Chapter 12

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Mixed Bathing
“Ah…… This is washing my body and soul.”
“Right~…… fuah……”
“How did this happen?”

I look at Tina and Eiri in the new drum bath (quite larger than the one before) and sigh.

This development, it’s somehow a terrible Déjà vu.

The details are as follows.

“Speaking of the hot springs in Yamato, nothing is better than the Mixed Bathing.”

Wait a second.

Eiri who has decided to enter the hot springs dropped a bomb.

“Men and women of all ages in their birthday dress, that’s the first step towards a deep affection.”

No, wait a second.

“Eiri, mixed bathing means showing your nude body to someone you just first met, you know? I’m good (rather, I welcome it very much), but are you okay with that, Eiri?”
“I don’t mind? Hot springs’ fundamentals are for everyone to get along, right?”

Why are you objecting like it’s natural?

Power of culture, how terrifying.

In Eiri’s country, they probably give towels as a welcome gift to their new neighbors.

It would be an unthinkable custom in Japan.

However, when in Rome, do as Romans do our predecessors said.

I forgot about my shy heart and obediently accepted without further questioning, un, un.

Therefore, I purchased a bigger drum at once.

I poured in the hot water and entered the hot springs together with Tina and Eiri.

I entered, but.

(What is this…… so dangerous…… there’s no place to rest my eyes at……!!)

It should be a moment every man dreamt about, but I feel like I’m experiencing a living hell.

Eiri’s smooth, milky skin and picture-like body line is shining way too charmingly.

There are many tall women who have small breasts, but Eiri doesn’t follow such common sense.

The two melon-like soft breasts are like two unpopulated islands floating in the middle of a sea.

This scene is indeed, a Utopia.

It’s man’s utopia, but for me, right now it’s a dystopia.

I feel like a carnivore being lured by poisonous prey.

(Dangerous….. This is extremely dangerous……)

Tina who is high spirits playing around at the side because of the large space and Eiri who I’m trying to look away from right in front of me.

Although Tina arouses my desire to protect her, her body is a complete opposite of nice body, therefore, it’s only natural that I’m conscious of Eiri’s charm.

But, to have my mind blown on the day of our meeting.

I certainly have to be cautious around Eiri.

Or I will turn into a dangerous beast hungry for love.

My dream of making hot springs will be over before I start.

I absolutely don’t want such ending.

Do your best, my reasoning!

“Mu, what is this? It doesn’t seem like something to wipe your body with, but……”

Eiri tilts her head while holding a blue towel in her hands.

“Ah, this is a soap pocket towel Takuma-sama has bought! When you put soap in it and scrub your body with it, it feels really good, you know!”

I have a bad feeling!

“Hou, I see. However, I won’t be able to scrub my back.”
“It’s alright! Takuma-sama always scrubs the places I can’t reach!”

Tina, you fool!

“Hou, I see……”

Eiri’s looks at me with sparkling eyes.

The feelings reflecting in those eyes, anticipation.

No, impossible, impossible, it’s impossible.

Any more stimulation will put me into life and death situation.

This is a battle my fickle reasoning can’t win……


Eiri stands up and turns her white back in front of me.

“I’m sorry, Takuma-dono. Could you please scrub my back please?”
“Yes, with pleasure!”

A man who declines such bewitching request is not a man.

A lion which wouldn’t jump on meat served in front it doesn’t exist.

If you think about it, it’s not like I’m touching her directly, it’s only back, so to say, it’s a father-daughter level skinship, there is no problem!

While making various excuses in my head, I take the towel in my hand and start scrubbing Eiri’s back.

Scrub scrub.

“What a good bath!”
“Umu. More than I expected.”
“I thought I was going to die.”

I was able to somehow survive without an accident and returned alive without dying in the pink paradise.

The safe return of the space shuttle crew.

You did your best, me.

“Hot springs are amazing after all. My mind and body feel so much lighter.”
“That’s good.”

Though my mind and body feel heavy.

“Nevertheless, you made it well. Connecting a pipe directly to the ground which allows drawing the water right from the underground, I’m astonished.”
“Is it done differently in Eiri’s country?”
“The hot springs of our Yamato are directly on the ground. We don’t draw the water ourselves, but use the excess hot water that accumulates around the gushing water.”

I see.

How enviable.

“I thought about using pipes to distribute water from that hole to each bathtub.”
“No, I think you should dig a different hole.”
“What do you mean?”

Eiri explains.

“If you use only one hole, the quantity of water that can be released is limited. I have looked around and seen that you already dug several holes, I think you should dig new, organized holes and use them for supplying water.”


In other words, I need to dig new holes somewhere in the backyard.

Well, it will be more efficient.

“Also, does Takuma-dono plan to repair this church and use it like a hotel? Or a new construction?”
“Definitely a new building.”

Using the church as our residence while building the hotel near is my ideal.

I want private hot springs in the backyard.

“For starters, I have planned on building two separate buildings for males and females that could hold at least 100 people each.”

The truth is that I also wanted to make an open-air bath and hot springs pool, but first, I should build basic bathtubs and wait and see.

There’s also the problem of finances.

“Mu? There won’t be a mixed bath?”
“As expected that is no good!”

It took me five minutes to persuade Eiri.

“Fumu. Then, digging in a new location is especially needed. A place as broad as possible would be the best……”
“Wouldn’t a grassy land down from here be the best? It would be easier for people from the town to come.”

If you want to run a hotel, you must think about ways to attract new customers.

The location is very important.

In this world without cars, Hot Springs Hotel that is not built on a hill would be easier to access.

It seems that Eiri also agrees.

“I will ask in the castle if the land over there is available.”
“Please do so.”

I will purchase that piece of land in the worst-case scenario.

“Then, the most important problem……”

Eiri looks away awkwardly.

“I understand. It’s about the money, right?”
“Umu. After calculations, it will cost at least this much.”

The approximate cost Eiri wrote on the paper──300,000,000 Ells.

“That’s quite a lot for initial investment, isn’t it?”
“That’s because it’s a new building on a new piece of land. I think my engineer acquaintances would need at least this much.”

I earned approximately 3 million from the Magic Stone gathering.

It would take 100 weeks (2 years) to make 300 million.

If I think about maintenance cost, that is not practical.

“Even if I rely on financial institutions, the amount of money they will lend a person from a different world like me is probably not a lot. If there would be a way to quickly make a lot of money……”

I gear up in my brain and think.

How would a protagonist in a different world earn a lot of money?

He would register in a guild and complete requests, he would save a rich, beautiful girl from bandits and would receive a reward. All of them have a battle scene, huh.

“…… After all, this is time for the modern knowledge cheat, yes.”

I stand up and shift my gaze at Tina.

“What’s wrong?”
“Tina, I need your help for a little bit.”

In order to make money.

I had to start the action.

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