Chapter 134.2

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Best friend and request.
And then, we arrived at the destination. Rabisha-chan returned to the mansion because she had work to do.

“What a lovely-looking store.”

“Ah, Milfi. This store’s owner is a weird one, but she’s a good person, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Eh… okay.”

“Iyaan, Ojousama! I was waiting for you!”

When I opened the door, I received an enthusiastic welcome of a rough chest. I hit my nose. It hurts.

“Owow… Miss Butterfly. We will be in your care today.”

“Iyaan, is this Ojousama the friend you have been talking abouuguhee!?”

Fuku-kun who kicked away Miss Butterfly by a wonderful high kick, acted as if nothing happened. No, Milfi was certainly frightened, but let’s be a bit more compassionate to her.

“Hello, Fuku-kun. Miss Butterfly, are you okay?”

“Welcome. You really brought a friend along. She looks terrified, though. The geezer is sturdy, no need to worry about him. Are you going to change? Or will you head to the kitchen first?”

“I want to see what Milfi is going to wear, so let’s choose the clothes first. We can cook first if you are worried about dirtying the clothes.”

“Roger that. This way please, Ojousama.”

I took Milfi’s hand and proceeded inside.


“You choose the clothes to wear from here. Originally, maid dress is the standard option for cooking, but I forcefully received permission to wear whatever. What do you like?”

“How about we choose for each other?”


What I chose for Milfi was a white-red-pink lolita miniskirt one-piece dress with laces, frills, and strawberry decorations.
Milfi chose a neat Áo Dài dress for me. It was white in color, embroidered bellflowers and spiderwort and fluffy skirt… it’s the one Dirk chose for me before, but I did not wear it in the end.

“Let’s head to the kitchen first, then. Let’s make cookies and pudding today. It’s not that difficult.”




That being the case, we headed to the kitchen. Because they are basic cookies and pudding, all that you have to be careful about is to not burn the caramel sauce.
The sweets were completed while teaching Milfi. We changed and fully enjoyed the tea.

“Milfi, you look so cute!”

“Thank you. It also suits you very well. Doing something like this is also good once in a while. And so, Rosary, what’s the story?”


A beautiful girl blowing on her tea… so cute. Now’s not the time! Eh?

“If you wanted to teach me how to make sweets, we could have done it in the Rosenberg house. You had something secret to talk about since you took me to this store, right? You even had your guards cleared out, which is unusual for you.”

As expected of Milfi. She’s quite keen. She saw through me.

“… We are going to Wolfanea on our upcoming trip, but Wolfanea and Christia are currently in a delicate situation. I’m strong. Aldin-sama also has skilled guards. The guard you brought along today won’t be able to protect you on his own, Milfi. That’s why I want you to take this child along with you.”

A rainbow-colored cactus appeared on the table.

“………… How flashy.”

Milfi muttered just that.

“I can turn plain too, ya know?”

“It spoke!?”

The cactus turned into palm-sized mini cactus. T, this is…


The cactus tilted its head. No, it’s seriously adorable.

“Sabo-san here is SSS-ranked monster. It will surely protect you were something to happen.”


“… I understand. However, I have a condition. I won’t tell you to tell me everything. But, what do you know, who are you fighting against, what are you trying to protect? Is there something I could help with?”

“… I can’t speak in detail, but you have the right to know.”

I roughly explained the situation. Including Jash’s concealment and about the incident with Wolfanea that’s going to happen soon. And about Yggdrasil.

“You are carrying too much burden on your shoulders! I want to help you too!”

“I am expecting the Magic Institution to help. Wolfanea is currently in wait-and-see stance, so we won’t be doing anything at the moment. I would like you to act as usual.”

“… Then good. I also want to do something for Christia… for my best fwiend.”

She bit her tongue. You are too adorable, Milfi.

“Thank you, I love you, Milfi!”

I embraced Milfi tightly.

“Kyaa! M, me too! You better discuss things with me properly the next time!

Milfi hugged me back tightly. Recently, Milfi has been all out on the dere! Tsundere are the best!


Milfi is an angel! Sabo-san was nodding in agreement. Sabo-san, I leave Milfi… my best friend, in your care.




When we stepped out of Miss Butterfly’s store, a worn-out Zilva and our family’s two guards were standing outside.

“Zilva, are you okay?”

“I am very well, thank you! I am truly sorry for my previous behavior, Ojousama!”

Zilva bowed in exactly 90 degrees. Wow! They retrained him too much!! Nothing about him, aside from his face is Zilva!
Looking carefully, Ordo seems slightly scared… Jash! Was it you!?

“Do not mind him. I have only crush… guided him a little.”

That smile of yours is scary, though! It’s tough down below, huh. I will remember this!

“Rosarin, becoming Jash’s enemy is unadvisable. Nasty.”

“… To make Ordo frightened this much, just what did you do?”

“… I broke his heart by showing him the difference in status over and over and over again. It’s a discipline method the Beastmen use when the other party doesn’t listen.”

“In other words, you beat him until you broke his mind. Violence, huh.”

“In plain words, yes.”

“I am sorry, Milfi…”

“No, it’s better than offending another noble, being blamed for lese majeste and hanged.”

I did not mind that much because it was between us, but if he did something like that to someone besides me, it wouldn’t be an impossible outcome for him.

Anyhow, we decided to return home for today.




Three days later.

“Rosary, I have received a mysterious stone from Sabo-san…”

“We are comrades now, Milfi!”

Unexpectedly, Milfi received a Cactus Heart in just three days! Her face stiffened when I explained to her, but Milfi was an angel just as I thought, and it clearly transmitted to Sabo-san.
She seems to be getting along with Sabo-san well. Sabo-san is apparently a planter at their home. I am glad for you, Sabo-san!

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