Chapter 76

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Me and her. (Dirk’s PoV)
I was exhausted when I met Rosarin for the first time. Because I am Half-beastman, I couldn’t associate with ether Humans or Beastmen, and being scorned for was only natural for me.
It was a matter of fact for me to fall for her who was cheering me on with that carefree smile of hers. I think of her as a miracle.

I am only given by her. She forcibly improved how the Knight Order’s treated me until she became a villain, and then she continued following-up on that for my sake. I also made friends thanks to her.
She told me that she wants to improve the image of the Beastmen, and she really did. I have no doubts that the criticism from the nobles also lessened after I met her, there are even humans that look upon us favorably.



And above all, she made me happy by unrestrainedly whispering her love to me. She made the world bright for me, she made me experience happiness.

That’s why I want to support her. I want to be able to protect her. I spared no effort. Even now, I strive both in practice and studying. I still can’t stand by her side though. It’s not enough yet, but I thought I made progress.



And yet, I failed. I am the worst. I have disregarded her will. I trod on it.
I lost to my instincts of Beastman. I just couldn’t tolerate Jend and the children who wanted to snatch my pair. My senses had been dyed red. I felt so furious I could feel my body heating up. If Rosarin didn’t stop me, Jend might have died.



“Oy~ are you alive?”

“… I want to die.”

“Idiot, live on. Don’t die just from being scolded by your wife.”

Curtis hit my head. I feel even more dejected that I didn’t chase after Rosarin. I wonder if I am hated now?

“Rosarin probably isn’t that angry, ya know?”


“Rosarin left you in my care. She wouldn’t say something like that if she was mad at you, right? Rather, she would beat you up even more if she was angry, no?”

“… Certainly.”

Rosarin would do that if she really was angry. She herself might deny that though. Ah, but she doesn’t get angry enough at me to do something like that. She gets truly angry only when those precious to her are harmed.

“Quickly go and make up. Isn’t she loitering around while worrying about you right about now?”

“Yeah. Thank you, Curtis.”

“Ou, treat me for a meal the next time.”

“Got it.”

Pushed on my back by Curtis, I decided to apologize to Rosarin.




Guided by Martha-san, I arrived before Rosarin’s room. I prepared myself with a deep breath. First of all, I need to apologize properly. After I opened the door I knocked at, I saw a head.




Eh? Head?




“I lied when I said that I hate you I am sorry I love you the best in the world!!”

Rosarin declared in a flawless dogeza without taking a breath.

“Eh? Eeeeeh!?”

This is exactly what taking out the wind of someone’s sails looks like. I could only shout like a fool.
Rosarin really is a girl like a lump of unexpected.

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