Chapter 10

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Spirits, celebration, and immature adults.
Anyhow, Father has calmed down so we had lunch. Dan’s meals are delicious, but the food in the castle is also good. Because of that ruckus, everyone was watching us from a distance.

I have promptly returned to the office with Father. When we each took our respective seats, Father talked to me.

“Rosalia, the magic transmission from a little while ago was you?”


“Ojousama… you really are out of the norm.”

“Dat’sh not twue. It’s danks to Haru’s help.”


“Ai yo~”

Simultaneously with a gentle wind, a pearl-like glitter appeared. A palm-sized boy with a silver-rainbow hue appeared beside me. As if saying Yess~ he struck a pose with one of his hands raised.


“Ohh? A Spirit-sama of Wind?”


Somehow, I think Arc and Haru will get along well. Their rhythm is similar.

“My~ Ojousama. You really are out of the norm as I thought. Normally, receiving a spirit protection at this age is not likely.”


I also have Sui. Tom Jiisan and Elder brother said it too, but it really is out of the norm, huh. I see.

“… Since when?”

Ah, when I received Haru’s protection?

“A little while ago.”


The lord and retainer duo showed brilliant harmony. They are on the same wavelength.

“I’m shayin, a liddle while ago. He ashked me to name him sho he coul help me wid de magick twansmishon”

“”… Eh?””

The duo stiffened. They really are perfectly in sync.

“Ah, err, we should celebrate today! We have to congratulate on Ojousama’s first spirit protection!”

Arc who revived first said so. However, Arc stiffened with my next remark again.

“My fiwst spiwit is Sui, you know? He gave me many Suzuwan.”

“Come to think of it, the entire mansion was decorated with Suzuran… the meal on that day was extravagant, wasn’t it?”

“Because Niitama weceived a spiwit pwotection too”


Father yo, why such hopeless expression?

Arc, your face is cramping too, you know??

“… That shitty Sis!”

Arc has gone mad. Sis? … Martha??

“She must not have reported it on purpose because we wouldn’t be able to return early anyway! What a precise way to bully us!”

The criminal is Martha! Normally, the family will apparently hold a grand celebration on the day of receiving spirit protection.

Not knowing even though we are family doesn’t commonly happen.

The picture of Martha telling the two gentlemen that it’s their fault for not noticing the extravagant meal and the mansion full of Suzuran comes to mind…


“Roger! I will convey Sis to prepare a celebration! Bocchan’s share too!”

Arc literally flew out of the room. Does he have wind protection? To be able to grasp so much just from his name being called, that’s amazing.

Still, how childish. These two.

“… Let’s finish the work. I’m getting serious. Rosalia, I need your assistance.”


Anyhow, we have to return early or else we can’t celebrate! I will also get serious!! I called for Sui too.

“Will you help?”


“Dank you!”

I requested them to move the documents to their respective departments. Just as when I was worried about how Sui will manage, he summoned many running cacti. Sui tied the documents around the cacti (the documents were in envelopes so the cacti didn’t pierce them) and sent them out.

“How surreal…”

Haru muttered while watching the running cacti. I think so too.

Haru made the documents float with wind magic and sent them out of the office.

Two hours later, Arc returned.

“I’m ba… the hell is thiiis!”

“”Welcome back””

We were having a teatime elegantly. The cacti were on the side of the room, taking a rest. Their postures also were relaxed.

“The work?”

“… We have surprisingly finished.”


“We got sewious. Both Toutama and I.”

In addition, we also organized the data in the free time! Sui and Haru also helped (they reached the high places for us), so it went very smoothly.

“Arc, how about being taught by Rosalia from scratch?”

“Geez, Ojousama’s specs are too high… no, is it me… am I incompetent…”

Arc started playing with a cactus in the corner of the room. Arc, the spines of that cactus occasionally fly out, so it’s dange… too late.

It’s not like Arc is incompetent, it would be nearly impossible to improve their working conditions. Rather, it’s more amazing that you made a round-trip and arrangements for the celebration with Martha in mere two hours.

I comforted Arc that we took on break in between and that Father was incredible when serious.

I also took the opportunity to teach Arc the filing method.

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