Chapter 15

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Revenge and doubts about Martha’s strenght.
Today was a long day… we have finally arrived home.

“Welcome back.”

Ohh, it’s Mother. How unusual for you to welcome us. Your complexion looks healthy today.

“… Cynthia?”

Father, don’t make a face as if seeing something unbelievable. Mother has been doing her best recently.

“Welcome home, Husband.”

Mother gave Father a bashful welcome back kiss.

Mother, you are cute. Super cute.

Ah, Father is cute too. Averting his gaze in embarrassment, thank you for the meal.

“Tousama, Rosalia, welcome back. Rosalia, how could you leave without me?”

Oof, Elder brother was sulking just as I expected. Father, go!

Noticing my gaze, Father kneeled in front of Elder brother to match his gaze.

“We are back, Ru. Sorry. It was me who brought Rosalia away all of sudden. I will bring you tomorrow as well.”


“I’m home, Niitama. Good fo you.”

“Eh? Ehh?”

“I will have Bocchan work tomorrow as well~”

“Eeeeeh!? Me too you say, what did you have Rosalia go to the castle for!?”

Truly. Why did I go there?

O, oh well.

“Umu. She was working. She has done a wonderful job.”

“Eh!? What kind of job!? Healing? Like a mascot?”

Among all the things you could choose you chose healing therapy? I certainly receive Elder brother’s affection though.

I consider myself of the wild type (restricted to Darkness-san and enemies only though).

“No, it was paperwork.”

“Why let a child do that!?”

“… The devil incited me.”


Wha, Father!!

Elder brother is at a loss for words!

I’m startled too!!

This is not something to be honest about!!

“W, well, all turned fine in the end, so…”

Arc followed up noncommittally.

They must be worn out, Father and Arc. No matter how you think about it, letting a three-year-old child do paperwork is a crazy deed.

Huh? That reminds me, Martha who is usually the welcomer is not present.

“Huh? Maltha is??”

“She went hunting.”


“She wanted to get a turtle liver which is good as nourishment for Madam. I made that up though.”

She earnestly went hunting! Moreover, isn’t that a dangerous S-class monster!?

Just who is Martha? If she finds out that he lied to her… I’m too scared to think about it.

“Ehhh, Martha will get angry no matter how you think about it.”

I nodded to Elder brother’s words.

“No, making sure of the truth of the information is also important for a superior retainer. Martha who let herself be deceived is at fault this time. Although I say that, today’s dinner won’t be a lie.”

“… Pullin the legs of an ally is not good.”

It’s a common opinion, but personal grudges and feelings were actually mixed in there.

“It’s fine~! We also wanted to celebrate with Bocchan and Ojousama but were left out by the shitty Sis! She is still better off with an impossible mission to complete.”

While saying that, Martha came back.




Elder brother screamed, my reaction was thinned out by shock, Mother fainted, and Otousama swiftly embraced her.

Martha returned while carrying a huge soft-shelled turtle on her shoulder.

“Oh~ you brought a good one.”

Arc didn’t mind the bloodied Martha and calmly approached her.

“Ma, Marltha… ae you all wight?”

“There’s no problem, Ojousama. It’s mostly the victim’s blood”

I cast recovery magic on her just in case. There certainly weren’t any signs of external wounds.


N? Martha seems delighted for some reason. What happened?

“By the way, Arc.”

A friendly smile floated on Martha’s face. A pair of swords in her hands. Somehow, I feel a bloodthirst in the air?

“What was the lie you were talking with Ojousama about?”

Arc ran away with all of his might. He was so fast my eyes couldn’t follow.

Martha was similarly as fast. After hunting a game this big, Martha seems to be well.

“Oh, that is a big game. It’s making my skills itch.”

Dan quickly carried away the game Martha hunted.

Uge, this monster is an S-rank. Martha is too amazing.

“Eh, we ae goin to eat it!?”

“It’s delicious, unbelievably”

Is that so!?

I’m looking forward to dinner. I escaped from reality while listening to the sounds of destruction.

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