Chapter 9

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Mofumofu and Great Ice Devil.
It was time for lunch.

“To think that a day we could have a decent lunch would come…”

“Thank you very much, Ojousama. I won’t ever forget this favor, so please come help by all means again.”

“Ai. Toutama, let’s ask Niitama to help too. Niitama is good at countin. He is gifted, you know?”

“… That’s right.”

I have reflexively agreed to go with Father in the morning, but Elder brother will sulk once he hears about today. Elder brother loves Father too, after all!

Still, to usually not have a decent lunch at noon… I see. They must be working with one hand while eating with the other. They also didn’t eat properly in the morning.

I became sad after hearing about Father’s meal circumstances. Somehow, I’m sorry for happily eating my meals without being aware of anything.

Now then, the place Father and Arc brought me was the castle’s dining hall. As one would expect from a castle. There are carvings on the walls and the furnishings are all high-class… the moment I thought such,

“Whee is this?”

I got lost in a blink of an eye.

Geez, I got completely careless. Adult men really walk fast!


What do I do?


A golden, swaying tail entered the field of vision of the frozen me. Without thinking about anything, I trotted closer to touch the tail.

A golden lion with a wonderful fur was taking a nap in the castle’s garden.

Ah, I saw it in the game too. It’s a Holy Beast-sama. Holy Beast-sama is the highest ranking among the Spirits of Light. Anyone can see it, but apparently on those with Spirit Inisight or those with Spirit protection can hear its voice.


I was staring at the Holy Beast-sama, but there was no reply. I was going to touch it, but it threatened me.

“I won touch if you dislike it, but I woul like if you let me pat you a little.”


“Because youl fuw is wondelful.”

Holy Beast-sama heartily laughed Gahaha and allowed me to pat it.

Yafu~ mofumofu~!!

I patted it without reserve. I thoroughly enjoyed the mofumofu at a critical time. What a fantastic fur. It doesn’t smell of a beast, rather, it smells like a pillow drying in the sun.

Fu fu fu. While you might be Holy Beast-sama, if you get in touch with my golden fingers… I will make you purr!

Holy Beast-sama purred. It already showed its belly, becoming completely defenseless. It appears to like my golden fingers.

(By the way, why are you here? You don’t seem familiar, but… you smell of the prime minister. I also smell Darkness and Greenery from you.)

“Oh nooo!”

The ears of Holy Beast-sama stood in attention as I suddenly cried out.

“I got lost.”

Please don’t look at me with disappointed eyes. I indeed am disappointing. B, but look! I am more or less, a three years old child! I defended myself against becoming a lost child in my mind.

The kindhearted Holy Beast-sama said he will bring me to Father by searching for his smell. Thank you very much, Holy Beast-sama.

(Not good.)

“What ish?”

(Prime Minister’s scent is appearing and disappearing.)

Oof, in other words, Father is moving all over the place in order to find me, and we can’t pinpoint his location because of that.

“Can’t be helped, Ak… pweashe bwing me to Toutama’s chambewlain.”

(… That one isn’t moving around. All right.)

Because my pace of walking was too slow, Holy Beast-sama let me ride on his back! Mofumofu~ happiness~!

(… Stop trying to massage me at a time like this.)

My golden fingers were sealed. Regrettably. Indeed, it would be bad for Holy Beast-sama to purr at a time like this!

The crowd of people in the dining hall dispersed. Almost like before Moses. Thanks to Holy Beast-sama, I have safely reunited with Arc.

However, Arc was too nervous and didn’t dare to approach Holy Beast-sama. As it couldn’t be helped, I got off Holy Beast-sama and conveyed my gratitude. Holy Beast-sama nodded Umu, and left from the dining hall.

“I’m so glad you are safe! Rather, seriously, what were you doing, Ojousama! Why were you together with Holy Beast-sama!!”

“I got lost. I am thwee, so I walk slow. I couldn’ catch up wish you. Holy Beast-tama bwought me all de way hee.”

I calmly responded to the high tension Arc. Arc then calmed down as well.

“… I am sorry. I somehow forgot that Ojousama is three years old. I had it difficult as well though! … The dining hall because noisy because of the sudden advent of the Great Ice Devil, you know!!”

Fa, Father-!!

Father couldn’t control his freezing magical power once he noticed I was missing and raised a snow storm in the dining hall. The castle is in great turmoil because of the raging Great Ice Devil!

S, something so serious happened while I was thoroughly enjoying mofumofu!!

First of all, I tried the classical shout. I shouted towards the dining hall’s window.


“No good. He won’t find you because of the echo.”

Ahhh, if I had a Spirit of Wind with me at a time like this… as expected, it’s not possible to pinpoint my location because of the echo.

However, when I concentrated on my hazy magical power, something warm landed on my right hand.

“Shall I help ya~?”

“Pweashe, by all means!”

“Name please.”

“Den, Haru!”

A Spirit of Wind with a pearl-like gentle light. He looked like a lively boy. Sui’s wings look like that of a dragonfly, but Haru’s look like a butterfly’s.

I have safely reunited with Father thanks to Haru’s help. Father was crying a little. I am sorry for causing you worry, Father. Because of your bloodshot eyes, I am also… considerably scareeed! It’s a secret that I thought so.

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