Chapter 135.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wolfanea and slaves.
The day of the trip to Wolfanea has finally arrived.

“… Why are you here?”

Elder brother and Pitch Black-sama were at the meeting place. I understand Elder brother’s reason for being here, though. Restoring Yggdrasil wouldn’t improve the food shortages immediately. That’s where Haku and Elder brother step in. Haku can plow in a wide scope. Working together with Elder brother, they will be able to choose suitable plants for the soil. That’s why I asked him to come. I told Jess to come as well. However, why is Pitch Black-sama here?

“… For underhanded tricks?”

Why. We will settle it with money… such a sentence crossed through my mind. Calm down, my brain.

“Errr, bribery?”

“Or coercion.”

It was even more wicked! He said it while smiling! This lord of darkness!

“Elder brother, you are coming too?”

The therapy puppy… or not. Aldin-sama stared at his brother with sparkling eyes.

“Yeah. I don’t have many opportunities to go abroad with you, after all.”

“Whoah! I am so happy! Elder brother, Elder brother! There’s so many things I want to talk with you about!”

“… How cute.”


Alphage-sama was smug-faced. Yep. He’s cute. He’s hopping up and down happily. I am glad for him. He loves his Elder brother, after all.

“Our Rosarin too— “Enough with that!!”

I interrupted Elder brother. I won’t let you say it, okay!?

“Rosarin, hello~”

“Yo, long time no see.”

“You are cute as alwa… ouch!?”

“I’m here too, you know?”

The three former assassins + Dirk are apparently on duty to protect the princes. I asked Aldin-sama to include Dirk as well, so I was expecting him.

My guard is Haku. Jash, Geraldin-san and Martha wanted to go too, but I refused. Especially Jash. He’s already dead so it would be troublesome if he got exposed! Geraldin-san was rejected because he might have gotten detained once we arrived at the Wolfanea’s royal palace. I asked Martha to take care of the house in my absence. I told her that I am relying on her. She was totally convinced.

It would take at least ten days to arrive in Wolfanea by carriage, so we are moving to the national borders by the teleportation magic circle. From there, my magic beast squad… that’s how they named themselves, transformed Darkness-sama, Kuurin, Kou and Mofumaru will carry us the rest of the way. Of course, it would be troublesome if they caused a disturbance, so they were concealed with magic.

We arrived in Wolfanea’s capital in no time.




A row of knights came to pick us up.

“What do I say…”

“It’s deserted.”

“It wasn’t this deserted beforee… I wonder if this is Yggdrasil-san’s influencee…”

Haku seemed troubled. The townspeople were also thin and they seemed to have no energy. Even though we have finally arrived at the mofumofu paradise, everyone’s fur seems to be in poor condition…


Milfi collided with a young boy. I swiftly tripped over the boy and he tumbled down. Sabo-san immediately protected Milfi from the fall.

“A thief, huh!”

A pickpocket, isn’t he? He stole Milfi’s purse. However, I smiled gently. I don’t support the splattering and violence towards children. A crime is definitely a crime, but it’s the nation’s responsibility to let the children eat without forcing them to turn towards crime.

“You have picked up my best friend’s purse, didn’t you?”



Milfi, the boy, and the knight stared wide-eyed. However, Milfi immediately realized my intention.

“My, my, how kind of you to pick up my purse. I would have been troubled without it.”

“… Even though he’s but a child, a crime is a crime. He has to be punished.”

The knight also understood. He realized that we were trying to protect the boy and was admonishing us. He’s correct. However, others are others. I am me. I kicked the knight outright.

“Impudent! Are you saying that I am lying!?”

The knight I sent flying was dumbfounded. The same went for the guide knights around us.

“… Let me ask you again. Are you saying that I… am lying?”

Bloodthirst enveloped my entire body as I smiled at the knight.

“… N, no! Please forgive mee!!”

He prostrated before me. No, I don’t need that much from you. You don’t have to kneel. The boy was still staring with his mouth wide open, though.

“To show you our gratitude for returning my best friend’s purse, we will let you have the honor of being a guide for us. I will pay handsomely if you do a good job. How about it?”

“Eh? Ah, yes?”

“Well then, Milfi, Aldin-sama, let us continue!”

“You can’t be so…!”

One of the knights tried to restrain me, but I struck him with the harisen. He beautifully spun as he flew through the air. Crap, did I overdo it?

“I will do as I please. A knight like you has no place to order me around!”

The knights understood the difference between us with the display of my harisen skills, so no one tried to stop me anymore.

“Now, let us go. Haku, you come too.”




Now then, I have brought the young boy to an appropriate alley. Aldin-sama, Milfi, Haku, Dirk, Rabisha-chan and Zilva came along. Aldin-sama inquired cautiously.

“Rosarin, did you not overdo it?”

“I did not do it because I wanted to or anything.”

I learned the teaching method of Wolfanea from Jash… in other words, I will be fine as long as I bully them a little. It can’t be helped that I acted like a Queen.

“… I see.”

“Thanks to that, I was able to fulfill Haku’s wish.”


“Say, what is your name, boy?”

“… Cidar.”

The pickpocket boy was a malnourished-looking mouse(?) wearing dirty clothes, he had roundy ears and thin tail.

“Then Cidar, do you know of Archogi Company?”

“… Know.”

“Take us there.”

“Rosarin-chan, it might be a waste of time and effort, you knoww? I know I am the one who asked, butt…”

“It won’t. We can get a lot of information with money. Rabisha-chan, I will leave the negotiations to you.”

“At your will, Master. I will do my best!”

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