Chapter 19

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What Rosalia carried.
Patting Rosalia while hugging her on top of my lap, I spoke to her.

“Come to think of it, why did you have the appearances of a 16-years-old?”

“… I thought I would feel stronger as an adult.”

I got bashful beauty here! Thank you for the meal! Moreover, her relatively simple reason is also cute!!

Huh? But, how does she know what her figure will look like when she grows up? Did she saw at my memories too? When I asked Rosalia, she said that she can’t answer. Because I had too much information in me, she made sure not to look adversely.

In that case, the reason Rosalia knew her future appearances might be because she possesses a Revelation.

Revelation is an inborn talent that covers a wide range of ground. Hers is “Foresight”.

“My future didn’t change no matter what I did. No matter what and how many times I tried, I couldn’t save anyone in my dreams.”

How difficult it must have been to see dreams of not being able to do anything over and over again.

She is strong. Her little body has endured this all alone.

Just thinking about how she must have huddled herself up in that Demon Lord’s castle is painful.

My arms which held Rosalia tightened a little.

She, whose soul has grown too much because of the dreams couldn’t realize the abnormality and eventually locked up her heart.

Even while in despair, Rosalia continued to hope.

It was at that time that I have answered her.


With my different way of doing things from Rosalia, I changed the future. And she, Rosalia has been trying to hide in the past.

I tried confirming just in case, but her dreams were mostly similar to the game script. She tried over and over again, but could only see her death without being able to accomplish anything.

Rosalia spoke to me shyly.

“You see, thanks to you, I can’t see the future anymore.”


“Niisama, Kaasama, Tousama too, you have changed everyone’s fate, Rin. My Revelation is probably not accurate foresight, but a prediction of the future. I think that the fate has changed so much, that I can’t make a prediction anymore.”

“I see.”

I am glad that she’s not hurting anymore. I also smiled at her.

According to Rosalia, a war will occur when she turns 18. She said that she wants to stop that.

“As expected, stopping a war is beyond my capability.”

Regardless of who I am, doing that alone would be impossible.

I showed a nervous laugh to Rosalia.

“It will be fine. If it’s impossible to do alone, we will confront it with everyone.”

It seems that we will be busy from now on. I said with a laugh.

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