Chapter 17

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My new birthday.
The hand that is gently caressing my head is comfortable.

“Oh my, good morning. Sleepyhead-san.”

Mother, you are lovely even while I am half-asleep. You are a perfect beauty no matter how I look.

“Kaatama, mowning…”

N? Huh? Did I cry myself to sleep?? Was I carried in another room? Mother, I slept with my head on your lap, are you all right (in a physical way of meaning)!?

“How long did I sleep fo?”

“For about an hour? Let’s blow the candles in front of everyone and have a merry birthday”

“My… is Rosalia’s birthday different from mine?”

“Ufufu, it’s Rosarin’s birthday. You have become Rosarin today, so let’s celebrate.”

“… Yes.”

Taking Mother’s hand, I let myself be obediently led to the dining room. Mother really became strong in this one month. She doesn’t look like someone who used up all of her strength before reaching the entrance hall in the past.

“Oh, she’s here. The leading actress is here~”

Arc noticed me and instructed Dan to carry the cake in.

“Come here.”

I got escorted by Elder brother. At the so-called birthday girl seat, I blew out the candles.


I was told celebratory words by everyone.

“Rosarin, this is my present to you. It was so sudden so I could only get this, but it’s my birthday present for you”

Elder brother gave me a bookmark of Suzuran flower. Is it handmade?

“I am vewy happy. I will treat it pweciously.”

I hugged the present with a whole-faced smile.

“This is from me.”

“So cute! Thank you, Kaatama.”

Mother gave me a new ribbon. It’s red with embroidery of white Suzuran. It is clearly a hand-made item. After staring at it for long, Mother spoke while embarrassed.

“It’s embarrassing so don’t stare at it that much. Kaasama did her best, but there are many distorted parts.”

“Eh? Kaatama is amazing. I was stawing because the wibbon is supel pwetty. I will take a good cawe of it.”

“Here you go, this is from me.”

I received a potted flower that was emitting a gentle light from Sui. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t this a rare magic plant…?

“Isn’t this Magchelia?”


A flower that dispels curses. I, I will raise it carefully.

“Please teach me how to waise it, okay?”

“Leave it to me.”

Sui gladly took me up on my request. E, Elder brother looks jealous. Let’s raise it together with Elder brother. It seems that Tom Jiisan wants in the group as well. L, let’s look after it with everyone!

“Here, from me!”

What Haru gave me was a beautiful blue stone. Boys seem to like pretty blue stones, don’t they?

“Thank you, Haru.”

Arc peeked at the stone in my hands.

“… Can I take a look?”

When I nodded, he started inspecting it with a magnifying glass-like thing. Returning the stone to my hands, Arc spoke.

“Ojousama, this is an uncut sapphire.”

Seriously? I decided to make the stone into an accessory at a later date.

“As for me, here. It’s shabby compared to the spirits though”

A dictionary from Arc. Practical.

“Thank you. I will wolk dilligently.”

I didn’t meant it like that, he laughed. I was sure he was giving me a subtle message to work. Sorry.

“I have prepared this for you.”

From Martha… a sparkling stone. Its magical power is terrifying though.

“It’s magical power stone of the Incent Turtle.”


S-rank material!!

Magical power stone is a magical power that crystallizes inside the body of a monster.

“Fuoo… I, I will chewish it.”

L, Let’s lock it up. I have no idea how much one this big would cost… I can’t even think up of its use.

“This is from me.”

A pack of sweets from Dan.

“Wow~ thank you.”

Let’s eat it later with spirits! I might share with Holy Beast-sama too!

“And this is from me.”

A lovely bouquet from Tom. Suzuran is properly among the flowers. I will display it in my room later.

“Thank you.”

“Yes, ye~s, this is my present for you~”

From Manya… a dark container with a set of caltrops(?)…

Arc & Martha cracked their fists.

“That hurts! What are you doing-! It’s properly unused!”

No, I would be troubled if it was used. Actually, I’m troubled even if it’s unused, but I wonder if it was better to have these at hand to increase my femininity (physical strength).

“Why would you try making Ojousama go in such a dangerous direction!”

“That’s right! We have our hands full with Lord already, are you trying to sully my healing Ojousama too!?”

Manya was dragged away by Martha… live strongly.

Father stood in front of me and prostrated on the ground.

“I’m sorry, Rosarin!”



Yes?? Dogeza??






The family was startled by Father who went mad. Arc is having cramps from laughing too much in the corner though. He will be punished later.

After somehow stopping Father from prostrating, he sorrowfully spoke.

“Sorry, I didn’t know what I should get you for your first birthday. I will prepare anything, just say it. Please forgive your worthless father.”

No, Father yo. You don’t have to be so daunted. Just your feelings are enough for me.

“Can you do not only one, but two things fo me?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Then, when Toutama has a day off, I would like to go for a picnic with evewyone.”

“I promise.”

“I would like to see the Knights pwactice.”

“I will arrange it immediately.”

“Yaay~ thank you! Toutama!”

Father looked puzzledly at me who clapped my hands in joy.

“Are you fine with just that? Jewels, dresses, you can choose whatever you like.”

I shook my head.

“I am most happy about the feelings you had to pwepale the best pwesent fo me, Toutama. I will incuw a divine punishment if I wish fo moe.”

Father gently smiled. You have no greed, I decided to pretend I didn’t hear him mutter.

I don’t need more expensive presents than this. There are a few outrageous things mixed in after all. I’m a commoner at heart, so I can’t settle with all these expensive items.

My first birthday in this world proved to be a wonderful thing.

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