Chapter 8

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No matter how strict the security of the castle is, there is always a small hole somewhere. And sometimes, something enters through the hole. Dogs, cats, and of course even monsters may cause trouble.
But then, if a cat gets lost in the castle, for the sake of the cat lover Maou-sama, the guards will pretend they didn’t see it.
But, the things that find the holes most often are monsters.
For monsters, the miasma is the highest grade food. And, this royal castle and its outskirts are covered in the miasma. The monsters that come for the miasma is never ceasing.
The guards do their best to deal with them, but there are naturally situations that they are not able to deal with.

“I have never seen Animal-san like that before.”

The little Maou-sama who trained in the courtyard of the castle notices creatures in the corner of the garden.
Tekoteko, he approaches it and carefully observes it. A mysterious creature resembling a fat snake with little wings. One small and one big creature, the big one is approximately 50cm in diameter, while the small one is around 30cm in diameter.
Sha~. It threatened Dirkhert, but the person himself is not aware of it.
When he extended his hand to touch it, Meluerina finally noticed.

“Maou-sama, don’t bring your hand close!”

Being told so, he stops his hand halfway there and turns around.
That moment, Dirkhert frowns because of pain in his extended right hand.

“Ouch…… what…………?”

When he turns his gaze towards the pain, he sees the creature from before biting at him.
When he saw, he understood that he had been bitten. Large tears collect in the corners of Dirkhert’s eyes.


The tears that collected in his eyes overflow and fall to the ground.
Meluerina rushed over in a panic, tore away the creature that was still bitting on Dirkhert’s hand and tightly hugged him.

“Maou-sama, it’s okay now. You got scared, huh……”

While saying so, she gently pats the hand slightly stained with blood. The wound instantly healed. Maou Dirkhert’s body is already resistant against physical attacks, and even if he receives damage, his body will immediately heal because of his high regeneration powers.

“Why, did Mr. Animal bite, Drik’s hand?”
“That’s because it’s not an animal, but a monster. You can’t approach creatures you know nothing about. There’s a danger they will attack you just like now.”
“Monsters are, dangerous……?”

Saying that, Dirkhert turns towards the monster that already stopped moving. Then, the small monster, nestles close to the big monster “Ki~ki~” and cried out.
Is it saddened because its parent was killed? A transparent drop flows from its small eyes.

“Were they a family……”

He already forgot that he was bitten. Dirkhert slips from Meluerina’s arms and approaches the monster.
When he stoops down to match the monster’s eyes, it tries to intimidate him.

“There was a child, huh.”
“What about this child?”
“Of course, I will kill it.”

Saying that, Meluerina immediately killed off the child of the monster.

“Why did you kill it?”
“Because if left alone, it will grow and become an existence that causes harm.”
“But, it was sorrowfully crying because its family was killed? Dirk will also be sad if Melu dies. Sorrow is the same. Even though it’s the same, must monsters be killed?”
“If not killed…… they will someday kill someone important to Maou-sama.”
“Even still, Dirk doesn’t want to kill monsters……”

Dirkhert hugs the bodies of the corpses of the monsters and sheds tears while saying “I’m sorry”.
Beings that cause harm regardless if demon or human. Therefore, they must be killed.
That is common sense for all people living in this world.
Even so, the little Maou-sama in front of her says that he doesn’t want to kill them while shedding tears for the monsters that she killed.
That gentle heart is wonderful. If possible, she would like to cherish it.
But, because he’s a Maou, it can’t be allowed.

“Maou-sama is kindhearted.”

For now, let’s bring up the gentleness carefully.
Eventually, the time where he will have to abandon that gentleness will inevitably come.

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