Chapter 57

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Aunt and I
Now then, let me introduce you to Walse-san here. I am sure everyone was thinking about it, but he had also appeared in the game.

If I am the Villainess, then he is the Vile Merchant. He’s an admirable brute who tried to sell off the heroine as a slave.

Therefore, he’s a character with a high probability of a dashing rescue around him. And so, his abduction event occurs in any route. Isn’t that strange?
Well, I could still understand Curtis’ route, okay? But would you normally abduct a Prince’s favorite girl?
Now then, Walse-san is such Vile Merchant. He is currently in the midst of preparations. His mystery comes later.
There’s something I ought to do before that.

With Leonid-san’s help, we have quickly found out the whereabouts of Father’s little sister and my Aunt, Lumia-san.
When I secretly peeked at her working, I found out that she was quite a beauty. However, her complexion was bad and she seemed somewhat unsteady. Her hair was without a gloss too, her body skin and bones. Her hair and eyes were the same as Father’s. She was underweight, but her face resembled his as well. Jend should be attached to her.


Let’s leave it up the chance! Earnestly requesting the Shopkeeper with Leonid-san and Dirk’s help, I had successfully obtained the chance to speak with Lumia-san. We gave a generous tip and borrowed the second floor of the store. Of course, I did not forgot about the soundproof magic!

“You are…”

“How do you do, Lumia Obasama. I am Rosarin Rosenberg.”

“Rosenberg… have you come to bring me back?”


“Then, what did you come for?”

Lumia Obasama was cautious of me. But you see, that is an out for me.

“Be careful in your speech. You have abandoned your status, normally, I shouldn’t allow you talk with me like that.”

“… That is correct, is it not? I am truly sorry.”

She seemed vexed, but understanding. It would be troublesome if she came to hate me, so beating her to the punch was the correct answer. Leonid-san, don’t glare at me. I also don’t like elevating my status, you know!

“Well then, my business. Jend is under my care.”

“Jend is not related to this though!!”

Lumia Obasama’s complexion changed. I am glad, she seems to love Jend. Not letting the relief show on my face, I informed her with indifference.

“Let me speak until the end. When I took Jend in, his Beastified body was full of injuries and soaked with cold rain in a back alley. Without noticing anything, I thought that I was just picking up a puppy… to make matters worse, the wounds were everywhere, he was stained with dirt, the injuries formed pus, he was in a terrible state. Scared of adults, it’s obvious that he was abused.”


“Sorry, Lumia. You might not believe it, but Walse is such a fellow. The one who tormented Jend was either him or his subordinates.”

“That… you are lying…”

“… Are you trying to deceive me?”

“… No.”

“Have you meet with him since entrusting Jend in his care?”

“… I did not.”

Lumia Obasama teared up. Anyhow, she passed. I am glad, I am glad. As expected, I wouldn’t want to look like I am stealing Jend from his mother.

“Now then, let’s get to the main topic. A complete stranger like me took Jend into my care. I demand a fee for his expenses.”


Dirk didn’t let out his voice, but he froze in place. Leonid-san and Lumia-san stood with their mouths open.

“N, no… she’s your aunt, right?”

Leonid-san said with a shaky voice. I did not change my indifferent attitude at all.


“Lumia-san abandoned her family and eloped. You won’t tell me to treat you as a relative only when it fits you, will you?”

“I won’t. How much do you want?”

“This will be your bill.”

Lumia Obasama stiffened after seeing the amount. It was a reasonable amount that included the doctor’s fee, but… it wasn’t an amount that a commoner could shoulder.

“Stop kidding me! There’s no way she can pay such a large sum!”

Leonid-san got enraged. Dirk swiftly restrained him. Oh, how admirable.


Staring at Leonid-san who couldn’t move, Lumia Obasama looked at me while trembling.

“What do you intend to do with me? I cannot pay such a large sum… are you saying that you won’t return Jend to me?”

“No. Please work at our house to pay your debt.”

“… Wha?”

“I am telling you, work at our house to pay your debt.”

“U, umm…”

“The welfare program of our house is really good, you know? You can pay in installments from your salary. You would also be able to live together with Jend, how about it?”


“If you say yes right now, there won’t be any interest either. I will bear the school expenses for Jend too. Please, choose what’s best for both you and Jend.”

“… Yes. I will be in your care. Rosarin-sama.”

It’s a done deal! Lumia Obasama was crying. Obasama’s live for difficult, she lived off of embroidery and helping in the restaurants, surviving day by day, so when Walse showed his kindness, she entrusted Jend to him in trust. Beastmen eat a lot, so as she wasn’t making enough money to feed Jend, she intended to live while saving money little by little until the day she could take Jend back.

This is just my guess, but wasn’t Obasama on her way to die from overworking… I am glad I found her this early. No, I should have found her sooner.
She was an Ojousama herself, so it cannot be helped that she got deceived…

“Ah~ sorry.”

Judging that the situation is all right, Dirk released Leonid-san. He apologized to me awkwardly.

“Haah, I am sorry for my husband’s rough treatment as well. Don’t mind it.”

“… Husband?”

Lumia-san stared blankly.

“I, I am Rosarin’s fiancé Dirk Barton!”

“In other words, my future husband.”

“My, you… you are going to marry a Beastman as well?”

Lumia-san looked delighted. Which reminds me, she did elope because her marriage was opposed to.


“Myyy, how wonderful!”

Somehow, her eyes were sparkling though… and then, Obasama endlessly boasted about her son & husband… endlessly… and endlessly… I heard it all. Sometimes, I talked about Dirk’s moe, where he tried to stop me in a panic, but it seems that Obasama and I will get along well.

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