Chapter 39

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Resolving the misunderstanding.
“… In the first place, what resentments do you have against me? You wrote about deeds of my parents in the letter…”

“… My parents were killed by your father. My parents were cut down by your father when they went to the castle!”

Oswald spat out while glaring at Celsior.

… Celsior made a “Haah?” face.

Of course, he would. Oswald told him that about his parents who passed away when he was a little child… moreover while restraining his sister.

“… Even if you tell me that about my parents… I don’t even remember the faces of my parents though.”

“… Even so, I had no choice but to do this! I have no other person to take revenge on beside you!”

While shouting incomprehensibly, Oswald walked towards Celsior while holding a small dagger against me.

He lost sight of the reality because of anger that accumulated over many years and directed it towards Celsior.

… He probably judged that Celsior wouldn’t be able to counterattack if he used me as a shield.
It’s my first time seeing him angry, but his true nature didn’t change.

“Stop it…”

I frantically squeezed a voice out of me, but it obviously didn’t reach Oswald.

Oswald was muttering as if possessed while slowly approaching Celsior.

“… Run away, Celsior.”

I called out such to Celsior while enduring Oswald’s strong grip on my arms.

At this rate, Celsior will get stabbed by Oswald.
It seems that he’s not intending to kill me for now, but Celsior should escape by any means.

… And yet.

“… No way, it’s not possible for me to leave Elder sister behind.”


This kindhearted little brother of mine prioritizes me even in this situation.

… Even though he should be putting the priority on his well-being at least at a time like this.

Even though I tried to escape from everyone because I find my life precious, Celsior came to rescue me.
Even though there are humans worthier than me of his rescue, his life is now on the verge of crisis.

… Even though Oswald is saying that, there’s no way to prove whether it’s true or not, moreover, as if I can stay silent and let him kill!

“… Oswald.”

There was no reaction even when I called his name.
His consciousness seems to be focused only on revenge.

“… Ugh.”

The distance to Celsior has already closed to about 1 meter.
If nothing is done, Celsior will die from bleeding out in about thirty seconds.

… I absolutely don’t want to see that.
I at least tried to distract Oswald by scratching his hand that was holding my neck, but he did not react.

… Adrenalin?

“… Die.”

At last, Oswald arrived in front of Celsior.

… Oswald raised his dagger overhead.
Celsior laughed calmly.



The moment I tried to shout stop it, the wall on my left disappeared.

… No, you might not understand what I’m trying to say here, I didn’t mean it metaphorically, but literally.
The wooden wall that should have been at my left has broken into pieces and danced in the air.


… Several figures appeared among the splinters.

“What have you done to Olga and Celsior? I’m going to kill ya?”

“Olga-sama, Celsior-sama! Are you all right!?”

“… That’s not very admirable of you, involving innocent people in your revenge.”

“… How?”

Those who appeared were Lance with a fiendish glare, Keith who had a rare, nearly teary face, and Rishell who wasn’t smiling.

Oswald stared dumbfounded, but he panicked and pressed the dagger against my neck.

“… Don’t get any closer than this.”

Seeing that, the complexions of Rishell and others changed.
The glint in their eyes was sharp enough to kill.

“… What is your purpose? Trying to approach me, expressly.”

Said Lance.
As I thought, he wasn’t aware. That Oswald was going for revenge.

“… For revenge against Olga’s little brother. My parents were killed by his father.”

How many times have I heard this explanation?

How many times do I have to see the pained face of Oswald when he talks about it?

“… I know nothing about that.”

Celsior denied Lance who turned towards him with a “Is that so?” face.
Well, his parents passed away when he was a very small child, so it’s only natural that he doesn’t know.

He doesn’t even remember their faces, so there’s no way he would know about something like that.

“… Yes, there’s no mistake.”

A voice spilled from an unexpected place.
… It was Rishell.

But, why would Rishell say something like that…?

“Celsior has shown me the contents of the letter, so I have checked the documents at the castle.”

Rishell said with a smile.

… Even though I was certain they wouldn’t do something like that because they were parents of that Celsior.

“See, I told you! Therefore, I…”

“However, the one at wrong isn’t Celsior, but your parents.”

Rishell fired cold words over Oswald’s loud voice.

“… Your parents died because they have indulged themselves with the tax money they were entrusted to collect in their fief.”


Oswald was so shocked his voice wasn’t able to come out.
The dagger which he held in his hand fell to the ground.

“T, that can’t be…”

“It’s the truth… the reason Celsior’s parents killed your parents is because they wouldn’t stop their usurpation no matter what was told to them… when they were approached with evidence and told to give themselves in… your parents attacked in frenzy and were met with self-defense.”

So they died like that…

Rather, it means that Oswald’s parents were actually the ones at fault.

Even though they were gentle in front of him, they were tormenting the population of the fief behind his back.

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