Chapter 236

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The Truth After Years
We made a big show of welcoming Kanata-san. With the help of Darkness-sama and other magic beasts, Kanata-san was very shocked.
By the way, Kanata-san was an ordinary Japanese. He has black hair, black eyes, and was basically a simple man that you could find anywhere.
I got chopped on the head by Kanata-san who lost his temper, but I was satisfied with the great success of the surprise.

“Welcome back, Kanata! Were you surprised?”

Shushu-san jumped at Kanata-san.

“Owa!? Shushu… you are part of this!? I was surprised! Rather, there are no people who wouldn’t be surprised after getting chased by a dragon!”

“Ahhahha. I thought so~ Let us introduce ourselves first, I’m Rosarin Rosenberg.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Dirk Barton.”

We introduced ourselves again and my next words made Kanata-san flabbergasted.

“Kanata-san, in fact, you have become a Shaman.”

“Why the hell!?”

Yep, what a good interjection! As expected of someone from Kansai!

“Yes, actually…”

Blah-blah yadda-yadda. I explained the happenings on the farm to Kanata-san.

“Why the hell! Or rather, don’t accept gratitude for me!”

“There won’t be any more unreasonable titles! Kanata-san, you also taught them about the Senju Kannon and other things in a very lazy way! They almost thought I had a thousand arms hiding somewhere, you know!?”

“Idiots! Senju Kannon doesn’t have a thousand arms! But enough of that! I don’t have any intentions of snatching other people’s achievements!”

“Kuh, what an honest retort… good going, Kanata-san! However, what about the marriage with Shushu-san? Shushu-san’s father might recognize you for this, you know?”

“I want him to accept me for who I am, so that would be pointless!”

“That’s a sound argument.”

“Ugh… then… I already told those uncles at the farm that we are acquaintances, so please match my story!”

Dirk didn’t seem to want to take sides either, so I got down on my knees. I was desperate.

“Ehh? Why?”

“I mean, I really… only helped because my conscience wouldn’t allow me to overlook people who might starve to death when there was something I could do, and it’s not like I was able to save everyone, so being worshiped like that is a little bit…”

“That’s true, but think about how I would feel if I was worshiped for something I didn’t do.”


Kanata-san and I both fell into silence.

“Shushu-saan! Kanata-san is bullying me!”


I hugged her in the confusion. Oh, I felt a meager bulge pressing against me. There are no bad people with tiny breasts, probably.


“Kanata, Rosarin-chan is our territory’s benefactor, and my Lord. Besides, I have no doubts that the citizens and my Father as well would have easier time accepting you. Is that really not good?”

“………… Ugh.”

“It’s admirable that you want to do it on your own, but it will take quite a while, won’t it?”

“………………… Ugh.”

“Well, the citizens recognize that Kanata-san went on a dangerous journey for their sake, even Sir does. Why don’t you just accept it? Just make sure you don’t feel ashamed by it in the future.”

Andre-san provided support, too!

“That’s right! Aren’t you already working hard by producing chocolate for Shushu-san and others already?”

“Hahh… do as you please. You can do whatever you want, but I will only agree to pretend that I know you. I won’t be a Shaman!”

“That’s good enough.”

I smiled at Kanata-san.

“Then, once again. I’m Toona Kanata… over here, it would be Kanata Toono, I guess? Best regards.”

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you… is that your real name?”

“Ohh. Are you… you don’t look Japanese.”

“Ahaha, my Beneficiary passed away, so only her soul crossed over.”

“… Ah~ sorry ‘bout that.”

“Don’t mind it. The Beneficiary’s name is Watase Rin. I’m now fused with my host, Rosalia, and call myself Rosarin. By the way, this is the Beneficiary, Rin.”

I gently took on the form of Rin.

“I see. You certainly look Japanese like this. By the way, which God were you brought by?”



Kanata-san… according to him, Beneficiaries are chosen by the Gods themselves in all cases, and that’s why they always possess a Revelation.
They bestow the people they call themselves with knowledge about this world, Runark, to some extent, and send them on their way after letting them choose a Revelation. Eh? That didn’t happen to me, though?

Rosarin Rosenberg, age 7. In my third year as a Beneficiary, I learned that I had skipped the tutorial.

Why the hell!!

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