Chapter 238

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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God might be too easygoing.
I felt like I was slowly floating on the surface of the water, and then I woke up in an instant.

(Hey, has it been about three years?)

A smiling white young man stood in front of me. His eyes were silver? His clothes and hair were also white. He looked rather beautiful and gave off a calm impression. He was all white, but looked normal-ish.

Certainly, we did seem to have met before. When was it?
When I thought about it, my memory came flooding back.



(Hey, you are dying.)

That day, I probably had a heart attack… and before I lost consciousness, I heard a very light voice. Next to me was a person who was white all over. I don’t know how long he was there… but I couldn’t move anymore.

(What a waste of your soul. Hey, there’s a girl you can probably help. You don’t want to die, right? I won’t let you die and in return, save that girl.)

“I don’t… want to die.”

That’s what I, Rin, said. I was desperate. I instinctively knew that if I lost consciousness that moment, I would die. It didn’t matter if the white man was a god or a demon. I really didn’t want to die. I didn’t do anything. I couldn’t do anything. All I did was regret… I really wanted to be someone who could help others.

(Okay, come with me then. Your body is not usable anymore though, so just your soul.)

When my soul left my body, I heard a crying voice.

“I have to save her…”

I remembered the promise in a daze. I had to save the girl. She was calling out to me. She was calling me. I have to go, I have to help her… right at this moment!

“Don’t cry… I will save you…”

(Eh!? Wait a moment! I haven’t explained things yet! Ehhhh!?)

I smoothly slipped out of the panicking white person’s hands, and flew straight to that girl’s place.

“I came to save you.”

I smiled at the little girl, trying to convey to her that things will be all right now.

“You are…?”

The girl who had been crying slowly looked up. It was Rosalia. I touched her, and I lost consciousness.

(Whoaaah… i, is this okay? Ah, a Revelation! I have to give you a proper Revelation!)

The last thing I heard was the panicking white person.





(… Are you okay? As I thought, I shouldn’t have come here.)

“No… my memories from that day just returned. I’m sorry.”

The tutorial skip was my fault. I must have been out of it for a while. It’s weird to dream in a dream. I’m… Rin… Rin, right? Does that mean I can meet with the God only as Rin, the Beneficiary?

(I’m Shiva. I heard that you had some things to tell me even if it meant forcing yourself to do this?)

“Ah, yes. Just one thing. Thank you very much for sending me to this world.”

(………………… Pardon?)

“I really wanted to thank you in person. I’m really happy now, after all.”

(Ahahahahaha! Well, I thought you were going to jump me with complaints! I even prepared a helmet to guard myself against your harisen~)

“Shiva-san, that’s a bald wig. It won’t protect your head. I think it’s best to thank people while looking them in the face.”

Shiva was a god who loved the Japanese variety shows. He was also called Himajin, the god of leisure. When the laughter finally subsided, Shiva asked me,

(What’s the other thing?)

“… I wanted an answer. It’s about—”




(… I never thought you’d get to the truth without a hint. You are correct. I can’t give you the details, though.)

The pure white God affirmed. I’ve got confirmation. All that was left was to keep running. I felt that I should ask God this question directly.

(It’s time for you to wake up. Any longer than this would definitely put you in danger. I’m watching you, my beloved children. Be happy.)

“Ah, and thanks for the tip on making weapons for Alphage-sama and others.”

The things I talked about turned into three, but oh well. Shiva-san smiled foolishly and waved his hand. Was it his voice I heard that time, after all?


I could feel my consciousness rapidly trying to return to reality.

I will live in my beloved Runark. This time, I will live a life without regrets.

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