Chapter 38

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Nothing but ill-intent?
“Eh, Ce, Celsior…?”

Celsior who entered through the destroyed door was like a different person.

His lovely face was warped in anger, his usual looks nowhere to be found.

“… Release my Elder sister, you pig bastard.”

Ah, he looks like a pig even to Celsior.

Oswald said so too in spite of being his accomplice… he must look like that to everyone then.

… Don’t mind it, head of the Arsale House.

“… Who are you calling a pig bastard! Do you think that I won’t snap your Elder sister’s neck the next time you insult me!?”

Saying that, the pig bastard thrust the sword that was placed against my neck towards Celsior.

… No, we are separated by 5 meters.

It won’t reach him at all though.

At any rate, this is the only potential time the sword won’t hurt me.

… Confirming that both the sword and pig bastard are facing away from me, I threw my head backwards towards the pig bastard with all of my might and head-butted his face.



… I feel that I let out a voice unbecoming of a woman, but I would like you to ignore that.

“E, elder sister…!?”

I, who separated from the pig bastard who released me after receiving the impact of my head in his face ran towards Celsior’s side… or at least that was supposed to happen.

That’s because Oswald got in my way.

“That’s as far as you go.”


Oswald caught the hand of me who was rushing towards Celsior, easily pulled me by my arm and we entered the posture similar to the pig bastard’s from a while ago.

… Seizing the arm of a running person, what would you do if I fell down!?

… Is what I thought, but I would be called unable to read the mood if I said that in this situation, so I stopped myself.

“… Release my Elder sister.”

“Don’t want to.”

Oswald replied with his normal tone to Celsior’s frighteningly low voice, but I could feel anger drifting in the air.

… Oswald intended to use me to take revenge on Celsior.

This situation must be the very best for him.

“… You should learn the sorrow of losing your own family.”

… Huh, did I mishear? Somehow, I felt like he is intending to kill me though?

You said you would only violate me a moment ago, did you not!?

I’d rather not, no absolutely don’t want that!

“… You are the fellow who wrote the letter then?”



The letter Celsior held rustled as he opened it.

It was crumbled because he held it too tightly, the letters were blurred as if wet from water, however, he still managed to read it in one way or another.

Celsior began reading the letter.

Is he reading it for consideration of myself?

“… Dear Celsior Rifald-sama. Your elder sister is in my care. If you would like her returned, please come to a deserted house located on the way to Rinburg. Furthermore, please consider your Oneesama’s chastity lost if you don’t come by today. Recognize the deeds of your parents.”

Celsior read the letter in one breath, smacked his lips and threw the letter away after tearing it apart.

… He’s a completely different person though.

Where did his cute little brother character disappear to…?

“… What are you planning?”

“Exactly what was written on there?”

Right, this fellow is trying to put the contents of the letter into realization.

… Just what would happen if Celsior didn’t arrive before I got violated?

… He said that he has no resentment towards me, but I do not think he would release me without doing anything.

That wouldn’t hurt Celsior in no way after all.

Oswald must understand that.

The worst likely possibility would be getting killed after being violated and have my dead body thrown at the Rifald House.

His original purpose would be achieved and Celsior would receive great mental damage.

Such damage to his mentality would one day appear in his actions.

… Celsior is usually careful so he rarely makes mistakes (excluding his no sense of direction), therefore if he fails, he fails greatly.

For example, this happened when he was still a young child.

One day, Celsior and I were playing in a room as always.

… We had a small quarrel when we were finishing playing as usual, and I have ended up saying “I hate you!” to him…

… It was terrible after that.

He was extremely disheartened, and he failed at everything he did.

… He was apparently depressed because I told him that I hated him.

Well, it was my fault for making him cry…

Our parents who couldn’t let Celsior be like that made me apologize to him.

Well, in other words.

Oswald sent the letter to Celsior, knowing that he would receive a shock.

… I thought that you might be a stalker, but there’s the kidnapping, sexual assault, murder, and all kinds of other things you are guilty of…

I thought so with my heart beating nervously as the two glared at each other.

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