Chapter 58

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Reunion and report.
Lumia-san promptly resigned from her work and vacated her home. I took out hush money for both cases to avoid troubles.
She only had a little baggage she was able to carry herself. It truly showed the modest life she lived.




Now then, we have arrived home. Knowing that I have returned, Jend dashed over to welcome me.

“Ah, ah~!”

“I was a good boy, welcome home, he says.”

Kou interpreted as always.
Jend tightly embraced me and wagged his tail in great joy. Ha, do not jump up and down while hugging me!

“I am home, Jend. I have brought the person you wanted to see.”

Jend opened his eyes wide without moving. Lumia-san spread her arms wide and called.


Jend vigorously jumped from my arms into Lumia-san’s and started sobbing.

“Ah, aaaaaahh!”

“Jend, Jend… I am so sorry for causing you painful memories. I won’t leave from you anymore, okay?”


Jend nuzzled against Lumia-san over and over again. It was almost as if he was confirming her existence. Lumia-san cried too. She really must have wanted to see Jend.
Jend’s crying was, really… it made even me want to cry. I led the two to the guest room where Jend stayed for some parent and child time.




Now then, I gathered Leonid-san, Dirk, and Martha in a parlor.
Martha, your eyes are scary. Please, quench your bloodthirst.

“It couldn’t be helped, Martha. Leonid-san likes Lumia-san, so he couldn’t help but go against you and conceal the information, you know?”


Leonid-san choked. N? Did I say something strange?

“H, how…”

“Eh~? I mean, you are strangely supportive of her, and I thought you made advances towards me because I somehow resemble Lumia-san.”

“… That’s right! Is there something wrong with that! She had taken no notice of me at all though! Just when I thought you were quite nice, I found out that you already had a pair candidate. My luck with woman is just too baaad.”

Leonid-san got broken. Quite nice? Me? Somehow, sorry. Don’t cry. It was my bad.

“… Ojousama.”


“Relentlessly gouging out the opponent’s heart… that’s a wonderful ability.”

“You are wrong! It wasn’t on purpose, okaaay!”

“Yes, but I think that’s where you should have stayed quiet, you know? I know that you meant no harm though.”

So I was told by Dirk.

“Ugh… Leonid-san, I’m sorry…”

“No, I am too…”

With both of us feeling down, I asked for the situation report.

“Martha, the issue?”

“It’s going favorably. 90% of those connected with “that” have been investigated. We should be done in one more day. Still, Ojousama… you did well persuading Lumia-san. As expected of you.”

“Ah~ I decided to employ Lumia-san as a live-in employee so she can be with Jend.”

“… Ojousama, you are occasionally unpredictable.”

“Lumia-san probably wouldn’t move even if she is in danger. Even though it would hurt her pride, she decided to work here for Jend’s sake. She had not much time, so I threatened her a little though.”

“I see.”

“Lumia is in danger? What do you mean?”

I explained to Leonid-san who looked puzzled.

“After this… no, from now on, I will be picking fights with Walse head-on. Then, he will find out with a little bit of investigation that I am partial to Jend. It would be troublesome if he took Lumia-san hostage or tried to use her. Because Lumia-san trusted Walse, he would be able to easily abduct or even confine her.”

“… I see. So that’s why you chose such approach.”

“Indeed. I did not know about Lumia-san, so I had to probe her first. If Lumia-san’s intended to harm Jend, I was resolved to break their relationship and look after Jend until the end. What about your side, Leonid-san?”

“It’s also going well. He was not a popular guy to begin with. People are taking their distance from him because of the rumors about him angering some dangerous fellows.”


“I have spoken to the target indirectly. Is that really all right?”

“N? It’s fine. Rather, I have not told Tousama about Lumia-san’s employment, so I am more worried about that. Will it go well if I employ Niisama and my strongest weapon, Kaasama?”

Both Elder brother and Mother love Jend, so they will be fine. Father will be probably fine too… I think.

“Lumia-san has been most likely weighing on Sire’s mind for a long time, so all should go well, Ojousama.”

I felt relieved from hearing Martha’s words. If Martha who accompanied Father for a long time says so, then it will be probably all right.

For now, let’s end today’s talk with this. The next time everyone gathers should be the day of the plan.



I entered Jend’s room after knocking. Martha went working and dragged Leonid-san along. Leonid-san, do your best. Dirk is with me.
Jend must have gotten exhausted from crying as he was sleeping. Lumia-san was sitting on the bed while gently patting Jend’s head.

“Rosarin-sama, Jend… can he talk no more?”

“He understands what we say and is able to declare his intentions, but he has not spoken once since I met him.”

“He must have experienced something so painful he lost the ability to speak.”

Lumia-san’s expression was full of regret. I took her hand.

“Please praise and make Jend happy a lot to make up for his difficult experiences.”

“… Yes.”

Lumia-san sobbed. Jend woke up and licked Lumia-san’s tears.

“Ah~ ahh~?”

“Don’t cry, do you hurt somewhere? He asks.”

Kou promptly interpreted. Ahh, Lumia-san’s tears…

“Jend, your Okaasan is crying because she’s delighted from how kindhearted you are. She’s not in pain.”

Lumia-san nodded. She was mushy with tears, but she showed Jend a smile. It was a really charming smile.


Jend smiled too. I understand even without interpretation. He’s saying “I’m glad”, isn’t he?

“Jend, you will be now living at Oneechan’s home together with your Okaasan.”


“Your Okaasan will be staying with you. Will you become a family with your big sister and others?”


Jend wagged his tail while smiling from ear to ear.

“Oneechan, we will be living together with Jend too?”

“That’s right. He’s like my little brother, so make sure to get along with him, okay?”

“Yes. Yaay~! Together with Jend!”

“… Might you be a Snake Beastman? Jend’s friend?”

Kou has been recently playing with Jend in his humanoid form, so he was like that today as well.

“Mmm~ I am a Dragon, Oneechan’s spirit. Jend’s friend! Oneechan, I will tell everyone that Jend will be living with us!”

Lumia-san stiffened.


“H, Half Fire Spirit-Dragon, to be precise.”

“Myyy, to have a protection of such child, you are amazing Rosarin-sama.”

“Mama! Jend is going to live here? Jend, we can be together all the time!”


Arisa high-fived Jend in happiness.

“… Mama?”

Gigigi, Lumia-san looked at me.

“No, I did not even have my first menstruation yet, so I cannot give a birth.”

“She was born from the magical power poured into Magchelia, so she’s just saying it. I’m happy for you, Jend.”

“Good for you, Jend! I am also happy.”

Sui and Haru came too. Surrounded by my Spirits, Jend was squealing happily.

“Myyy, so many Spirits…”

“By the way, all gave Rosarin’s their protection.”

Please don’t expose me, Dirk! Dirk smiled wryly at me who puffed out my cheeks.

“My, myyy, Rosarin-sama you are… beyond strangely amazing, aren’t you?”

“I am normal.”

Where? I received everyone’s serious gazes. I, I am not sad or anythingmon!

By the way, Father promptly employed Lumia-san. He originally didn’t oppose her marriage, so whether she returned to the nobility or worked, Father was fine either way. Lumia-san obstinately choose to work. She and Mother were friends, so she happily chatted with her.

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