdom doesn’t have established the equity investment structure completely yet, so I am not sure if a percentage of the company’s income is a lucrative offer.

“These hot springs, just like the playing cards are targeted towards the common citizens. I plan to attract many customers with otherworldly hot springs and cooking.”

Liz answers after pondering for a while.

“Yes, let’s do it. I will give you 300 million, I will.”

I lost power in my shoulders after hearing Liz’s answer.

It seems she judged that the reward was worth more than 300 million Ells.

“I have three conditions, though. Takuma-kun will give me part of the profits and also provide me with other ideas for good articles. And……”

What more do you require?

When I put myself on guard, Liz starts laughing teasingly,

“An unlimited privilege to enter the hot springs for a year! I won’t yield on that, ya know!”

I grasp Liz’s hand firmly.

“Please take care of me from now on!”
“Ou! I also love hot springs, let’s get along!”

We have decided to negotiate Liz’s percentage next time.

This way, I was able to raise the funds for the construction.

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