Chapter 55

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Jend, Beastmen, and concealed information.
We have finished the work, so I prepared black tea and tea cakes for a tea time.

“… Somehow, I think I am glad I came here just for this tea-drinking time.”

“… Yeah, the one I make is undrinkable.”

The two secretaries were entranced.

“Ojousama is more skilled than I after all~”

“Umu. Arc is sloppy.”


I prepared the sweets while giggling.

“Today’s new product! It’s Soufflé~”

Jend… wagged his tail so much I thought it would come off.

“Jend, I will give you one now, but let’s leave the rest to eat with Dirk and others, okay?”


Soufflé was received greatly in the Prime Minister’s office.

“Ah, ah~”

“Oneechan, that was delicious… he said. It really was.”

Kou also munched on the Soufflé. Cute.

“So soft!”



The content adults looked happy and I decided to visit the Knights Order. My bag is specially made, so it will stay fresh and warm.



I have already grasped the timing of their break. When I waved at Dirk, he who was wiping his sweat came over.
Hawow… he really is sexy when his hair is wet and dripping with sweat…

“Ah, sorry. I, I must stink of sweat! Don’t get any closer!”

“No, that’s rather a treat for me. You don’t stink. You smell good.”

I purposely stuck close to him and sniffed. I wonder why he doesn’t stink? In the first place, Dirk doesn’t smell of a beast.

“S, stop it! Don’t sniff me!”

“Don’t mind me, I am just recharging.”

“Of course I mind it! T, thank you.”

Dirk received the basket I handed him.

“Whoa~ what is it? What is inside?”

Curtis appeared from who knows where. He peeked into Dirk’s basket.

“It’s Soufflé, but there are none for you, Curtis. I wanted to test something during our match, yet you conceded! Even though I thought of beating you viciously!”

“Test something!? C, can’t you forgive me for the time Dirk was drunk?”

“… Can’t be helped.”

Receiving a permission, Curtis took the Soufflé in his hands and ate.

“… How about at least washing your hands?”

“All’s good! I had a feeling you would be bringing sweets, so I washed them beforehand!”

How convenient the super intuition is. Thinking that he was wasting his Revelation, I watched Curtis with half-disgust.

“Ah? Ah~”

“Can I eat? Can I eat? He says. I also want to eat!”

Kou had started studying human language since becoming my Spirit, so he became able to talk. Dragon and human language sounds the same to me, but Kou wasn’t able to communicate with others.
Thus, his communicative power is splendid.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?”


He’s really close with Jend.

The Beastmen unit is having a break, and Leonid-san came over. Dirk moved in front of me in a casual matter.

“What an appetizing smell.”

“Ah, do help yourself if you’d like. I have brought many.”

Ah, I have probably said something unnecessary. The other Beastmen behind…

“… Feel free.”

Dirk who was exhibiting an aura of wanting to eat in peace held out the basket. It’s fine! I will secure Dirk’s share!

“So good~!”

“What is this! I have never tasted something like this!!”

It was greatly popular. Ah, Dirk’s ears fell flat. Dirk is so kindhearted, isn’t he? He gave people even his share.

“Dirk, today’s sweets was a new product.”


Dirk got shocked. Ah~ he’s teary-eyed… so much, huh.

“That being the case, say ahh~”

Taking my own share from the bag, I presented it to Dirk. Huh? He stiffened.

“Eat up? Say ahh~”

“A, ahh~”

Dirk obediently stooped down and opened his mouth. My fingertips touched his lips a little.


“I can’t tell the taste…”

Even though he was so confident just a little while ago, he’s the usual Dirk now. He’s stable as My Angel with his ears twitching.

“Then, another one. Here, say ahh~”

I presented another half of the Soufflé.

“You are still doing it!?”

After two more times, Dirk finally said that it was delicious.
Ah, I also told him to do it for me, but we were told by the Knights with no girlfriend to flirt somewhere else.

“Well~ Ojousan, thank you for giving us something so good~ Huh, Jend?”

What I think was a Fox Beastman spoke to me friendly. Whether he was Jend’s acquaintance, Jend also cheerfully smiled at him.

“I am happy for you. Looks like you were taken out of Walse’s place?”

Lifting Jend up in his arms, the Fox(?) Beastman threw Jend in the air. Wha! Too high! That’s way too high! However, Jend was normally pleased. Beastmen are amazing. To be able to take this height so easily even though it was like jumping out of a third floor. I have addressed the Fox(?) Beastman-san.

“Umm, are you Jend’s acquaintance?”

“Eh, ah~ yes. What is your relationship with Jend, Ojousan?”

“He’s my younger cousin.”


“Jend’s mother is my Father’s little sister.”

“Eh? Is that why you searched for him?”

“… Dirk.”

Guessing my intentions, Dirk quickly restricted the other party. No wasteful movements, as expected of him.

“That story, I would like to hear about it from you by all means.”

I smiled cheerfully. Somehow, the opponent… no, even Dirk was trembling.

“Rosarin, scary, scary, your eyes are scary! Jend is frightened as well!!”

Dirk cried out. Knowing that I was angry, even Jend was certainly frightened. I am sorry.




I had Haru call Holy Beast-sama over, and I have left Jend in his and Curtis’ care. Now then, I, Dirk, and the fox(?) Beastman-san, and for some reason Leonid-san, took seats in one of the rooms belonging to the Knights Order.

“Why are you present as well, Leonid-san?”

“… Because you looked frenzied.”

Fumu? But, I think you are wrong~

“Leonid-san knew Jend as well, did you not? You knew that I was looking for him. And, you hid him from us.”

Leonid-san’s expression didn’t change, but Fox(?) Beastman-san’s did. So easy to understand~


“… What.”

“Why did you hide him from us.”

Leonid-san sighed.

“I will ask you. Can you swear that you won’t hurt Jend?”

“I have promised to protect that child. If he’s under my patronage, then I will protect him.”

“Roger. The reason is: We thought that he got involved in some kind of a crime and you were trying to get rid of him.”


I let out a stupid voice at the reason that was beyond my expectations. The hell does he mean?

“The reasons Duke-sama would be searching for a Beastman child are few, either he’s getting rid of a lover’s child, or the child stole something. Moreover, you were tenaciously looking for him. It never occurred to me that you could be searching for your younger cousin, no one would expect that.”

“Ha, haha… ah, were you obstructing the other party who was looking for him as well?”

“No, I have no idea about the other party. The other party… I think you are aware, but they are elusive. We wanted to save Jend and others from the disaster, but… we are unable to catch them.”

“Fumu, but you did well hiding him for three years.”

“The bonds of Beastmen run deep. We won’t sell out our friends. If called out, everyone will keep their mouths shut.”

“I see. Then, is that Walse-san one of you?”

“That fellow is a fiend. Someone who would eat his own friends cannot be considered our friend.”

“Then, as an apology of disturbing my search, could you help me out with something?”

“That depends on what it is.”

“All right. It’s nothing difficult, it won’t affect someone of your standing.”

I don’t dislike careful people. A bad smile appeared on my complacent face.

In the end, Leonid-san agreed to my proposal. The Fox(?) Beastman-san was most likely a Coyote Beastman-san. The name is Yodir. He also finds Walse-san’s behavior intolerable and decided to participate as well. It will become busy from now on.

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