Chapter 15

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Let’s Escape
“Excuse me~ is anyone here~?”

I called towards the outside while knocking on the sole door.


Knock, knock, when I continue hitting the door without resting――

“So noisy! Shut up already!!”

The door opened and a large man stormed inside while yelling.
Was he on the guard duty?
He looks like a bad guy.

“Uu…… but, I need…to go… on toilet……”

Secret skill, “Persuasion by tears” for “Toilet” strategy!
There’s no human being that won’t get persuaded by beauty’s tears!
You stern-looking man, get flustered!

“Uu… I’m sorry……”
“Tsk. Can’t be helped. Come, this way. Follow me. Don’t try doing anything strange on the way.”

I nodded while pretending to wipe my tears with hands.
Although he didn’t seem to be flustered that much, it seems I will be able to successfully leave the room!

I, who successfully left the room walked through a corridor while restlessly looking around.
Mu~ I don’t see any spirits even outside the room.
It appears that the thing that is blocking the access of the spirits is all around here.

“Here it is. Quickly finish your business.”
“Yes. Thank you very much.”

When I entered the room the man showed me to, I quickly shut the door and confirmed my surroundings.
Yay, it’s small, but there is a window.
I immediately jumped at the window and looked outside, but……
It was high.
The window is small, but I will somehow manage to make it through, but……
Uu~ this is the second floor.
As expected, jumping out would be impossible.
Right now, there would be some people who would have thought that they could somehow manage jumping out of the second floor, right?
That’s not possible, impossible, impossible.
This isn’t the castle and it looks like a mansion or something, but the houses of nobility are made higher than those of commoners.
I will surely injure myself if I jump out.
I have confidence in a bone fracture!

Ah, but, there are spirits outside~
…… It appears that they won’t approach the mansion though.
About thirty centimeters from the wall?
There seems to be an invisible barrier and they don’t seem to be able to come from that side.
But, if they are outside, they will be able to contact Hughley and Miria, won’t they!
They should, right?
Ah, that outer wall’s protrusion over there!
If I get there, will I be able to get on the balcony along the wall?
Yep, this might do.
There’s a tree near the balcony, so if I move on that tree?
Since I will be able to contact Hughley and Miria from the tree, it will somehow work out even if I won’t be able to get down…… right?
Un, it’s fine!
I will do my best!

I carefully slipped through the window.
My skirt ended up rolling up a bit, but no one saw, so I don’t really mind!
After that, I slowly put my feet on the protrusion.
Fuu~ I somehow got off~
All that’s left is to carefully sidestep while clinging to the wall.
Nsho, nsho……
This is pretty tiring, isn’t it?
But, I can only preserve~

Nsho, nsho……
I advance while walking like a crab and clinging to the wall and when I advanced about half the way――
Batan, I heard the door getting vigorously opened.

“Oy, you are slow! Wha! The brat isn’t here!”
“What!? Where did she go!”

Because I wasn’t coming out of the restroom, the man who stood the guard found it strange and went inside.
Moreover, it seems that there’s another person with him.

“The window! The window is open.”
“There she is! She’s trying to escape along the wall.”
“Brat, I will forgive you this once. Return at once!”
“Someone, go to the neighboring room!”

Ou, I was found out.
The man who stuck his head out of the window was glaring at me with great intensity.
Ah, moreover, it seems they sent someone to the next room in advance……
Crap…… I’m in an ultra pinch!
What do I do……

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