Chapter 15

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Nanase Iori 1
──That day was the usual weekday.

It should have been usual.


Bing-bong Bing-bong

“All right! The class is over!”
“Ah, so tired!”

The classrooms atmosphere instantly brightened with the sound of the chime.

I, Nanase Iori, also stretched after the end of the first class of the day.

“Nanase-san, could I have a minute?”

While I was relaxing, I Teacher Hinayura called me with a friendly grin and a class register in her hand.

She’s a young teacher with a fluffy, chestnut-colored short hair.

“Yes teacher, what do you need?”
“It’s about the schedule document of the school festival I asked before, but……”
“Ah, I already finished that. I don’t know if it can meet your expectations, though……”

I take out the document from my bag and hand it to sensei.

“Yes, I think it was done quite nicely! As expected of the class president! You really saved me~!”
“It was my job, after all.”

A smile floats on my face on the outside, but on the inside, I felt like scolding her once or twice.

But, giving out smiles that look like a child who got a new toy seems to have an effect on people.

“I’m sorry to bother you after you finished your task, but I was thinking that may~be you could put a summarization of the programs of each class……”

Pardon me?

Teacher sends me a gaze from behind the class register.

I can’t refuse if you look at me with those eyes.

“Alright, I will do it.”
“Really!? If you are busy, it’s okay to say it, Nanase-san.”
“No, it’s alright. I recently made some free time.”
“That would really help~ I will add you ten bonus points in the next test!”
“I will decline. Adding bonus points would make me neglect my studies.”
“Certainly, adding points to Nanase-san who always has perfect score would have been unnecessary.”

Really, what an honor student~ Teacher puts her hand on her cheek and nods in admiration.

“Then, I will have to bother you!”

After she says that, I bow to her and return back from the teacher’s desk and mutter to myself.

“…… It’s not like I particularly like being an honor student though.”

A class president who handles studies and requests flawlessly without refusing.

I can only live in this class peacefully while pretending to be such a character.

It’s only for that purpose.

(Really, just for how long do I have to continue living like this……)

When I return to my desk and sigh,

“Nanase! Shall we go together with Yuma and the others to the karaoke?”

The top of the riajuu, Tougou-kun walks up to me and proposes.

Tougou-kun is a hunk who dyes his hair golden, he is the so-called delinquent.

His behavior is bad and he is the main culprit behind bullying.

He is surrounded by three people today as always.

He’s been recently trying to get involved with me, but I try not to pretend.

It’s a relationship only for the appearances after all.

I will be troubled if he has some expectations.

“Karaoke, huh……”

N~ I put my index finger on my chip and pretend that I’m thinking about it, but, to tell the truth, I wanted to go to the bookstore in the next town to pick up the new light novel I have reserved.

The last part of my favorite novel the “Horrible Magic Teacher”.

I want to read it as soon as possible.


“Alright. I have some free time today, I will keep you company until 7.”

When I give my consent, the followers start being noisy.

“Oh, as expected of the class president!”
“Hahaha! The easygoing class president will surely become a good wife in the future!”
“Super agreement! Super kawaii, caring, skillful at singing, really imposing with no faults!”
“Such exaggerations.”

I don’t forget modesty.

The tension is still so high so I give them a fake smile and play along.

I know that I can live ordinarily I need moderate human relationships and moderate behavior.

People are different, if I match them, at least in this class I won’t be shunned.

It’s exhausting keeping the character, but this is for my tranquil high school life, it can’t be helped.

(It’s okay, this high school life, only one more year……)

I have decided to study a lot and get into a high-level national university far away from this city.

I preserved, trying hard without being disturbed by anyone.

──An abrupt stop came to all of my hard perseverance and efforts.
The classroom was suddenly enveloped in light.

“Kya…… so bright……”
“J, just what!? What is happening!?”

A thundering roar.

My classmates started panicking.

Before I noticed, I and all of my classmates were in a place that wasn’t our classroom.

“Where…… is this……?”

It was a dark, gloomy, wide room.

A questionable magic circle was shining under my feet, people dressed in mage-like clothes were surrounding us.

Clearly abnormal situation.

“Wai…… What the hell is happening!?”
“Oi, where are we!? Weren’t we in a classroom a while ago!?”


Classmates fell into confusion like a stirred up hornet’s nest.

Everyone either screamed or cried.

“Calm down! Everyone calm down! Don’t panic!”

Sumeragi, who has a strong sense of justice tries to calm the classmates down.

(That’s right, calm down. Calm down, me. Don’t lose self-control, I need to put myself together.)

Even after falling into such a strange situation, I must not panic.

As a class president, I must grasp the situation precisely.

(Sudden light…… before I noticed, a different place…… magic circle, black robes……)

I have a vaguely unpleasant feeling.

Perhaps, no, such a ridiculous thing would intensively collide with my common sense.

(What is guaranteed……)

The pedestal that allows people to look down on us.

Over there, a man with a white beard dressed in typical king’s clothes is looking at us with open arms.

(This is after all……!!)


But, this situation resembles many fantasy novels in my possession.

A typical king’s welcome after different world metastasis.

Right, this is definitely──

“Welcome to our Kingdom!! Saviors of the world!!”

──I was now completely convinced that my entire class was summoned to a different world.

My unpleasant feeling has proven right beautifully.


“H, hey, wait!? Are you seriously going to drive me away!?”
“Driving away sounds disgraceful. Isn’t it an honorable duty to mine the Magic Stones needed to fight a war?”

After the sudden welcome, they have explained the situation, and our skills were measured.

Right now, one of our classmates is getting thrown out.

Kamijou Takuma.

He is famous in the class for being a two-dimensional otaku.

In a bad meaning.

Otakus are destined to be rejected in our school.

I, who quickly noticed that, concealed the fact that I like anime and light novels and succeeded in playing a character unrelated to that subculture, but Kamijou-kun did not even pretend to hide it.

Sure enough, Kamijou-kun became a target of bullying.

Because he is an otaku, he was hit, kicked, he was gossiped about, and finally, his slippers were stolen and his light novels thrown away.

…… I wanted to help him.

But, it was hopeless.

Becoming Kamijou’s ally meant making enemies of the whole class.

I didn’t have the courage to jump into such a deadly situation.

However, the person in question didn’t show the slightest concern about bullying.

He lived his otaku-ish life without getting discouraged.

I don’t know how many times I wanted to ask him how he can keep going.

He is one of the few people that caught my interest.

In a bad meaning.

This Kamijou-kun I just mentioned seems to possess only a digging skill.

The situation became like this because of that.

I must stop them!

Such thought crossed my mind after seeing a scene like that.

But, I couldn’t move because of the thought of losing the position I have worked so hard for.

The teacher tried her best to stop them by herself alone, but the decision was already made during the time I was staring in surprise.

──I couldn’t do anything.

While holding the feelings of guilt,

“Eh, serves you right!”

Tougou-kun’s laughing voice came suddenly from behind.

Other classmates also start talking noisily.

“What’s that, how lame.”
“Otakus are good for nothing, after all.”
“Rather than that, look at my skill! It sounds incredibly powerful!”
“Ohh, are you for reals!? How coool!! As expected of Aomura!”

(What is this……)

Even though one of their classmates got forcibly taken away, they continue going on like nothing ever happened.

The disappearance of their classmate seems to be just a trifling matter after all.

When I look at the hard reality before me, I start feeling nauseous.

Still, I can’t get shaken up.

In this kind of situation, we should cooperate with each other.

I must gather information and go to the direction that will be the most favorable to me.

I made my mind and jumped into my classmates’ circle.

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