Chapter 56

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Home, Elder brother, and request to cooperate.
After the meeting with Leonid-san and Yodir-san, I finished the remaining work and returned home together with Father.

“I am home.”

Elder brother seemed to have returned home as well. Jend was like our family’s puppy. He wagged his tail in front of Elder brother.

“Wha, hey there. That tickles.”

Elder brother didn’t seem to be dissatisfied. Yup. Me too-! Here I come, attack!!

“Niisama, welcome home!”

Making sure that Elder brother just barely wouldn’t fall, I embraced him.

“Whoaa!? Rosarin!?”

“Niisama, Niisama~!”

Both Jend and I cuddled with Elder brother.

“Gee, can’t be helped.”

Elder brother patted Jend and I with a gentle smile. Jend seemed to be in a good mood as well. His tail was now buzzing.
Elder brother played with Jend just as he promised. I had work business with Father, so I parted with them.



My parents, Arc, and Martha were in the room. The people were cleared out with a soundproof magic active. First of all, as I promised, I talked about the happenings in the Elven Forest. I did not speak of the matter regarding Yggdrasil before as Elder brother was present.

And thus, I showed them the Yggdrasil seed embedded with the curse.

“I’m thinking of bringing it to Sage Jiisama for analysis. Tousama, I am not in a hurry, but regarding the dagger stuck in Kou’s throat three years ago. I would like to investigate that as well.”

“Rosarin, are you thinking that the seed is connected to this time’s matter?”

“I’m thinking that it’s unlikely to be not related.”

“Fumu. I will arrange it. The Magic Institution lent their hands, but they found nothing anyway, so there probably won’t be a problem.”

“Thank you very much. Martha, I would like you to listen without getting angry.”

Putting emphasis on “not getting angry”, I spoke what I found out about Jend.

“In the end, it appears that Jend was in the Capital all this time. It was a huge misunderstanding with the Beastmen community. It was my mistake. I am sorry… Martha, Arc.”

In fact, Martha and Arc helped me search in their free time. Searching for someone in this world that has no photography… moreover, searching for a person whom you have never met before is close to impossible. The two searched futilely under my assumption.
I lowered my head deeply in apology. And, don’t take revenge on Leonid-san and others! They meant no harm! They just showed their kindness! Please! I prayed.

“… Ojousama, there’s no need to lower your head. It appears that my knowledge regarding the Beastmen was also lacking.”

Martha smiled, but her eyes… they were seriously serious.

“I will make sure there’s not a next ti-“Uwaaaaa! Ka, Kaasama, help me persuade her! Martha, Martha! They meant no harm! I beg you, please forgive theeem!”

I had a hard time persuading Martha. With Mother’s help… she somehow managed to compromise.




Martha who calmed down lowered her eyes and sighed.

“Jend Bocchama… to let him live at Walse’s place… no wonder he’s so skilled at doing the laundry and dishwashing.”


“Early in the morning, while Ojousama was still sleeping, he woke up to do the laundry, he lightly cleaned the hallway, helped Dan with cleaning the dishes, and also peeled the potatoes. That’s what Manya who overslept again reported.”

“In other words, it wasn’t a physical abuse…”

“It was most likely forced labor. I heard from Dan’s report that Jend seemed to be well experienced in it. I scolded Manya really, really well.”

Manya… we, well, I am worried, but I saw Manya working normally just a while ago, so she’s probably fine.

“The reason I have gathered everyone this time was to request your cooperation with gathering intelligence on that Walse. Could I leave it to you?”

I spoke about the outline of the operation. Report – Communicate – Consult are the basics after all.

“Fumu. We should wash the nobility on the occasion. It’s about the time for a cleanup.”

“Okaasan will work hard~”

“Leave it to me.”

“As Ojousama’s heart wishes.”

“Thank you very much, everyone. I shall leave it to you.”

I lowered my head in gratitude. Father patted my head.

“Don’t bear things on your own by any means. Rely on us, just like this time.”

“… Yes.”

A smile spontaneously appeared on my face with Father’s reliable words. Mother, Martha, and Arc smiled at me too.

I am blessed, aren’t I? Having people you can call your allies is reassuring. Is it not, Rosalia? I called her in my heart.

Truly. I am very happy. I felt that my partner’s eyes turned into crescent moons of happiness.

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