Chapter 10

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The Bath’s Mr. Duck
The present Maou Dirkhert, loves taking baths.
How much he loves it? He will soak an hour or two before going to bed. That much he loves baths.
It’s unknown why he loves taking baths that much, but he can’t calm down if he doesn’t take a bath at least once a day.
Originally, there wouldn’t be any problems even if he didn’t use the private Maou bath every day. In this world, people enter bath only once a week. Using a towel soaked in hot water to clean the body is a common practice.
But, this common practice is not enough for Dirkhert.

“What should I put in the bath today~”

In the box that Dirkhert peeks into are bathing additives from all around the world that the demons gathered for their lovable Maou-sama. The number of those easily exceeds 100.
Although called bathing additives, they are not fancy modern era oils and such, but dried leaves, tree barks, fruits and their skin, and things like these.
Aroma type additives, additives good for health, and even various additives to change the color of the water. In recent days, Dirkhert mixes his favorite together and uses those.
Truly an unusual hobby for a five years old child.

“Let’s use this flower and this grass~”

He puts his today’s favorite additives into a net Meluerina has prepared for him and tightly ties it up. All that’s left is to throw it into the bath. The effect of the additives spread around the bath in about 30 minutes.

“Maou-sama, shall we enter the bath?”

Meluerina who was watching the time calls Dirkhert to the bath.

“A bath, a bath!”

Meluerina lifts up the little Maou-sama who was happily facing the bath and slowly enters the bath.

“How many ducks should I float today~!”
“…… Please spare me from yesterday’s hundred ducks, okay?”

When she says that, Dirkhert says “E~h” in discontent, but the fun atmosphere doesn’t change.
Maou-sama lives happily on a daily basis, but the most fun he has is probably during bath time.

“One day, the ducks will cover the whole surface of the water……!”

This Maou-sama is capable of anything. The spacious private Maou bath will surely get dyed yellow one day……
A wry smile floats on Meluerina’s face after imagining the ducks.

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