Chapter 14

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I was Kidnapped
“You are Emerald House’s young miss, aren’t you?”

While walking in the castle’s passage, I was suddenly called out by a man I didn’t know.
He doesn’t seem like a butler working in the castle, so perhaps a noble?
But, he doesn’t seem like a knight, nor like an official……
I wonder who he is?
N~ he seems to know about me, doesn’t he~

“…… Umm, who might you be?”
“I’m not someone worthy of giving my name.”

I don’t want to associate with someone who won’t name himself.
Yeah, let’s go.

The moment I thought of leaving from that place, I heard a sound from behind, so I turned around and another unfamiliar man appeared before me.


Biri, I felt a pain in the neck and my consciousness simultaneously faded.


◇ ◇ ◇


“This is……”

When I woke up, I was in an unfamiliar place.
Umm, what happened to me again?
Ah, that’s right.
After being called out by a man I didn’t know, I felt a pain in my neck and fainted.
When I think about it carefully, the person who called out to me first must have done something to me, right~
It somehow felt like a stun gun?
Huh, is this kidnapping?
I was kidnapped!?

Ah~ nevertheless, where is this place, I wonder.
A room without a single window.
Of course, there’s only one door.
Is it locked I wonder…… I can’t open it.
Where am I? Still in the castle?
Or was I perhaps already taken out of the castle?
I’m still little, so I could be easily taken out if put in a wooden box or something, right~
As expected, gatekeepers wouldn’t confirm the contents of a wooden box……
Now then, what should I do?

“Hugh, are you here~?”

There’s no response.
Even though no response when I called never happened with Hugh before……
What’s the meaning of this?


Yep, no response.
First of all, the mutual understanding with the spirit you form a contract is not there.
That means that the current situation is not ordinary.

Come to think of it, the little spirits that are floating all over the place are nowhere to be seen.
Spirits usually hide from people, but they are everywhere.
Thanks to forming a contract with Hughley and Miria, when I think of wanting to see spirits, the floating spirits become visible to me.
――That’s supposed to be the case, but…… there are no spirits here for some reason.
Even though I usually do it so I don’t see them because I remembered so many spirits it made me dizzy……
So there’s a place in this world without spirits, huh~ I had such thought, but that can’t be the case.
It’s surely that.
There must be a device or something that doesn’t let spirits approach.

So that means…… I’m currently in a considerable pinch!?
Eh, what do I do…
My thoughts were too easygoing.
Umm, umm……
Do I look for a method to contact Hughley or Miria first or escape from here?
Would it be dangerous to hit on the door and call the people outside?
Even if I call for help, nobody will come……

There are no spirits……
Is there something that the spirits hate?
From what I have seen, this is just a typical, narrow room.
I say narrow just because my current room is so big, in fact, this room is about eight tatamis large.
The things in the room are the bed I slept on until a while ago.
Also, a water jug on top of a side table near the bed.
That’s all.
Far from something suspicious, there are almost no things in here.

Now then, this is troubling……
If this no spirits phenomenon is only in this room, I think I might be able to manage somehow if I leave this room, but…
It will be troubling if it’s not only this room but the whole area.
Muu~ what to do……
Should I gamble to leave here……?

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