Chapter 16

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Ria is Missing! (Hughley)
Ria’s presence disappeared!?

Ria went to the castle today to see Father-dono.
After I confirmed that Ria safely arrived at the castle, I separated from her in order to see an old spirit friend who lives in the castle.
In that little amount of time.
Ria’s signs have been cut off.
I panicked and rushed to Father-dono’s office where she was supposed to be.

(Father-dono!! Ria is? Where is Ria!?)
“Hughley-dono? Ria hasn’t come, but…… are you saying that Ria is missing!?”
(We were together until she entered the castle, but her presence disappeared in the little while I separated from her.)
“W, what did you say!?”

That can’t be…… Ria is not here……?

“Hughley-dono, with Ria, where did you separate from Ria!?”
(…… We came by carriage, she got off and we separated at the entrance.)
“Aster! Immediately go to the entrance and confirm whether Ria really isn’t along the passage!”
“Y, yes!”

I frantically search for Ria’s presence, but I can’t feel any signs of her.
Ria, where are you……

(What’s the matter~?)

Even though I understood that Ria’s presence is not here, but still searched for her signs, the wind spirit I met earlier appeared.
Because I rushed out in panic while meeting him, he followed me in worry.

(The presence of my contractor has disappeared……)
(Ugh!! She’s not dead! Only her presence disappeared, the contract hasn’t been cut off!)

He has no ill will.
I understand that this fellow is a guy like that, but my voice was filled with power.

(Sorry, sorry. Don’t be mad~ Then, isn’t she over there~?)
(…… Over there? Where’s that?)
(Look, the mansion the pipsqueaks can’t approach, isn’t she there?)

A mansion that spirits can’t approach?
What is that……

“Spirit remover……”

Father-dono muttered.
Spirit remover…… is there such a thing……
If spirits can’t approach, it means that my power won’t reach there.
Then, it’s very likely that Ria is there!

(Where is it!)
(Want me to guide you there~?)
“Wai, wait a moment please!”

I intended to immediately go to Ria, but Father-dono stopped me.
He said that he would prepare knights and that we should go together.
Is there a need for those?
The criminals?
Isn’t that given that I will crush all of those fellows?
Eh, it’s not like all of them are over there?
In order to catch everyone, those criminals are needed?

“Besides, I can’t let those fellows who let Ria go through something so frightening die so easily. Fufufu…… I will make them regret turning their hands at Ria……”

As a matter of fact, Father-dono has apparently gone berserk too.
Moreover, his thoughts are far darker than mine.


◇ ◇ ◇


Ria, what are you doing!?

The nobles’ mansion with the spirit remover.
When we finally arrive there, we immediately discovered Ria.
I mean, Ria was sticking to the wall of the second floor!
Eh, she slipped through a window in an attempt to escape?
You will injure yourself if you fall from such height!
Don’t do such dangerous things when I’m not around!
Even though I wanted to help her, I couldn’t get close to the mansion after all.
On the other hand, the human knights broke into the mansion one after another.

(Green. Shall I lend you a hand?)
(If it’s me, I can catch that girl. However, she has to jump from there.)
(Wind. Are you speaking the truth?)
(Of course.)

While watching on because I couldn’t do anything, Wind told me so.
This old Wind spirit friend of mine is a High-grade spirit just like me.
If Ria jumps from the wall, our powers will reach her.
If it’s Wind, he will be able to easily catch Ria with the wind.

(Ria, jump down! Face behind and jump!)

Father-dono let out a startled voice, but I ignored that.
And Wind is underestimating Ria because he thinks she won’t jump.
However, I’m convinced.
Ria will surely jump.

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