Chapter 11

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We three return to the church with the setting sun.

Eirias has been just driven out from the apartment, therefore, she will stay in the church for a while.

“We are back nanodesu!”
“This is our home.”
“So sorry, not only you saved me, but you even give me a place to stay……”
“We don’t mind this much.”

Rather, having one more cute girl around, what kind of reward this is.

I thank the god for this treatment wholeheartedly.

“Doesn’t Takuma-sama seem to think about something perverted?”
“Do, do, don’t be so absurd!”

I avert my gaze from Tina.

Is that because she’s young that she’s very sensitive or am I that easy to understand?

Let’s be careful as much as possible from now on, un.

“By the way, Takuma-dono.”
“Although it’s our first meeting, would you please drop the honorifics?”

The sense of distance is making her itchy.

She’d like me to call her Eiri if possible.

“Okay, I understand, Eiri. I would also feel more comfortable like that.”
“Ah, sorry about that, Takuma-dono.”
“Hey, you will keep using the -dono?”

Ah, well.

I have a feeling that the mood has lightened compared to before.

“Then, right to the subject……”


I heard cute sounds, different from Tina’s stomach from somewhere.

“…… Though I was going to start, let’s eat first.”
“S, sorry…… I didn’t eat anything since yesterday……”
“I can see that.”

The most important thing is filling one’s stomach after all.

You can’t fight the war on an empty stomach.

I will let Eiri eat plentily so she can do good work.

“Takuma-sama! I want to eat the Omurice we had before!”
“Omurice, huh? We have some eggs left, let’s make Omurice then.”

The stock of rice is more than enough.

Besides, after collecting seasonings, we have been able to get a sauce similar to ketchup.

At this rate, the day I will find mayonnaise may be close.

“Omu, raisu?”

Eiri tilts her head.

“It a dish that consists of rice, chicken, onion, and ketchup wrapped up in a thin layer of an omelet.”
“Hou, rice!”

Eire has snapped.

“Is rice perhaps Eiri’s country’s staple food?”
“Yes! Rice is our Yamato’s source of energy! There is a legend that God has infused his energy to every single grain and bestowed it to 800 million people.”
“That’s too much of belief.”

I wonder if Eiri’s birthplace Yamato is similar to Japan?

It also sounds imposing.

“Takuma-sama is amazing! He is able to make any ingredient taste delicious!”
“Hou, hou, I will look forward to it.”
“Wait Tina, don’t raise the hurdle.”

Therefore, it has been decided that I will be making Omurice.

First, I cook the chicken and onion cut into small pieces on the frying pan.

I salt the onions after they become soft and throw in the cooked rice.

I add the ketchup and after the chicken becomes nice in the color I sprinkle it with black pepper.

I stop the fire and divide it into three bowls.

With this, the foundation is done.

The nostalgic sweet fragrance of ketchup is very appetizing.

“I’m already hungry!”
“What…… to use rice in such a way……”

The brightness in Tina’s eyes increases, Eiri stares at my cooking technique.

I start making the omelet.

I have to make it before the rice becomes cold.

I put butter on the frying pan and let it spread all over the surface.

When the butter melts, I weaken the fire and pour a mix of eggs and milk into the frying pan.

I wait for five seconds, then mix the eggs and milk with chopsticks, making scrambled eggs.

When it becomes half-cooked, I slide around it with a spatula.

This is the most difficult step.

When I did this for the first time, I left a hole in the egg similar to blast hole from an explosion, but I’m able to do it quite well now.

Cooking is fun, after all, un.

“Conceal the tears with ketchup and…… done!”

An Omurice makes an appearance on white plates.


Tina claps her hands in applause.

“This is, Omurice…… how mysterious……”

Eiri has a reaction like a primitive watching TV for the first time.

It’s understandable.

The god who bestowed the rice to 800 million people probably also didn’t think that it would be used in this way.

“Now then, let’s eat!”

Why does it sound like Tina made it?

“T, then…… itadakimasu.”

Eiri tastes the Omurice timidly with her spoon.


She opens her eyes wide and shouts out one word.


Eiri starts stuffing her mouth as if this was the first time she ate something so delicious.

What a terrific vigor.

It’s only natural because she didn’t eat since yesterday.

On the other hand, Tina is looking at her with a smile on her face.

Like Oneechan who just made a meal for her imouto.

Meanwhile, I prepare my and Tina’s portion and start eating.

The moment I sink my spoon into the Omurice, the sweet fragrance of ketchup rises to my nose.

I gulp.

“Nmu….. delicious.”

My thoughts leak out unconsciously.

A good performance if I say so myself.

The soft egg, chicken, and rice create perfect harmony.

Somewhat nostalgic and pleasant taste.

The chicken and onions were cut in slightly larger sizes, allowing to taste everything in one bite.

I did not stop my spoon until I finished it all.

“Mm! Takuma-sama’s Omurice is special after all!”
“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”
“Yes~ I’m sorry!”

Eiri lightly smiles at the exchange between me and Tina.

“Somehow, you two look like a parent and a child.”
“N. It’s true that I’m looking after her, after all.”
“Yes! Takuma-sama saved me in spite of being an unrelated person from a different world! He’s my lifesaver!”
“Hou, different world?”

Eiri looks at me with interest.

“Well, each one of us has a different life story, finish the meal and talk after that.”
“Fumu, you are right.”

Then, after dinner.

I decided to talk with Eiri about my circumstances.


“I see, you were involved in the hero summoning and came to this world, huh……”

Somewhat, her reaction is quite similar to Tina’s.

She’s curiously looking at me.

“But, Eiri is quite brave. Coming alone to this country.”

Eiri’s life story was beyond my imagination.

How should I say this, it felt like a young man’s dream to go to the capital and make a fortune in one stroke.

“I needed to get money by all means. The wages are higher in this country than in Yamato so I go caught on the lure. Well, as you can see, I ended up like this.”
“I see.”

Eiri also went with the fortune in one stroke pattern.

Every person has his own dream so I can’t think of it badly.

“W, what?”

Eiri turning her gaze towards Tina made her panic.

“To abandon such cutie like her, something must be wrong with this kingdom.”

Eiri gently pats Tina’s cheek.

Although it was sudden, Tina looks like she’s enjoying the comfortable feeling.

“Well, the systems are varied by country. But then, something so outdated like slavery should definitely be abolished.”
“You are not wrong.”

It seems that the 8 trillion children that dwelled in Yamato are all considered god’s treasures.

It seems they are raised with care since their birth until their adulthood.

There’s a legend that once some parents left a child behind, the god got angry and left a large hole in the middle of the country which later became a lake.

What a country of foolish doting parents, I thought.

“Now then, we already know each other’s circumstances, how about we start talking about the work now……”

I start talking to Eiri, but her eyes start wandering off.

“What’s wrong?”
“No, that…… it may be really impolite of me, but…… I would like to definitely enter the Onsen Takuma-dono has created, would that be alright?”

Eiri mutters with a painful-looking expression that she has been bathing in cold water until now.

Of course, I had no reason to refuse.

I told Tina to prepare a towel while showing thumbs up.

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