Chapter 270.2

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Before the date.
No, it was My Dirk-sama. He was so handsome. No, he is always handsome, but he’s even more handsome today. His hair was up, and he was wearing a jacket with a slightly rough but vivid blue gradation. Hmm? Is it matching with my dress?

“Dirk, so cool…”

I muttered enraptured, and the handsome Dirk-sama froze. What’s wrong? I wondered, and then he collapsed.


My Elder brother calmly spoke to me as I tried to rush over to him.

“He’s fine.”


Dirk was mumbling something. I could somehow hear him, but I was relieved to hear that he wasn’t feeling ill. But I couldn’t calm down.

“… C, cute… too cute. Moreover, she’s wearing the dress I gifted her… it suits her so much it makes me happy…!”

I think that’s too much praise. I got all fidgety.

“Why don’t you leave him alone until he revives? Well, you certainly do look cute today.”

“… That’s an unabashedly siscon statement.”

Andre-san spontaneously interjected with what I was thinking.

“She’s unexpectedly stupidly cute on the inside as well, but she’s obviously a beautiful-looking girl on the outside, so I don’t think I spoke nonsense even if I am a siscon, right?”


Andre-san who stared at me fixedly for a while nodded.

“… Well, I had a strong impression that she was a strange young lady, so I didn’t have much of an impression of her outward appearance, but she is indeed an incredibly beautiful girl.”


Elder brother was greatly satisfied.

“I feel like my reputation was attacked, Andre-san.”

I’m not happy about it. I don’t deny that I’m a bit strange, but I feel like he was subtly speaking ill of me.

“… I wasn’t speaking ill of you. Isn’t it strange, though? Rupert-sama is also outrageously handsome the more I look.”

“… You think so?”

My Elder brother seemed to be very surprised. He is one of the capture targets, so he’s indeed, very handsome.

“I also think that you are a beauty, Niisama.”

“…………… I see.”


My Elder brother didn’t seem to care, but he did seem a little happy. Dirk finally rebooted in the meanwhile.

“Rosarin, this dress, and those shoes, too… it all suits you really well.”

His mellow smile almost shattered my back.

“Ah… erm, thank you for the gift.”

“Yeah. Whenever I go to look at clothes these days, I always end up buying something that I think will look good on you. It really looks good on you… the shoes and the accessories… are perfect for you. The shoes were custom-made, how do they fit?”

“The heels aren’t too high, and they are easy to walk in.”


Seeing how happy My Darling was, I couldn’t say that he should keep his gifting at moderation.

“That’s bold.”


“What is?”

Oscar-san said with a wry smile. Andre-san was clearly looking away.

“In Wolfanea, gifting someone clothes is telling them, I want you to rip them o—”Whoaaaaaaah!? That’s not it, that’s not it at all! We have no custom in Christia like that! It’s not like that, Rosarin! I swear!?”

Dirk denied frantically. No, I know that. I’m also someone from Christia, okay? However, panicking Dirk is too fun… I got on board with Oscar-san.

“… Dirk, you pervert.”

“!? Cute… not!! I did not mean it like that! Not at aaaaall!!”

Dirk’s scream echoed through the mansion.

“Your little sister is a devil.”

“Yeah. It’s funny, isn’t it?”

I pretended not to hear the conversation between Andre-san and my Elder brother. Once again, Andre-san was a snake, but he had the eyes of a dead fish.

“You siblings are very similar…”

“Well, I do like to play pranks. We both do.”

“………… That so?”

Andre-san seemed to have given up on something. Children love to play pranks, you know.
Dirk was so desperate to deny it that I couldn’t hold back my laughter and wiped my tears, which earned me a scolding.

Anyway, it was time to start the date.

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