Chapter 11

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Come to the staff roo… the audience hall.
First of all, we served tea for Arc and spent a heartwarming tea time.

A civil official in a high-quality noble attire entered with a knock.

“Pri, Pripriprime Minister-sama, you have been shu… you have been summhone… His Majesty the King is awaiting you.”

He bit his tongue twice and gave up! Is he all right, this person?

“I refuse.”


Mr. Civil Official and I were in harmony. Eh? His Majesty is the most important person around, right? Moreover, there is no work to be done at the moment, is that really okay to decline him?

“I’m busy. If His Majesty has any business, tell him to come over himself.”


Tears formed in the civil official’s eyes. Since it couldn’t be helped, I decided to help him out.

“Toutama, let’s gou?”

I grasped Father’s sleeve and pulled on it.


I tilted my head.

“Umu. Can’t be helped. You, lead the way.”

Father has fallen.

Arc’s having a cramp from laughing too much.

Mr. Civil Official, I understand your feelings but please do your best. Stop trying to pray to me.

Now then, behind the massive door, there was an especially gorgeous audience hall. I saw it in the game too~ Ah, the embroidery on this carpet is incredible.

At the end of the vermillion carpet with wonderful embroidery was the throne that often appeared in the RPGs. The one sitting on it is probably the King.

He’s quite young~ It’s only natural since the game starts 13 years later though.

Ah, Holy Beast-sama discovered! He’s basking in the sun on a cushion in the corner of the hall. I would also love to participate by all means.

“You did well coming.”

“I had no choice.”

Father, you are so honest. These two are childhood friends, aren’t they? Ah, Arc too, so these three? They seem to get along well.


“Make it short.”

“A large number of complaints came from many departments at noon.”

“My daughter got lost so I was just searching for her.”

I’m sorry, I have lost sight of myself and got dazzled by the mofumofu… no, it’s the fault of Holy Beast-sama’s wonderful fur!

“… Documents transported by wind magic aside, there were many complaints about cacti.”

As I thought. I had a hunch it would be like that.

“If you have complaints about transportation then hire more people accordingly. For how many months do you think I wasn’t able to finish the work?”

“…… I have sent people to your workplace, but it was you who had problems with them, wasn’t it?”

“Soft civil officials are no good.”

Yeah. Both parties walk the parallel lines without retreating. Is it my turn? The moment I thought so, Holy Beast-sama approached me.

(Adult talk is boring, right? Thou should take a nap together with me. Thou have been sleepy since a while ago, right? Little children should have an afternoon nap.)

How sensible Holy Beast-sama. Is it fine to mofumofu you while at it? I would take a nap with you with pleasure, but that wouldn’t be good.

“I’m shleepy, but I must not be impudent…”


“Youl Majesty, how do you do? I am Losalia.”

A curtsied like a lady and continued talking.

“Dose kakti wee sent by my spiwit Sui. Toutama is not at fault.”

Father deeply sighed and patted my head. His eyes were very gentle.

“It was me who gave permission. Are you sleepy, Rosalia?”


Not good, I really became sleepy once I became self-aware of it. This is usually nap time for me after all. I’m getting unsteady.

I was pulled by something and fell face straight into mofumofu. I got pulled by Holy Beast-sama’s tail and flopped onto Holy Beast-sama.

This is not good. So warm. Moreover, it smells of a first-rate futon. I’m finished.

I, who was already at my limit lost consciousness just like that and fell asleep.

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