Chapter 8

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Let’s go to the castle.
One month passed since then. As a result of doing my best every day, I think that my relationship with the family has gotten considerably favorable. Mother’s physical condition also is favorable. She’s able to reach the garden now and her complexion has improved as well.

She uses all of her strength to go though! Manya has to give her a shoulder on the way back.

And, one morning, I have gone to see off Father which has already become a habit.

“Shall we go together?”


Father yo, didn’t you omit too much? Father then properly explained when I titled my head.

“… Do you want to see my workplace?”


This would be my first outing since coming here. I naturally answered immediately. The expressionless Father seemed to be somewhat delighted.

Father easily lifted me up in his arms and boarded the carriage. I was sitting by Father’s side at first, but it was difficult to see from the window, so I ended up looking outside from Father’s lap in the end.


It’s my first time outside. As I thought, the cityscape of fantasy is built from bricks.

Ah, a beastman discovered. I want to touch him.

It’s still early in the morning, so most of the shops are closed. I want to see the scenery during the daytime too~

While watching out of the window without losing interest, the castle entered my sight. Father works at the castle, he is the current Prime Minister-sama. Even in the game, he was called Icy Prime Minister who shot frozen beams.

He might get misunderstood because of his taciturn nature, expressionless face and his wrinkling glabella, but he’s in fact, a clumsy and lovely person. Our Father’s shyness is adorable!

Father prepared a chair and sat me down, then began going through a mountain of documents on his desk.

“… Toutama.”

“What is it?”

“Do you have to finish all dis in one day?”

“… I go early and return late because I can’t finish it in a day.”

The royal government, what an exploitive company. Father prepared a picture book from my favorite series for me so I wouldn’t get bored. Ah, I wanted to read this one. He’s so busy yet he prepared this for me…

I have made a decision.

I will improve Father’s working environment. And then, we will go on a trip with the whole family so Father can take a proper rest.

Now then, let’s observe what I could do first.

“… Arc, hand this in and have it redone. There are too many defects.”


“Redo it.”


“Redo it.”

There are many documents to redo, huh? I asked Arc to show me the documents. He quickly obliged. Is this fine, Prime Minister’s aide. I might be a relative, but I’m still an outsider, you know?.

Taking the opportunity, I have him tell me where the defects are. Defects are mainly in the petitions. Moreover, the names and contents are written by different people, so it’s difficult to check.

“Why not cweate a unifolm fowmat and have de defects fixed at de weception?”

Arc immediately reacted to my mutter.

“Uniform format?”

“Ai. It woul dekwease de defects if dee was a folm pwepawed befohand. It wou also be easiel to check.”

“I will bring a pen and paper for Ojousama! Ojousama, please draw up the form!”


Don’t make a three-year-old work… I will do it though. I will do it! I will show you how I do it!!

Keeping politeness in my mind, I draw up a form for the petition and also tried making a draft budget form while at it. Hmm, hmm, looks good, I sang my own praises while looking it over.

“Ak, it is done.”

“Whoah, Ojousama is a genius! Take a look, Prime Minister-sama! Your daughter is seriously a genius!!”

“… My daughter is an angel. Genius? What are you talking about?”

Father was focused on his work, so he didn’t notice the exchange between Arc and me. As expected of Father, he’s going at his own pace.

Rather, what’s that about me being an angel. I am a human, alright?

Arc explained to Father from the beginning. Father looked over the form.

“Print this in large numbers. Notify and distribute it to every department. In the future, all documents that are not using this form will be rejected”

Father, a prompt decision!!

Eh, there won’t be a meeting? You have decided to go with my idea? Is that fine? You are really doing it??

“So my daughter was both an angel and a genius, huh. I brought my daughter wishing to get healed, but… what an unexpected result. Good work, Rosalia.”


You really were tired, Father. I will do my best as your healing personnel! You must have been so tired, Father!

“Toutama is a good boi too. You hae been wolking hawd.”

When I patted Father’s head, he jiggled as if digesting something. Shy as always.

“Toutama, Losalia wants to help.”

In order to reduce Father’s workload!

“Losalia wants to help, quickly finish and have a dinnel with evewyone.”

“Got it.”

Father left the assortment of documents to me. Arranging the documents on the floor with similar contents was my job.

In case there was a mistake in calculation, I had to record where the mistake was. I want an abacus. I did my best using the intracerebral abacus (in other words, mental arithmetics)!

After assorting a half, I brought it to Father’s desk and he quickly processed the documents. He’s an able man!

“Arc, you should follow her example. Rosalia’s assortment was easy to understand. Rather, go and learn from her.”

“Yeahhh… excuse me Ojousama, please teach me.”

Wha! Father! How is a three-year-old supposed to teach?

No, Arc! Don’t agree so quickly! Don’t bow your head to me! … I will teach you! I will teach you, okay!?

That large number of documents was put in order.

“Darn, our Ojousama might really be an angel…”

“A miracle-causing angel, huh.”

The two worn-out men over there, stop it.

Stop it, don’t pay me respects, Arc.

Rather stop it, I will do anything regardless of the dogeza.

Don’t look far away into the distance either. Thank you for your hard work.

“… Excuse me, I have brought documents.”

A thin, small animal-like trembling… civil official(?) has come.

“Put it over there. Arc.”

“I will prepare documents for you to take, wait there a little.”

“Y, y, yesss.”

Mr. Civil Official is extremely frightened. Father? Is he scared of Father?? Our Father does indeed fire freezing beams once in a while, but he’s not scary, you know?

In fact, he shoots beams mainly when he’s thinking.

The magical power he occasionally leaks when irritating that causes the temperature to decrease is scary? Yeah. I am also slightly scared of irritated Father.

However, so many documents, huh?

Father is scary⇒don’t want to go to Father’s office⇒brings documents at the very last moment. Moreover, because no one wants to go, everyone pushes it at the timid underling… and the circle goes on.

I tried checking the deadline of the documents.

As I thought, most of them are at the very last moment. Perhaps both Father and Arc understand that, but they don’t want to deal with it in front of me.


“Toutama, gyu~”

First of all, I decided to try changing Father’s image.

Take a look at this deredere Father of mine!

Ah, the frightened Mr. Civil Officer froze in place.

Arc, laugh when it’s time to laugh.

“Your daughter, is cu, cu, cute isn’t she?”

“She’s our family’s angel after all. I won’t give you her hand.”

What are you saying, Father! No, it’s favorable for my avoid the death flags plan, but no one would desire to marry a three-year-old! Mr. Civil Officer is obviously at a loss!

Arc! Those documents you just crushed were the ones handed to you just now, right!? Don’t endure it anymore and laugh! Don’t destroy the mountain of the documents over there, alright?

“No, I… am already married. You have a lovely daughter, is what I thought…”

Ah, he’s married, huh. Father who heard that started boasting about his daughter in delight.

Stop iiiit, praising me in my presence, what kind of shy play is that!!

Arc! Help me out already plea… you! This is not the time to laugh to the extent of losing breath!!

In the end, the misfortunate Mr. Civil Offical has kept Father company at boasting about his daughter and when he was leaving, he gave a normal greeting without any fright.

Even though my nerves are worn out, it turned out pretty all right… I think?

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