Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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End of the incident.
“… Then, as for what I did…”

“… Meaningless criminal act.”

When Lance declared so bluntly, Oswald stood still with an absentminded face.

It naturally would be so.
The people he hated did, in fact, commit no sin, and it was his own parents who sinned instead.

There is no mistaking that his parents ended up dying, but that wasn’t the fault of Celsior’s parents.

“… Certainly, I was told to hide behind a pillar by my parents and I only saw blood flowing out of their bodies, but… to think something like that happened.”

Oswald apparently only saw his parents being killed and did not hear the conversation they had before that.

… I’m glad that Celsior’s parents were proven innocent.
Though Celsior doesn’t even remember their faces, he would surely not like if his parents were called criminals.

… Rather, Oswald. If you only saw them being killed, how about you investigate a little more…?

“… Were you trying to harm Olga-sama and Celsior-sama only from the fact that you have seen your parents getting killed?”

Thinking the same thing as me, Keith asked.

… Well, his tone didn’t sound impressed.
It was freezing cold though.

… Aren’t all capture targets too scary when angry…?

“… No, that’s not it. I… was offered revenge by the head of Arsale House over here.”

Oswald turned towards the direction where the pig bastard was rolling.

The pig bastard showed no signs of getting up as he was even now hugging the floor.

How long is he going to roll around from a single head-butt of a frail (?) girl.

“… Is that the truth? From what I investigated, he is something like your stepfather, is he not?”

“Eh, is that so?”

From the way he spoke with the pig bastard, I thought he was cooperating with him just because he had no other choice though?

“Your family names are different, no?”

“… Well, I am supposed to succeed the House in name only. In fact, he had adopted me only to get his hands on my House’s remaining money.”

“What a scum.”

You are way too straightforward, Lance.
I had gotten the same impression, but there are things that shouldn’t be let out in society…



“I am of the same opinion.”

Oy there, don’t agree with him, you three.

No Celsior, you were about to die just a little while ago, you know?
Have you not recovered way too fast?

“… Where is the Crown Prince!”

“Isn’t he in here!? The wall is broken!”

… When the people looked closely to investigate why the wall collapsed, they realized that it was cleanly cut with a sword.

… When I looked towards Lance, he averted his gaze.
So it was you?

No, I rather think that cutting a wall into such small cubes is incredible, yeah.

“… Ahh, is this how far I go?”

Oswald laughed thinly to himself.

My words were clogged up.

… He certainly kidnapped me and tried to kill Celsior.
However, he really seemed to be having fun when he was with Lance, so I can hardly think that what he showed was fake.


… But, I don’t know how to express that in words.

“… Was it fun?”

Lance’s sudden mutter entered my ears.

Unusual for Lance, his voice seemed somehow lonely and sad.

“… Eh?”

“Did you have fun being with me?”

Lance’s voice had no intention of condemning Oswald, he seemed to be simply asking Oswald a question.

… Feeling that was the case, Oswald smiled and looked at Lance.

“… Yeah, I did.”

Once he said that, he looked at me and Celsior.

“… Sorry, Olga, Celsior. I don’t think what I did can be forgiven with an apology. I am truly sorry for misunderstanding on my own, and hurting you in the process.”

When I looked at Oswald who lowered his head, I believed that he really thought so.

… Celsior was still making an unconvinced face.
… However, he will probably come to us again once he atones for his crimes.

It won’t be possible this time, but I really hope we can get along in the future.

… While I was thinking so, a guard who came through the broken wall took Oswald and looked at the head of the Arsale House who has yet to regain consciousness.

“… Haaaaah!? Wasn’t that a complete misunderstanding then!?”

One day passed since then.

The completely exhausted me who returned was severally scolded by Aira, Keith, and my parents.

… I certainly feel sorry, but I couldn’t help but think ‘My life was on the line, you know?’.

And so, the reason I have shouted just now was because I have come to know the reason the head of the Arsale House tried to harm me.

“… Indeed, it was a complete outburst of anger.”

Otousama said as he sighed deeply.

… I was told that his hate comes from a long time ago when Okaasama was called a belle of society whom the head of Arsale House obstinately pursued only to get harshly rejected by her in the public.

… Okaasama is certainly pretty, but following a woman like that would make you a stalker, no?

He would surely get a stern warning if police existed in this world.

“… I am sorry about that, Olga. I was just too beautiful.”

No, Okaasama. You are not wrong, okay? You are not wrong, but… you sound extremely narcissist.

Ah~ gee~ Otousama, don’t hold Okaasama’s shoulder. Don’t kiss in front of me.

Don’t do skinship in front of your children!

And apparently, the person Otousama and Keith were talking about was the pig bastard.

It appears that he had seen me somewhere and got overcome with greed to violate and dominate me, who resembled Okaasama.
He, who set his heart on that was hanging around me recently, so Keith and Otousama were vigilant of him.

So I heard from Rishell.

Simply disgusting.
I have not encountered a stalker before…

It would be a problem if I did though.

… After that, Oswald was put to trial and was subjected to forced labor in rural areas.
A punishment like that seems to be a light one for his crimes.

By the way, the pig bastard was apparently thrown into the jail.
I would like him to get along with Albert and others by all means. Idiots should get along well.

… The castle’s prison is slowly becoming a den of thieves though.
I sighed.

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