Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Study Time
“Now, Maou-sama. It’s time to study.”

With such words, Meluerina comes into Dirkhert’s room with several books. They will be used as textbooks for Dirkhert’s studies.
When Chocola and Tart who were playing with Dirkhert sit on their chairs, he also sits down.

“What do we study first?”
“Eh~ I’m bad at calculations~!”

Dirkhert who Puu~ puffed his cheeks and fell onto the desk was cautioned by Meluerina “That’s not proper” so he quickly corrected his posture.

“Shall we solve some two-digit multiplications after reviewing the multiplication table?”
“…… Ye~s.”

He solves the problems while puffing his cheeks as usual. He solves the problems on the paper that was handed to him smoothly and just like that he arrives at the multiplications by 9.
His single-digit multiplications seem to be perfect.
Meluerina checks for errors, when she confirms it’s okay, she hands him next collection of problems.

“We will end today’s calculations after you solve these problems..”
“…… There is a lot.”
“Yes, do your best.”

Though he complains, Dirkhert is solving the problems smoothly. Seeing him like that, it’s hard to believe that he’s bad at it. His hand doesn’t stop.
Before long, approximately 30 minutes later, he finishes solving all the problems.

“Thank you for your hard work. Please have a break during the marking.”


Dirkhert slowly drinks his tea while staring at the spines of the books Meluerina has brought.

“After that is the etiquette huhh.”

It’s not like he dislikes every subject. Because Dirkhert inherited the knowledge of other generations of Maou to some extent, history is quite easy for him to learn.
Calculations, history, etiquette, reading and writing, geography, magic, tactics, physical training, there are many things to learn.
Although it often seems like he’s playing all day but, in fact, he spends most of the day studying like this.

“I want to play outside……”

Dirkhert immediately covered his mouth that unintentionally leaked his feelings in a hurry, but those words reached Meluerina properly.

“Weren’t you playing just yesterday?”
“…… I want to play everydaymon.”
“Good grief…… can’t be helped. History is progressing a little ahead of schedule so let’s take a break from it today. Let’s end today after the etiquette lesson.”
“…… Is that okay?”
“But, you will have to study hard tomorrow instead?”

Normally, there wouldn’t be time to play around. You could say that all this is thanks to the skilled person in charge of little Maou-sama’s education.
But, it’s certain he can’t be studying all the time. Skillfully managing Maou-sama with carrot and stick, sometimes even coming a little bit late on the lessons, as expected of the person in charge of Maou-sama’s education.
Thus, these days, the little Maou-sama is growing quickly while being pampered.

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