Chapter 16

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Blessings and new name.
After that, the ragged dust cloth-like Arc and even more bloodstained Martha returned.

I can see a crater with smoke coming out of it in the distance, but I ignore it with all of my might.

Martha readied me up, dressed me in a more gorgeous dress than usual, put a tiny bit of make-up on me, and I was prepared.

I joined up with Elder brother at the dining room. Elder brother is also dressed up more than usual and also more adorable than usual.

The dining room was decorated wonderfully and luxurious dishes were lined up on the table. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the more extravagant game than previously or that Martha didn’t hold back for once…

Father and Mother were at the center of the table and Father was holding knitted crowns made from a plant called Luminous.

“Our beloved children, congratulations on your spirit protection. Spirits of our children, please look after them.”

Father handed the Luminous crowns to Elder brother and me, little ones to each spirit, and when Mother kissed them, the flowers on each crown started blooming.

“Blessings for my children and spirits of my children.”

I felt something gentle coiling around my body.

“Niitama, what a mystewious feeling.”

“Yeah, I feel it too.”

Perhaps this is what obtaining a real spirit protection is.

After that, we had a free and easy party. Dan’s dishes were amazing. The soft-shelled turtle ended up in a soup and as a steak, but the melting on the tongue meat was incredibly delicious.

After nearly all the dishes disappeared and I became full, a splendid birthday cake was carried in.

This country has a custom of celebrating birthdays with a cake. Is it someone’s birthday today? There are three candles. The name is… Rosalia & a blank space.

Father, on whose lap I was sitting, made an eye contact with me and asked.

“What is your name?”

“… Wosalia.”

The eyes which seem to be looking straight into my soul are scary.

“I” am scared of being seen through.

“Not that. You don’t have to be afraid. Beneficiary, you are my daughter. Please, tell us your name.”

“… Eh?”

Exposed? Did I get exposed? Eh? Ehh? Since when??

“I, I am sowwy. Since when?”


“There’s no need to apologize. I know that you have no malicious intents towards Rosalia. As for since when… that would be about a month after you came here. I got the positive proof today at the audience hall. Have you taught Holy Beast-dono your name? Your existence seems to have gotten fixed”

Father, are you an esper!?

What Father said in the end is that he obviously felt two types of magical power from me, so he was sure that I was a Beneficiary!!

“Beneficiaries are God’s protection. Rosalia wished and you answered.”


Yes, I answered.


A crying girl.

She had wished for the same thing as me. That’s why I answered.

“The time the two of you spend has assimilated. Therefore, you are also my daughter.”


Tears overflowed. With his gentle eyes, he wasn’t condemning me. He was looking at me, full of affection.

“You have suddenly started talking after all. It would be strange if we didn’t notice.”

Elder brother smiled wryly. Ahh, did he notice that I was a Beneficiary and that’s why he was smiling at my wryly in the beginning? And yet, he treated『Me』kindly?

“That’s right~ you suddenly had various amusing knowledge, so it would be strange if we didn’t notice.”

Gentle smiling as always, Okaasama lifted me up on her lap, hugged me and patted my head as if to soothe me.

“This Martha knows very well just how hard Ojousama worked.”

Martha looked at “Me” with gentle eyes.

As for Arc, although he did not associate with the original Rosalia very much, he found my behavior suspicious.

Tom Jiisan, Dan, and even Manya were nodding. Did they understand in some way or other?

“Now then, our kind-hearted Beneficiary. What is your name?”

Father asked once again. This time, I was able to reply without hesitation. Without any falsehood, I looked Father straight into his eyes.

“Rin. I don’t need the family name anymore. Because I will be living here, just Rin is fine.”

“Rin. A fine name.”

Father wrote my name on the birthday plate.

Then, he took one more birthday plate.

“It would be unfair to call you only with the name of one side, right? Putting the two names together, how about Rosarin?”

Father winked at me impishly. I’m already at my limit.

“Fu… ugh.”

My tears have been spilling out since a while ago, but I’m already at my limit.


I wept a lot. I have probably not cried this much in my previous life. Even when my remaining years were announced, I didn’t cry this much. It surely was because I have already given up at that time.

I’m glad to have come here, I’m happy that there’s a family that recognized me. It’s something I didn’t have in my past life.

His expression didn’t change much, but Father was clearly flustered while looking at the sobbing me.

Mother soothed me while smiling as usual.

Elder brother was wryly smiling.

Martha, Arc, Tom Jiisan, Dan, and Manya looked at me with warm gazes.

I cried myself to sleep.

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