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Isekai Yururi Kikou


Chapter 389

Speedrunning a Dungeon 2 “”Here we go~”” (Oniichan, catch it!) “Ohh!” “”Kick!”” (Niichan, here I go!) “Whoah!” (Aniue, don’t worry. I got it~) (Joule’s passable, but Vector is no good.) (Too rough!) Allen and...

Chapter 388

Speedrunning a Dungeon “”We are here~!”” We were now in front of the Dungeon of Snow. The reason for this is that I had been defeated by...

Chapter 387

What They Want “Allen, Elena, I have two questions for you.” “”What is it~?”” “It’s almost your birthday.” “”Seven!”” “That’s right. So, we are going to celebrate with everyone...

Idle Talk 17

Kaiser’s Adventure Following the magic, I quickly found the city where Takumi was supposed to be. However, the city was surrounded by a wall that blocked...

Idle Talk 16

Kaiser's Turning Point I am Leviathan, the ruler of the seas. I am also a servant of the Water God. I spend my time drifting in...
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