Chapter 237

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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God is apparently annoying.
At any rate, knowing that I skipped the tutorial gave me a shock, but there might be a reason for it. I decided to gather information from Kanata-san.

“By the way, which God have you met, Kanata-san?”

“Shiva. The noisy one.”

Wow, immediate reply. Moreover, Kanata-san had a clearly disgruntled expression on his face.

“Saying that God is noisy…”

Dirk made a troubled expression, but Kanata-san didn’t seem to care, saying that annoying things are annoying.

“I don’t feel like I’ve slept at all because he keeps appearing in my dreams night after night! I don’t even want to listen to him! He may be bored, but I’m sleepy!”

“He appears in your dreams?”

Seeing him every single night would be bothersome, indeed. No wonder he finds him noisy.

“Moreover, he talks nonsense all the time, and recently he has been talking about finding an amusing child, but in the end, he ends complaining about everything.”


“The child is amusing, but their guard is too strong, so he cannot enter their dreams or something. He’s apparently being obstructed by a super strong Spirit of Darkness.”

“A powerful Spirit of…”


Dirk and I both looked at Darkness-sama at the same time. Darkness-sama was whistling. You’re very shrewd for a snake. It’s a little too familiar to me.


“I have no clue!”


“No clue, no clue at all! I did not do it for no reason! I did not let anyone in, Gods included, because I was worried they would be a bad influence on you since you are not fused entirely and is still unstable!”

So it was him. Darkness-sama… I’m sorry for being annoyed and salty when interacting with you in the beginning.
You were protecting me without me knowing. I patted his head with gratitude.

“W, what!? I, I don’t know about anything!”

Darkness-sama was saying such, but he was clearly happy.

“No, thank you for everything, Darkness-sama. I’m very grateful to the great and generous Darkness-sama.”

“Mu, muu… I see. It can’t be helped then!”

Darkness-sama was in a very good mood. He’s so easy I might start worrying about him.

“That snake can also talk…”

“Darkness-sama is a spirit. By the way, did the God say something else about that amusing child?”


“N? Well… their movements were so unexpected he found it amusing. They are apparently changing their own fate as well the fate of others. Starting from their mother, to a dragon, mole, greenery, and wind spirit, their aunt as well… In addition to that, there were many other people whose fate of death had been averted, and they apparently don’t like being celebrated as a saint for saving the whole of Wolfanea. He said that the future was being changed by one interesting child.”

Everyone’s gaze focused on me. I knew right away from Darkness-sama’s matter, but that’s without a doubt, me! Eh!? Wait! Greenery and wind is our Sui and Haru? When did they evade death, I wonder… I’m so glad my children did not die! Rather, I’m changing the future?…… Well, something like the Great Tsunami happened… nono! It wasn’t me! It’s the result of one thing piling on the other! It’s not like I changed it on my own, I’m sure!
Noticing my disordered appearance, Kanata-san dropped another bomb.

“And so, he and other Gods were apparently celebrating the return of the Hero and all wanted to bestow their Revelations upon them. But, the said Spirit of Darkness’ guard was too tough, it seems. They were all disappointed.”

Thank you! Seriously, thank you! I don’t need any more cheats than this!

“… Well, they are destroying themselves on their own, it really has nothing to do with me.”

Darkness-sama whispered. Let’s make Darkness-sama’s favorite cream puffs for snacks tomorrow. I am really grateful to you!

“Also… Shiva apparently already bestowed his Revelation upon that child, but it seems to only shout their name, Rosariiin or something… n?”

Kanata-san looked at Valkyrie. Then he pointed his finger.

“… Rosariiin?”

What he wanted to say conveyed perfectly. I replied with resignation.

“That’s right, the amusing child is (probably) me.”

“What the hell! Say that earlier!!”

“I’m sorry… I did not want to accept the reality…”

“Rosarin is the self-proclaimed normal daughter of Duke, after all.”

“””Absolutely not.”””

Kanata-san, Shushu-san, and Andre-san replied all at once. Why the hell!!

“Ah~ should I intermediate between you then? Is there something you want to ask Shiva?”

“What is my Revelation? Ask him that, please.”

“… You don’t know?”

“Not at all.”

Normally, the Gods would apparently teach you about your Revelation. Why did it happen to me like this?
By the way, that’s only for Beneficiaries chosen by Gods. I heard that the Gods are forbidden to interfere with people in the Runark, with the exception of bestowing Revelations upon them.

“Ah, can you ask him to come and meet me just once?”

“That’s fine with me, but will you be fine?”

“Rosarin, don’t overdo it.”

I promised that I would only say one or two things to him to convince Dirk, Darkness-sama and Kanata-san. Kanata-san said that he would most likely visit tonight as he was free.

A God, huh. What’s he like, I wonder?

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