Chapter 9

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Deo Ojiichan
There is a person that the Maou, Dirkhert is weak against.
That person’s name is Deologus Rozes.
A close aide serving generations of Maou and the head of the Rozes family.

“Maou-sama, you won’t be able to kill enemies like that?”
“…… Dirk doesn’t want to killmon.”

Dirkhert immediately returns to Deologus and abruptly turns his head away.
He’s currently in the middle of taijutsu practice. There are many weapons and movements Dirkhert needs to learn. Because of that, practicing taijutsu to the extremes is indispensable.
If it were only practicing taijutsu, Dirkhert wouldn’t have any complaints.
But, Deologus teaches him ways to kill his enemies. Hence, Dirkhert always receives the teachings unwillingly.

“As Maou, you must be able to sacrifice even your most valuable associates.”

He keeps on hearing these words every single day. He heard it so much that his ears become sore when he hears it again.
Dirkhert being Dirkhert, he covers his ears with his hands trying to not listen and turns the other way.
Meluerina wryly smiles at the usual exchange of the two people.
The reason she smiles wryly is because it’s obvious where the exchange is going to.
Chocola and Tart stand before Dirkhert trying to intimidate Deologus.
They are fast to throw fists are the result of training together with Dirkhert.
But then, since their fists are that of a stuffed toy, they can’t hurt anyone even if they hit.
It seems that Chocola and Tart share Dirkhert’s dislikes. Most likely, their emotions and movements are linked to Dirkhert’s emotions.
The sight of them trying to intimidate Deologus can be seen quite often.

“Are you listening? Maou-sama.”
“………… Deo is hatefulmon, Dirk doesn’t hear Deo’s words.”

You wouldn’t reply if you didn’t hear him, though. Dirkhert doesn’t realize that fact.
Deologus being Deologus, he received Dirkhert’s words with a shock “Even though I do it all for Maou-sama’s sake……” he started mumbling.
That’s right, this is almost an everyday exchange between Dirkhert and Deologus.
And now that this has happened, Meluerina knows that the practice won’t be continuing any more.


“Maou-sama, would you like to do the remaining taijutsu training in the courtyard?”

She leaves the sad Deologus and takes Dirkhert’s hand. Chocola and Tart return to Dirkhert after giving Deologus who is feeling down a punch each.

“Deo Ojiichan, thank you for the training. See you tomorrow.”

No matter what unpleasantries may have happened, Dirkhert always gives his proper greetings. The one who taught Dirkhert about proper greetings is Deologus himself. Dirkhert and Meluerina move to the courtyard.


After the two leave.
“Deo Ojiichan…… fufu, fufufufufufufu…………”
Remembering Dirkhert’s words, Deologus facial expression relaxes. He returned to work in his room with a happy expression on his face.

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