Chapter 134.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Best friend and request.
Hello, today is, today is! My first date with Milfi!
It’s my first time going out with my best friend because I didn’t have any friends before! I, I am not sad or anything, okay! Rabisha-chan is my personal maid, so it doesn’t count because she works for me.

Having fun shopping with a friend… I was feeling buoyant. However, the reality wasn’t as sugary.

“Ojousama won’t be seeing these cheap things.”

When we tried to enter a general store for girls, Milfi’s guard spoke up. The name’s Zilva. Quite a beautiful-looking guy. His character seems bad, though. His ice-blue hair and eyes make him look cold at a glance.

“Look here, alright? You are a guard. I am the Duke’s daughter. If you speak so needlessly, I will have you sent back?”

Moreover, Milfi wanted to take a look so I changed our destination. She was all nervous.

“I am Milfilia-sama’s guard. You have no power to make me retreat.”

“Indeed. But, you are a guard. Your behavior will affect Milfilia-sama’s reputation. I am a Duke’s daughter, just like her. I am a high-ranking noble. You better choose your opponents properly. There won’t be the next time.”

Zilva seemed irritated by being lectured by a little girl. Rather, it’s only natural.

“I apologize for his behavior…”

Milfia apologized. I whispered to Milfi.

“Are you okay around him?”

“… Not quite. He means no harm, but I can’t quite connect with him… his skills are reliable, though…”

“Fumu. Anyhow, let’s enter the store.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

As Milfi and I enjoyed looking around the store, Zilva had many opinions.

“Ah, that one is cute.”

“Why don’t we buy matching ones?”

“Something this cheap is unbecoming of Ojousama. How about you buy it for yourself?”


Milfi was teary-eyed. Read the mood. Why is a guard interrupting our conversation? Learn from our guards! Your presence is too heavy and you are unable to read the mood!

“Milfi, I have warned him, did I not? I can tie him up, right?”

“Please go easy on him.”

I did not want to cause trouble for the store, so Milfi and I left outside. Zilva chased after us out of the store. In a moment, he was tied up by Jash.
H, huh? Mr. Jash… he was quite mad? Or is it just my imagination? No, it’s not. He was full of bloodthirst.

“Ordo, play with him for a bit.”



“Hah? Gyaaaaaa!!”

Jash threw Zilva over. One of my today’s guards, Ordo, caught him. While he was still tied up, so scary!

“Ordo~ please make sure to not kill him! You mustn’t let him die!”

Ordo waved at me. He wants me to leave it to him. Alright. I leave him to you!

“I will make sure to crush… re-train that impudent fellow who was rude to you, Ojousama. Please enjoy your shopping in the meanwhile, young ladies. Take Rabisha with you just in case. Please wait around here for a while.”

“”Y, yes…””

Jash, where did your incompetence go? As expected of a Silver Wolf! I usually saw him only scolding Geraldin-san, but the pecking order seems to have been already established!

“… It looks like they are there. I will go make sure that Ordo does… not overdo it. Milfilia-sama, you also seem to be troubled by his behavior, I wonder if I could taken on the task of retraining him, so that he understands the heart of his Master even a little better?”

“… Y, yes. Please be gentle…”

“Jash. Your eyes look scary. Milfi has been frightened since a while ago.”

“… Pardon me. I couldn’t forgive his attitude towards you, Ojousama…”

“If I am not pleased with something, I will do something about it myself, do the retraining with moderation.”


Jash quietly disappeared. I wonder if it’s necessary for our servants to change their jobs to Ninjas? No, Dan and Tom Jiisan are normal. Gator too.

“… Shall we go enjoy the shopping then?”

“… Let’s do that.”

“Rabisha-chan, come with us too.”

“Eh, me as well?”

“Indeed. You seem quite knowledgeable about many things.”

The three girls enjoyed shopping together quite a lot.

“Ah, this one’s cute.”

“Shall we get matching ones?”

“Please leave it to me, I will drive a bargain!”

“Let’s us three get matching ones then.”

The three of us bought matching hair clips. Due to Rabisha-chan bargaining skills, we were able to buy three for the price of two. I paid for it. The guard with the wallet was kidnapped, after all. Sorry about that.
This is what I wanted to do! So much fun!

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