Chapter 18

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Let’s face “Myself.”
Eventually, the present time, congratulations for the spirit protection & birthday party came to an end.

I have tried asking Father that which was on my mind.

“Toutama, what happened to Wosalia?”

“Hm? There’s no change in her magical power. It seems that her soul has not merged with yours yet.”

In other words, Rosalia’s soul still resides in this body.

“Can’t you talk with hew?”

“… She’s scared of me.”

Father, Father, don’t feel down. To think that was a land mine. Ahhh, he squatted. I couldn’t help but pat the back of Father who curled up into a ball.

“… About Rosalia’s state up until now, wasn’t she just shy?”

“That’s right, Rosalia-chan is shy of strangers.”

Elder brother and Mother gave their opinions.

To think that Rosalia-san was shy of strangers. Somehow searching deep into the memories, I had a certain feeling that it was indeed like that.

“Wouldn’t it be possible for Rosarin… Rin to do it?”

Elder brother backed me with a soft smile and I replied laughingly.

“I will give it a twy.”

I promptly changed the place and moved to my room. Sui and Haru were on my bed.

Ah, I had Darkness-sama leave. Today was an important day, so when I told him he would be getting in the way and ignored him afterward, he left while crying.

From the experience, he will return tomorrow completely nonchalant, so I will apologize then. Also, I intend on telling him that I don’t plan on receiving unnecessary spirit protections until my magical power stabilizes. I should explain clearly at times like this.

Now then, let’s get down to business. I spoke to Haru.

“Haru, can you use the dweam magic Holy Beast-tama used befoe?”

“N? It was me who used that magic today. I was asked by Holy Beast to use it.”

“So nonchalant~ it’s like I’m boasting about his achievements, but Holy Beast is poor with darkness magic, so he can’t use magic related to dreams.”

“Eh, was that so? Thank you, Haru.”

“Oh~ so, are you going to look for Rosalia in the dream? Her dreams are connected to yours, so you should be able to go there from your dream, Rin.”

“Pweashe take cae of me.”

When the three of us enter the bed as usual, I must have been quite tired since I appeared in a dream just like that.


I was woken up by Haru’s voice.

“It feels weird waking up immediately after going to sleep, doesn’t it?”

My body was that of Rin again. Sui and Haru led me by hand. Sui was also in his big form.

“I think it’s this way.”

Guided by Haru and passing through a calm forest that spread before my eyes…


… A Demon Lord’s castle appeared.


“The hell is this!”

“Castle? I think.”

Haru replied while tilting his head. Not good, Haru is a natural airhead!

“I am clearly being rejected, am I not?”

A Demon Lord’s castle covered in thorns… there’s probably no Demon Lord inside though. Rosalia should be there. I feel an endless denial though. The thunder roars though. The air feels stagnated though.

“Rin’s dream is the forest, so Rosalia’s dream should be the castle.”

“It’s obviously dark, isn’t it? Compared to Rin’s dream.”

A lightning came down immediately after Sui’s words.

“… Does she hear us?”

“The air is stagnated too, it’s hard to get rid of a depressing and gloomy character”

The lightning came down again. A barrage of three. I think she hears us for sure.

“She seems to hear us.”

“You, don’t think of dreadful methods of confirming this.”

Seriously! My chicken-heart is beating way too fast!

Sui displayed a big grin. Your character is quite bad, Sui.

“Let’s hurry up, I can tell that there’s no malice, so there’s no danger. Rosalia has no intention of hurting others.”

Sui beckoned me. While making me touch a thorn, he shouted in a loud voice.

“Rin currently takes on the form of your soul, so it might be her soul that gets hurt!”

The thorns avoided me all at once. When I tried to touch the thorns, they retreated even further.

It seems that I am not being hated?

“In that case, is she scared of something and thus trying to protect herself?”

But, in such a gloomy place, I think that her bad mood would worsen even more, no?

“Perhaps, the reason my dream is a forest is because of Sui’s and Haru’s protection?”

Sui and Haru nodded.

“Then, will it reach over here? The protection you guys gave wasn’t just for Rin, but for Rosarin, right?”

“”If Rosarin wishes for it.””


“I will base it on my magic. Rin, imagine what you want to do.”

“Leave the control of magical power to me, you focus on the magic, Haru. Rin, do as you wish.”

The three of us joined hands. I felt magical power being absorbed by my right hand while unleashed from my left hand. I closed my eyes to make it easier to imagine.

First, I blow off the dark clouds. Blue skies, no clouds, and a rainbow. A warm sun in the sky.

Knitting the thorns, I imagined an arch. Might as well create a flower garden around the castle. Just like our garden.

The dark castle into a white, beautiful one. Like the one that appears in the fairy tale of Cinderella.

“Rin, it’s done.”

When I opened my eyes, a scene from a fairy tale spread before my eyes. Light and gentle wind with the smell of greenery drifted around.

“It’s completely different from before.”

The castle was lit up with bright colors, the Demon Lord-like image has completely disappeared.

“Now then, shall we go?”

Because of the meddling with the dream, I precisely understood where Rosalia was.

Rosalia was in the castle’s tower, the topmost floor. Knocking on the door to show manners, a fascinating beauty with a glamorous body, the 16 years old Rosalia was waiting inside when I entered.

I took a glance at my disappointing chest.

“So envious.”

“Nono, that? You say that first of all things??”

No, I was so shocked my reaction has diluted. Haru stiffened. Sui must have found that unforeseen as well as he could only interject.

“Rosalia, long time no… see?”

“What have you come for?”

“If I had to say, then I have come to talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. I am useless. I can’t return like you. I will hand my body over to you. I’m going to disappear anyway, so do as you please.”

Rosalia didn’t look at me at all. I softly touched her cheeks.

“Thank you for saving me.”

“… Wha?”

Ahh, she finally looked at me. She… although I had sensed only incompatibility at first, I spoke to her whose amethyst eyes I have gotten used to seeing in this past month.

“Thank you, for saving me who could only wait for death with regrets.”

“That, is.”

Rosalia’s appearances returned to how she was supposed to look originally.

“I wanted to thank you all this time. Thank you for giving me a place to stay. I have been accepted by your family and you have given me much, much happiness.”

“I have saved you?”

“That’s right. Therefore, it’s my turn this time.”


“Rosalia, I want to save you. I will be always your ally. What do you wish for?”

“I, I… I want to become someone who helps people.”

Tears spilled from the little Rosalia.

“Me too. I also want to be someone who helps people. Knowing that I had only several years to live, I decided not to do anything important. However, I regretted it in the end. I regretted the meaningless life I led. I wanted to do something for someone. At that time, you called out to me.”

“… Rin.”

Large drops of tears spilled from Rosalia’s eyes.

“Don’t speak of disappearing, let’s fulfill our wish together. Say, won’t you become Rosarin with me? I want to be together with Rosalia.”

“Yes! Me, me too! I want to be with Rin! I will become Rosarin!!”

Rosalia hugged me tightly. Yes, cute. Super cute.

“Face, your face.”

“You are making an unfortunate face, Rin.”

It can’t be helped. It can’t be helped in front of the deredere Rosalia’s super cuteness.

And thus, at this moment, we have become “Rosarin” in the true meaning.

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