Chapter 133

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Rosarin and the ring.
“… Rosarin, why are you prostrating before me?”

“I am truly sorry, something terrible happened to the engagement ring I have received from you…”

“Did you lose it?”

“I did not!”

“Then, what happened?”

“… This happened.”

The light enveloped us.




Time goes back a little.
A few hours after the incident of the Warrior Maiden’s Ring becoming mine. Haku spoke to me.

“Are you cryingg?”


I wasn’t crying. Haku’s gaze wasn’t directed at me… eh? The engagement ring I got from Dirk?

“Rosarin-chan, this child seems to be sadd, can I talk to her for a bitt?”


I really wanted to interject and ask whether this ring also had consciousness, but I handed the ring to Haku who overcapped the other ring just a while ago. I trusted that Haku wouldn’t lose or break the ring.

Haku certainly didn’t break it. However… however, you know?

“Rosarin-chan, congratulationss.”

I felt a mysterious presence from within the engagement ring.

“… Did you cast some magic on it?”

“It’s not anything badd. Try pouring your magical power in itt.”


I poured my magical power into the ring without thinking. I felt silky smooth texture on my skin for some reason…?

“The hell is thiiiis!?”


I was wearing a silver dress. A blue Riccar flower was on my chest.

“Yeah, it was a success, it seemss.”

“Haku! What is the meaning of this? What happened to my engagement ring!?”

“Miss Engagement Ring really wanted to be of help to youu, Rosarin-chan. I helped her fulfill her wishh.”

“Jeebus! Miss Engagement Ring! I was fine with you just shining on my finger as the proof of my and Dirk’s love!”

I crumbled down. However, a dress, huh. I would have preferred a Knight’s uniform if it came to it… no sooner than I thought, the design of the clothes changed into a Knight’s uniform.

“It’s a defensive magic of that ringg, it can change shape to your imagee.”

How convenient. It certainly is convenient. But even so, I can’t consent to this!

“Miss Engagement Ring, you did not have to force yourself to be useful! Or rather, you are my ring too!”

Rather, what the hell am I doing? Why was I desperately appealing to a ring? Besides, Haku meant no harm. What I should do now is…

“I am going to see Dirk.”

And things turn back to the beginning.




Dirk had no reaction in particular as my clothes changed to the Knight’s uniform.

“… I understand what you wanted to say. I don’t see a problem as long as it wants to be of help to you, no?”

“You are accepting this too fast!”

“No, I mean, it means no harm to you, and it’s rather convenient, isn’t it? You have many clothes that are difficult to move in freely, so I think being able to change in something else instantly is very convenient for you.”

“Well… that’s true.”

“Moreover, I am also happy if the present I gave you can be useful to you. I also want to thank you for trying to protect my significant other.”

Dirk caressed the engagement ring gently. The ring twinkled faintly.

By the way, after experimenting, I realized that the defensive power of this ring was quite a cheat. The ring’s magic gem wasn’t an ordinary one but one that went through crystallization… or it seems.
Incidentally, as for how cheat it is, the training sword Fizz used to hit me with all of his might broke and I was unscathed. I got scolded for making people hit me. It can’t be helped, I had to test it.
I then had the Sage use high-level magic on me, but I was left unscathed too. I couldn’t really force anyone to hit me with a higher level than this… rather, Dirk’s lifespan seemed to shorten and he started weeping.

Somehow, I felt that I could survive anything.

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